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How to transfer data from OnePlus to OnePlus?

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Shirley was astonished by the stunning look of the OnePlus 11 presented by her sibling on her special occasion of birthday. Now, she is struggling to move the data and files from her old OnePlus gadget to the new one.

The latest innovations in OnePlus gadgets are enticing, prompting users to purchase the newest models without hesitation. However, the frequent transfer of data between gadgets can be quite bothersome. There are numerous interesting methods available to transfer data from OnePlus to OnePlus. It's crucial to learn effective ways to complete the transfer process without any data loss. Additionally, the data transfer method should be swift, regardless of the data size. Let's explore innovative ways to manage data transfer between gadgets.


Method 1: Transfer data from OnePlus to OnePlus with MobileTrans

It is a simple and extraordinary way to transfer data from OnePlus to OnePlus devices precisely. The MobileTrans is an impeccable tool for handling data between gadgets. You can transfer any data from one device to another without any difficulty. It works well even between cross-platforms like Android to iPhone. It is a prestigious product from Wondershare. This app performs a wide range of data transfer activities like WhatsApp data transfers, backup data, restores, etc in your desired electronic devices effortlessly.

The mind-blowing features of MobileTrans application

  • • Excellent data transfer tool compatible with Android and iOS devices.
  • • This program is available for download at its official website and you can choose the right OS version depending on your system’s working platform.
  • • Quick data transfer between phones and occurs within a wink of an eye.
  • • No data loss during the transfer and the procedure is reliable.
  • • You need not require any technical skills to handle this application. Basic knowledge of computers is sufficient to carry out the data transfer successfully using this tool.
  • • Perfect tutorials are attached to its official website to guide the newbie to optimum usage of this awesome program.

Steps to complete a reliable file transfer between OnePlus gadget to OnePlus device

Step 1: Launch the program

Quickly download the app based on your system’s OS from its official website and install the program by following the wizard. Double-tap the tool icon and launch the MobileTrans application. Then, connect the OnePlus gadgets with your system using an efficient USB cable.

Step 2: Select Phone Transfer

In the first screen of the MobileTrans app, hit the ‘Phone Transfer’ option. Next, check out the positions of the gadgets, the old OnePlus device must be placed at the source location and the new one should take the place of the destination. If you find any changes in the gadget positions, then immediately tap the ‘Flip’ button at the top middle of the screen to interchange the gadgets.

phone transfer home

Step 3: Tick desired data

Now, check-in the necessary data you want to transfer between OnePlus devices. Select the data and hit the ‘Start’ button to trigger the data transfer process.


Finally, wait for a few minutes until the data transfer completes successfully. Then, remove the gadgets safely from the system and find out the transferred data in the new OnePlus gadget.

phone transfer android to android 03

Method 2: Transfer data from OnePlus to OnePlus Using Google account

The basic strategy in data transfer from OnePlus to OnePlus devices using a Google account is that you must create a backup of your old phone in your Google Drive and later restore it in your new OnePlus phone.

 Quickly follow up on the below guidelines

Step 1: Unlock your old OnePlus phone, go to ‘Settings -> Google -> Backup -> turn on the Back up to Google Drive’. Wait until the app data, Wi-Fi passwords, and all sorts of Google server settings information are backed up on Google Drive.


Step 2: In your new phone, log in to your Google account and hit ‘Restore’ option in the Google drive window.


Method 3: Transfer data from OnePlus to OnePlus with Using OnePlus Switch

The OnePlus Switch is a built-in application with OnePlus gadgets to transfer data from OnePlus to OnePlus. Here are the effective steps to complete the data transfer between the gadgets successfully using the OnePlus switch app feature.

Step 1: Quickly unlock your old OnePlus phone and open the OnePlus Switch app. Select ‘I am an old phone’ to reveal its identity.


Step 2: In your new OnePlus device, disclose the OnePlus Switch app and choose ‘I am a new Phone’, Then select the type of old phone you are going to sync with. Here, you must select the ‘Other’ option to stick with the Android platform.


Step 3: Using your old OnePlus gadget, scan the QR code of the new one to establish an effective synchronization for ease data transfer.


You must wait until the connection between the OnePlus devices takes place. Once all set, now check in the desired data and hit ‘Begin Migration’. After a successful file transfer tap the ‘Done’ button.


Finally, it is time to conclude the discussions on data transfer from OnePlus to OnePlus gadgets. Choose the above-discussed best method that fits your needs appropriately. The MobileTrans app is the perfect tool to deal with lossless data transfer between electronic gadgets quickly. The user-friendly interface of this program provides a comfortable space for the newbie to carry out effective data transfers from one phone to another effortlessly. Select the MobileTrans tool and explore its incredible features in detail. Connect the gadgets through an efficient channel like the MobileTrans app to establish the desired data transfers optimally.

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