How to Backup iPad to Mac - Top 3 Ways to Transfer iPad Data to Mac

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People having iPad always search for best and easiest way to back up their iPad on their Mac. Therefore, it is important to know how to backup iPad to Mac. This article will suggest you three popular and easiest ways to keeping an iPad data backup to Mac.

Part 1. Best Ways to Backup iPad to Mac in Once Click

MobileTrans - Backup is a great iPad backup and iPad backup extractor Mac tool. In one click, it can help you to keep a secure and safe backup of your iPad. Follow the instruction to do this task easily.

Step 1.Run MobileTrans and Connect iPad

Download and Install MobileTrans on your Mac and connect your iPad using the USB cable successfully. Run the Wondershare MobileTrans application and check whether your device has been connected successfully.

How to Backup iPad to Mac -download MobileTrans

Step 2. Select Files

Now click on the button ‘Backup’ from the software homepage and you will find your device on the left and Mac on the right. Then, select your desired files to back up.

How to Backup iPad to Mac -Backup your Phone

Step 3. Backup iPad to Mac

Click on the ‘Start Transfer’ button to start backing up the process. Here you can transfer photos, music, videos, contacts and other files from iPad to Mac in 1 Click directly.

How to Backup iPad to Mac -start transfer

You have to wait for a while to finish the process.

Part 2. How to Backup iPad to Mac Using iTunes

iTunes is a free iOS device manager application on any Windows or Mac OS operated a computer. You can easily download this software from the official website from here for Windows PC or Mac. Then install this tool to keep a backup for your iPad to your Windows computer or Mac completely free. The user interface is simple and user-friendly to help iPad users do this task but it is difficult to use it. You have to simply follow the below instructions to know how to backup iPad to Mac using this powerful tool.

Step 1. Sync your iPad data on your Mac using iTunes

Once you install iTunes on your Mac, you need to connect your iPad to your Mac using an USB data cable. Make sure to connect your device successfully. If your Mac doesn't have iTunes installed earlier, it will automatically open the official iTunes download link as described above. If your iPad has been connected successfully to your Mac, you can see that in the top of the iTunes homepage. You can also find the device in the left panel if your iTunes’s sidebar is enabled. You can check the overview of your iPad there after clicking on this option.

Step 2. Keep a safe backup on your Mac

On the device summary screen, it will offer you two options for keeping a backup. You can keep the backup either on your Mac or iCloud. Now, click on the ‘This Computer’ button to save the backup on your Mac. To start the backing up process, now click on the Sync button from the bottom right side of iTunes on the same screen. You have to wait for few minutes to complete the process to keep a backup safely of your iPad on your Mac.

How to Backup iPad to Mac -itunes

You can also encrypt your backup for more protection of your data. Click on the ‘Encrypt local backup’ button on the summary page to set a password for your created backup.

Step 3. Sync your iPad using Wi-Fi connection

There is another option for keeping your iPad backup on your Mac using Wi-Fi connection. From the Summary page, you can find this option as shown in the below. It offers to backup iPad to Mac using Wi-Fi connection if your iOS device is connected to the same Wi-Fi and plugged into a stable power source. You can keep a safe backup anytime effortlessly even while you are sleeping.

How to Backup iPad to Mac -wifi

Part 3. How to Backup iPad to Mac Using iCloud

If you don’t want to use the third-party applications to handle your data, you can go for this option to back up your iPad using iCloud. The easy way for them who are asking ‘how do I backup my iPad to my Mac’ on online often. Just follow the following instruction to get your iPad backed up on your Mac using iCloud.

You can allow your iPad to back up automatically for your photos, data, document, and iOS settings on iCloud if your iOS device runs on iOS 5 or later version and iCloud Backup option from the Settings is enabled.

For manually keeping a backup of your iPad device, follow this step – Settings > iCloud > Backup. Then, click on the ‘Backup Now’ button to start saving your data on iCloud. You will need to enter your Apple ID and password to continue this process.

From the iCloud website, you can save the backup file to your Mac or you can use them as required later.

How to Backup iPad to Mac - icloud


One can easily trust on iTunes or iCloud as they are Apple product but you cannot backup iPad to Mac for selective data. But MobileTrans will help you to avoid those limitations with complete security of your iPad backup data. It is easy to use and trasnfer data from iPad to Mac directly.

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