How to Restore OneDrive Files – Top 4 Ways

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As it is evident that OneDrive is being used by various enterprises and users to store their important files and data in a secure manner. Users need to restore the data that was deleted or moved. If you are wondering “How to restore OneDrive files?” Then look no further as this article covers the concept of restoring OneDrive from backup by simply following some instructions that you can find below.

Although there are numerous techniques to restore OneDrive from backup, however, they do not seem to work for every user. Therefore, we have listed below the top 4 ways which you can use to restore the deleted files. One very important thing to keep in mind is that, by default, your deleted content remains in the Recycle bin for maximum 30 days for OneDrive. This duration will be reduced if your Recycle Bin gets big enough to surpass 10 % of your total OneDrive storage. Stepwise procedure to restore deleted one drive files in given below. Read on.

Part 1. How to Restore OneDrive Files Online

Storing your files in Microsoft's OneDrive gives no surety that the data won’t be deleted. If by chance you send some of your documents to the Recycle Bin, you still can get them back in the Cloud by following simple steps. The data can be either restored to OneDrive which is in your browser or from its original folder in Windows.

On the web:

1. Start by Signing in to your OneDrive account at the link:

2. Further, Select the Recycle bin from the left column.

3. Select your file and click Restore.

How to Restore Onedrive files -ondrive web

Part 2. How to Restore OneDrive Files on Windows

There is another extremely effective technique to restore your files on windows back from recycle bin. Follow the steps given below to get your files back:

Step 1. Click on the recycle bin to open it. On your computer screen, there should a recycle bin icon that you can click using your mouse or tap it on your laptop.

How to Restore Onedrive files -recycle bin

Step 2. Now, right click on the files that you wish to restore as clearly shown in the illustration below:

How to Restore Onedrive files -restore

Step 3. Finally, all the items that you have selected in the recycle bin would have moved to the OneDrive folder and now you can access restored files easily without any problems

How to Restore Onedrive files -restored

Part 3. How to Restore Deleted Files from OneDrive

Another point that needs to be jotted down is that your Recycle bin does not count contrary to your OneDrive limit of storing data. So, as soon as the file gets removed or deleted, it no longer uses your storage space. The Recycle bin stores, both the files that you removed from any synchronized devices and the files that were removed by others while you were working in collaboration on those files.

Now in the process of restoring your files click on any browser and go to the OneDrive website. Here, after signing in with your Microsoft account you can see the contents of your OneDrive.

A list will be shown which includes all the data that was removed previously. The details such as name, original location, time it was deleted and its dimensions will be shown along with the files. You can also see a toolbar with two choices.

Option 1. “Restore all the files” by tapping this all the deleted items will be restored automatically from the bin to the original location in OneDrive.

Option 2. Press “Empty Recycle bin” to remove all the files from the recycle bin and will no longer be available to recover.

How to Restore Onedrive files -

Moving on, after understanding the concept of Restoring Files on OneDrive to phones tablets, online etcetera, restoring files on OneDrive for Business is also directed in this article.

SharePoint Websites provide the end-user and the admin the freedom to view the deleted files in the Recycle Bin. They also offer access to two stages of recycle bin, first-level Recycle Bin, and a Second-Stage Recycle Bin which further allows you to have more control when the other users remove the files from a SharePoint site by giving a safety net prior to deleting an item permanently from a site. When any user removes a file from the team website, it directly goes to the recycle bin. Therefore, the user can restore the deleted file from the recycle bin itself, but only the site administrator can restore the files removed by the user.

After reading the entire article, we assume you would have gathered vast information and knowledge related to recovering the deleted files back to the OneDrive whether accidentally or intentionally. As far as the item is still in the recycle bin it can be recovered otherwise if the file does not even show up in the recycle bin due to over storage then you are out of luck and the file is deleted forever.

One important thing to keep in mind is that you do not have to empty the recycle bin of OneDrive periodically to get more space, as the files present in the recycle bin will be deleted automatically after a time period of 90 days. In the case when 90 days have passed and item that you require has been taken out from the Recycle Bin, then you can recover it through the “second-stage recycle bin” link, where it stays for an additional 90 days. After files are deleted from the “second-stage recycle bin then there is no chance that you can get those files back, so you have to be careful about the time frames that has been set up by OneDrive.

Part 4. Best Way to Back up Android/iPhone/Win Phone

Before we jump on to the actual procedure of backing up phone data, there are some recommendations that can help you to back up your data easily without initiating too much effort. We are talking about none other than this extremely popular and effective MobileTrans - Backup software which allows you to back up your data from Android/iPhone/Win Phone. Overmore, this software is compatible with more than 3000 devices. They also allow to restore data to any phone after you make a backup without any hassles.

Below you can find the stepwise process to back up your phone.

Step 1. Open MobileTrans software on your computer. Then in the Main Window, choose "Backup”.

mobiletrans backup home- how to back up phone data

Step 2. Link your Android or iPhone to computer. Now select the type of file that you wish to back up. You can begin this process by clicking "Start".

mobiletrans backup- select files and start

Step 3. In this make sure your phone is connected all the time till the process executes.

mobiletrans backup process

Tips: When you need to restore data from MobileTrans backup to any phone, use MobileTrans - Restore

That's it! The easy method to quickly back up phone data using the MobileTrans software.

We strongly recommend using MobileTrans to back up your phone data. In order to download Mobiletrans which can provide a lot of conveniences to operate your smartphones smoothly. Hence, you will never lose your important files if you understand the features of OneDrive which have been proposed in this article in a relevant and understandable manner.

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