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How to Transfer Contacts from Lumia to Android

Just when you are happy and rejoicing on having got a new phone for yourself, you find out that transferring contact and other data from your old Lumia device to your new phone running on Android isn’t easy. Here we will discuss a much simpler method to transfer contacts from Lumia to Android in this article.

Part 1: Transfer Contacts from Lumia to Android using Outlook

Transferring contacts from a Lumia to an Android is a very extensive process. Also, it requires you to have some technical knowhow. The process comprises of three steps:

  • • In the first step, contacts from the Lumia device have to be exported to an Outlook account and downloaded in the form of a .csv file.
  • • Then in the second step, this .csv file needs to be uploaded to Google contacts. Once the contacts have been stored in the Gmail account, you need to sign in to your Android device using the same Google account to have all his contacts synced to his Android device.

Follow these instructions to learn step by step:

Step 1: Sync contacts from your Nokia Lumia to your Outlook account

1. Go to the “People” app on the Windows phone, scroll to the bottom to locate “…” and then go to “Settings.”


2. From the screen that appears, locate “Accounts” and select “Add an Account”.


3. From the following screen, go to “Microsoft Account” and enter your Outlook account password and sign in.


4. All the contacts in your Lumia will be synced with your Outlook account.

5. To get these contacts on your laptop or computer, go to your web browser and type in . Sign in using your Microsoft account username and password.


6. Once you have logged in, locate “People” in your account.


7. The address book will open up and you will notice that all contacts from your Lumia will now be in your Microsoft account.


8. Go to Manage->Export to and other services. You will be required to enter a location where you wish you save the .csv file you are just about to create. Enter your desired location and hit the enter key and a .csv file will be downloaded to that location.


Step 2: Import the Outlook contacts to your Android phone

1. Open up your browser and type in Sign in to Gmail using your email and password.

2. Go to Gmail->Contacts.


3. From the menu bar at the top locate “More” (next to Add contact). Go to More, from the drop down menu that opens, select “Import”.


4. Click “Choose File” and locate the .csv file you just saved. After selecting the file, hit “Open”.


5. Your contacts will now be saved to your Gmail account. Now, sign in to your Android device using the same Gmail account you saved you contacts to. The syncing option is already enabled when you sign into your account for the first time.

Part 2: Transfer music, image and video using MobileTrans - Phone Transfer

MobileTrans - Phone Transfer is a wonderful and cost effective data transfer tool for us to transfer our contacts, music, videos, messages and more cross different platforms. In order to transfer contacts from Lumia to Android, you are supposed to know MobileTrans at first, since it can help you easily get it done.

MobileTrans - Phone Transfer

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Steps to transfer other data from Lumia to Android

Step 1: Open Wondershare MobileTrans, select "Phone Transfer" mode on the interface.

transfer from Lumia to Android

Step 2: Connect your both phone to the computer, then the program will recognize it automatically. Set your lumia as source phone and android phone as destination phone.

start to transfer from Lumia to Android

Step 4: Select the music, images and videos and click Start. The data will be transferred to the Android phone in a few seconds.

how to transfer data from Lumia to Android

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