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A Comprehensive Guide - How to Use Move to iOS?

Axel Nash

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In mobile technology, iOS and Android are the main superpowers saturating the market. Many people rely on Android devices and operating systems, but iOS has a distinct structure on its own, attracting a niche crowd.

Both are useful in their own ways but have different insulated systems.

So, while Android users can quickly transfer their data to another Android device, it is not easy to do that on the iOS platform. However, you can download and use Move to iOS to transition data from Android to the iOS environment. Now, let's discuss how.

transfer files

Part1: What's Move to iOS?

Before learning how to use Move to iOS, you should know it is. This app is available under Android as a native application and helps transfer different data types from Android OS to iOS. For example, users shifting to iPads or iPhones can move their message history, calendars, mail accounts, media, web bookmarks, etc., into the iOS device.

In the context of how moving to iOS works, the leading practice here is migrating data only from Android to iOS, not a data transfer tool between both.

Where to download it?

You can download the Move to iOS app in the Google Play Store. In China mainly, this is available in the Tencent App Store.

If Google Play Store is not an option for you, you can download through the following links, as per your OS version type. These are the man installer types available:

Part2: What Content can be Transferred by Move to iOS?

There are specific types of content that are suitable for the Move to iOS application. Recently, people can transfer WhatsApp data when they finish the Move to iOS download process.

Here is a list for the most straightforward understanding.

  • WhatsApp messages
  • WhatsApp media files (those that other users have sent, like videos, images. Etc.)
  • Calendars
  • Contacts
  • Camera-based videos and photos
  • Message history
  • Files/folders
  • Photo albums
  • Display settings
  • Mail accounts
  • Web bookmarks
  • Accessibility settings
  • Apps (specific free ones that can work on both Android and iOS devices)
MobileTrans - Best Move to iOS Alternative Tool

The 1-click solution to transfer data from Android to iPhone. Supports to transfer contacts, photos, music, videos, calendar, and more.

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Part3: A Step-by-step Guide on How to Use Move to iOS

Now that you know the app, it is crucial to focus on learning how to use the Move to iOS app. It is relatively simple to transfer the various data types to iPhone/iPod/iPad using this application, but you need to check if it meets the necessary requirements.

Here are the main ones you should know about before starting:

  • Android 4.0 and up, as well as iOS 9.0 and higher versions, are compatible with the Move to iOS app download.
  • Activate the Wi-Fi Connection on your iPad/iPhone device and the Android phone you are currently using.
  • Ensure that both devices' power or charge is high, e.g., above 60% battery.
  • The app works on iPhone 5 and, later, iPad Mini Generation (second) and higher. Other specifications include iPad 4th Gen and higher, and iPod Touch Generation (sixth) are also compatible with this app.
  • You need to factory reset your iPhone first.

Accepted Requirements for WhatsApp Data Transfer:

If you need to transfer your WhatsApp data as well, you have to meet other specific requirements to make the chat transfers eligible:

  • Android device requirements include Android 5 Lollipop version and higher.
  • iOS 15.5 and all iOS 15 versions can use the newest version with the WhatsApp transfer feature.
  • It is possible to download and use this Move to iOS app on iOS 15-compatible devices, like iPhones SE/SE2/SE3, iPhone 12 series, and iPhone XS/XS Max.
  • Check for WhatsApp version compatibility: Android and higher and iOS and higher.

Detailed Guide on How to Use Move to iOS App

If you meet all of the requirements for the transfers, as mentioned, you can progress forward and use Move to iOS after setup. Here, we discuss both the general steps for using the Move to iOS application for overall transfer and WhatsApp-specific transfer.

How to Use Move to iOS App for All Data?

Step 1: Plug your devices into a power source and connect with the same Wi-Fi.

Step 2: Download the "Move to iOS" app on Android.

Step 3: Access the "Apps & Data" screen > Move Data from Android.

Step 4: Launch and open the app.

open the app

Step 5: Agree to the Terms and Conditions.

Step 6: In the iOS phone, the Move from Android screen will appear. Hit Continue.

Step 7: When a six-digit or ten-digit code comes up, copy it.

copy code

Step 8: Add the code in the text field that appears on the Android phone.

Step 9: The iOS device will activate another Wi-Fi network temporarily. Tap on the Connect button on Android > Transfer Data screen will appear after some time.  

Step 10: Choose all data you want to move > Press Continue.

Step 11: The transfer will begin. Leave both devices as they are until you see the loading bar stops showing. This can take some time, so wait.

