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Best Three Ways to Transfer Apps to New iPhone

Axel Nash

Written By Axel Nash |

“I'm new to the iOS operating system and worried about transferring data to the new iPhone I just bought. I'd like to find some ways to transfer the data to the new iPhone."

Transferring data is definitely a task that is not liked by maximum people but to survive without it is also impossible. So, let’s begin with the 3 best methods of transferring data to the new iPhone safely: through Quick Start, through iCloud, through iTunes.

transfer apps to new iphone

Each of these methods has its own sets of benefits. Let’s delve a little into these three to see how you can transfer your important data:

Part 1. Using Quick Start

You can use this method for any iOS device i.e. for any iPhone, iPad or iPod if you have ios11 or later. Using this method, the data can be automatically transferred to any of these new devices. Using this method, the new device can be set up using the information of the current device and later the data can be transferred to your new device using the backups from iCloud. All you need is to create a backup from your old device in the iCloud.

transfer apps to new iphone setup 01

Moreover, if the new device has iOS equivalent to or higher than 12.4, then the quick start method also offers you an option named “iPhone migration” for transferring data wirelessly to your new device. You need to follow the following steps to use this method:

  • • Place your new device close to the current device and turn it on and make sure that the current device’s Bluetooth is turned on. As the quick start screen appears, it will also give you the option of using your Apple ID in order to set up your new device safely.
  • • When you choose to add the I.D. then upon filling in the details of the ID, an animation will appear on the new device. Then, lift your current iPhone and hold it over the new device and centre the animation using the viewfinder with the current device and then wait until you see a message saying finish on the new device. In some cases, if operating the camera of the current device provides some problems and if this happens with you then, you should authenticate the new device manually by following the simple steps that appear on the screen.
  • • After this, you will be asked to enter the passcode of the current device in the new iPhone.
  • • After you have entered the passcode, you will be asked to set up your face id or touch id on your new device.
  • • This will set up your new device and as the device is set up; it will give you an option of setting up the same details as were saved in the recent iCloud backup. Once you have selected this backup option, then you can select certain settings that you want to transfer to the new device such as location, privacy, apple pay, and Siri.

Also, if both your current and the new device have iOS higher or equivalent to 12.4, then you can transfer data directly and wirelessly from one iPhone to another. If you want to transfer data wirelessly then you should keep both devices close to each other and make sure that you follow the same first 4 steps as stated above and then continue with these additional steps:

  • • After entering the passcode of the current device, an option will appear on the screen to transfer data from the current device to the new device.
  • • After choosing the migration of data, keep your device nearby and plugged into power as this will take some time. You need to keep in mind that the transfer time during this can vary based on factors such as the connection type, the condition of the network and more importantly the amount of data that is being transferred from one device to another.

Once the transfer process is complete, you also need to complete a few more simple steps which will be shown on your device as you go along in order to finish up the process completely.

Part 2. Transfer of data using iCloud

Another way to transfer the data is by using iCloud. It is the most common and safest methods using the backup on iCloud in order to transfer or restore data on the new device. Here the backup that is created on the previous device is used to restore or transfer all such data to the new device. But you also need to understand that only the data which is in the latest or the most recent backup that is saved on the current device will be transferred to the new device.

If you choose this method of transferring data then you need to follow the following steps:

  • • Firstly, you need to turn on your new device after which a screen with a “hello” sign will appear and the device should not be set up for this method.
  • • You need to follow all the steps that appear on the screen until you see the Wi-Fi screen.
  • • For this method to work, you need to be connected to the internet and for that, you need to click on the Wi-Fi button which shall be followed by following the steps until you see the apps and data screen. This will take you to the final step where you need to click on the restore button from iCloud backup.
  • • When you click on the restore button, it will ask you to choose as to which backup you want to restore in your new device. You must be very cautious while choosing this and you can verify the same by checking the date and size of the each file on which it was created and then you can choose the most recent one accordingly.
  • • Also, if there are any purchases that you have made from the iTunes or App Store and you are using multiple Apple ID’s then it compulsory that you sign in to each one of that ID in order to restore those data files on the new device.
  • • You need to stay connected to the internet until the entire process is completed by following the steps from onscreen. After the restoring happens, a finish sign will appear.

One thing to keep in mind while following this method is that you need to remember that even after restoring all the applications and data, you need to follow the leftover steps shown on screen to finally finish the entire process.

Part 3. Transfer using iTunes

Third best and safe way is to transfer data using the iTunes app from the apple play store.

You can transfer all your data and applications safely to the new device using the iTunes app by following these steps:

  • • Firstly, you need to make sure that the new device is not already set up and if it is, you need to erase it before you can transfer any data using iTunes. After that, you need to turn on your new device which will show a “Hello” screen.
  • • Then, you need to follow the steps as they appear on the screen until you land on the apps and data screen which will give you the option of restoring your data from the backup created in iTunes. After this, you also need to click on the next button to initiate the process of restoring your data on the new device.
  • • One thing to remember is that you can restore your data on the new device via iTunes using a computer so, you need to connect your new device to the computer and it should be the same computer that was used to back up your data on the previous device.
  • • After connecting your new device to the computer, open iTunes or Finder on the computer and then select the device you want to transfer data on. Remember, you may be asked to give permission to trust your device.
  • • Then click on restore backup after choosing the backup. Make sure that it is the correct backup and the most recent one from the date and size.
  • • If the backup is encrypted by you then, you also need to enter the password that you have applied in order to decrypt the backup and begin with the transferring process.
  • • After initiating the process, you will have to wait for the restoring process to finish which will be followed by completing the entire setup on your iOS device.

Finally, you will have your data transferred to the new iOS device. If we compare all these three methods, you can clearly see that the most prominent and the easiest method of transferring data to your new iPhone is via iCloud backup. The reasons which make them the best choice is that it is secured by your ID (s) and can be used based on the data you want to restore as compared to the other two methods which become somewhat technical.

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