Step 12: When the loading bar is gone, press the Done button on Android. Hit the "Continue" button on iOS. If you did not complete the iOS device setup, the steps for that would appear. Follow them and finish the process.

How to Use Move to iOS App for WhatsApp Data Transfer?

Step 1: Log into your registered Apple account and follow on-screen setup instructions. Continue following the steps until the "Apps & Data" screen appears.

move data from android

Step 2: Click on Move Data from Android.

Step 3: Under Move from Android window, click on Continue. A six-digit code will come up.

code generation for move to ios

Step 4: Open the Move to iOS app on your Android phone. Allow app permissions like location. Click Continue and agree to all Apple terms and conditions notes.

agree to the terms and conditions

Step 5: The Find Your Code window will appear on the screen. Press Continue and add the previously generated code.

enter the code that you generated

Step 6: The prompt for "Connect to the iPhone's local wireless network" will appear. Accept it. In some devices, this happens automatically.

Step 7: Under Transfer Data, choose WhatsApp. Hit Continue.

choose whatsapp for data transfer

Step 8: You will get redirected to WhatsApp. Tap on the Start button. The "Move chats to iOS" screen will appear. The app will prepare all transferable files- then press Next.

move chats to ios on whatsapp

Step 9: The messages/media/data will complete transferring within some minutes. The time can extend to 20-30 minutes or more if the data amount is enormous.

transfer in progress for whatsApp data

Step 10: Both devices will show the "Transfer Complete" note after it ends. This signifies that all data are safely moved.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Move to iOS

Here are the benefits and drawbacks of use Move to iOS app.


  • Transfer most types of data from Android to iOS devices.
  • Compatible with many device OS versions.
  • Free to use.


  • You need to erase existing data on iPhone first.
  • The whole process can take a long time.

Part4: Best Alternative to Move to iOS

While the Move to iOS app works well in transferring all data types, the speed can become bothersome. The process lags if there is a lot to share, and sometimes the transfer gets stuck. Instead, MobileTrans is a reliable solution you can use to make Phone to Phone Data Transfers.

The app is one of the best software types for comprehensive data transfer quickly and securely with no data loss. You do not have factory reset your phone, and you transfer from Android to iOS with a single click. The data transmission rate is quick here; no internet or Wi-Fi connection is necessary. Plus, the software will not overwrite existing data.

Data supported: videos, photos, music, bookmarks, calendar, text messages, contacts, and voice memos, WhatsApp data, WhatsApp Business data.

MobileTrans - Phone Transfer

Transfer data from phone to phone With a few Clicks!

  • • Supports around 6000+ variety of iOS/Android device types.
  • • Transfer 18 types of data like contacts, photos, videos, etc.
  • • Migrate app data like WhatsApp, Kik, etc., from Android to iOS phones, and vice versa.
  • • Efficient for non-technical users with a few clicks.
  • • No data erasing or factory reset is required.
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How to use MobileTrans for transferring data from Android to iPhone?

Step 1: You can set up a new iOS device and use it after or before. Download the MobileTrans app on your Windows device.

Step 2: Launch the app after installation and select Phone Transfer.

select phone transfer

Step 3: Link both phones to the PC via USB cable. The software will recognize the devices and display all files.

Step 4: Choose the data types to transfer > Press Start.

press start

Step 5: The app will take some minutes to complete the data transfer.

complete the data transfer

Part5: FAQs

1. How to use Move to iOS after setup?

If you are wondering how to use Move to iOS after setup, the answer is that it is not possible. You have to completely back up iPhone data and factory reset to restart your transfer process. In comparison, MobileTrans does allow both after and before setup data migration, with no overwriting issue. 

2. What's the password of Wi-Fi generated by your iPhone during transfer?

During the data transfer, your new iPhone will generate a temporary Wi-Fi, the Wi-Fi name would be the device name starting with iOS-xxx, and the password will be the same as the name.

3. How to fix if Move to iOS not working?

Common causes for the "Move to iOS" not working problem are lousy Wi-Fi connection, interrupted transfer process, etc. To fix these issues, do the following:

  • Connect to a stable Wi-Fi connection.
  • Turn on Airplane mode on Android.
  • Restart both phones.
  • Try Move to iOS alternative - MobileTrans.


The Move to iOS app from Apple is a suitable application for safely moving all data from your old Android phone to the newly purchased iOS device. The steps for it are simple and accessible, even when you are transferring WhatsApp-based data. You can use the MobileTrans as an alternative for a faster and easier transfer process.

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