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Ultimate Tips for Preparing the Right Client Gifts for Christmas

Axel Nash

Written By Axel Nash |

Christmas brings everyone closer by exchanging gifts. What if you can use this holiday to show gratitude to your clients and get close to them? Yes, it’s possible by giving them business gifts for Christmas. This way your clients become happier and you get to easily make a mark on their minds. So in this article, we are going to talk about the best client gifts for Christmas that you can use.

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Part 1: Why Do We Need to Prepare a Gift for Clients on Big Holidays

First, let’s get to know the reasons why we need to prepare a gift for clients.

  • Gifts are a great way of self-promotion. This way you get to reinforce your brand value for your clients.
  • Giving your clients gifts for Christmas shows how grateful you are for doing business with them. This shows how much you appreciate them.
  • It’s a great marketing opportunity for you. By sending promotional products or gifts from your brand, it makes your company stand out.
  • Sending Christmas gifts strengthens a relationship and reconnects with your former co-workers. This opens a new door toward new business.
  • This is a great way to advertise your new products and facilities to the clients. And it’s a creative way that sets you apart from other businesses.

The vast majority of people, however, are very aware of the importance of preparing gifts for clients. But when they become overwhelmed with the actual selection, cookies and pastries become their first choice as corporate Christmas gift ideas. This invariably becomes an inferior gift for clients. So if you are confused, then don’t worry. Just read this article to get exclusive ideas of business gifts for Christmas that you can send your clients.

Part 2: Some Good Choices for You to Pick

There are tons of corporate Christmas gift ideas available online that you can use but most of them don’t bring good results. In this part, we are going to introduce you to some great corporate gifting solutions for clients. These gifts exceed monotonous gift ideas and they are exhilarating ways of showing gratitude to your clients.

1. Amazon Gift Card (with a customized message)

Amazon gift cards are the easiest but one of the most impactful client gifts for Christmas. If you are not sure about a client’s preference or likings, then simply go with gifting them an Amazon gift card. This will allow them to get anything of their choice from Amazon and you won’t face any hassle of choosing the gift for them. To make an excellent impact with the Amazon gift card, send a meaningful card or message accompanying it. This will allow you to show gratitude and empower your relationship with the client.

client gifts for Christmas

2. Personalized Client Gift Boxes

There are many gift shops available online and offline that allow people to customize everything of your client's gifts to make them personal. You can easily select the box print where the gift is packaged in. You can also write your message inside the box by attaching photos. Personalized client gift boxes imitate the personalized touch to your clients and make a big impact without breaking the bank.

corporate Christmas gift ideas

3. Desk Blossom Kits

With a beautiful positive message and being the right size for a desk, these blossom kits are great client gifts. You can use live plants on these little kits so that the plant keeps growing on their desk or in their home. This will help your clients remember your gratefulness and keep you on their minds.

corporate gifting solutions

4. Non-food Lucky Bag

Many times, clients are overwhelmed with sweets and treats as gifts on the holidays, so they would not want more food-related gifts. So you could think outside the box with your client gifts and give them a non-food lucky bag or gift basket. A non-food lucky bag or gift basket that will last longer and make a long-lasting impact on your clients. These non-food lucky bags might include perfumes or other comfortable and useful products, fun board games, or even socks. Of course, if you are sending cosmetic products then you need to make sure that your gift box contains the products which both men and women can use.

business gifts for Christmas

5. Fun Advent Calendars

Advent calendars can be excellent client gifts because they will remind your friendship and business relation to your clients daily. With each exciting surprise calendars, you are being grateful to do business with them. Sending fun advent calendars to your client for end-of-year holidays may keep you ahead of the curve.

To give you an example, you may find Harry Potter or Star Wars-themed advent calendar every year from Lego. Moreover, there are much other fun and creative advent calendars that are based on your favorite TV shows (like FRIENDS or The Office). You may also find a lot of more classy and timeless advent calendars.

client gifts for Christmas

Part 3: Tips for Choosing the Right Client Gifts

Choosing the right client gifts for Christmas is very important if you want to build that excellent relation bridge with your client. In that sense, you need to keep some important things in mind before sending them any gift. These aspects will help you make a powerful impact on a client’s mind and steer clear of any kind of complications that might occur during this process. Here are some tips for you to follow, before sending gifts to your clients.

1. Personalized

As you are sending gifts to multiple clients at once, or you always send them on a certain occasion such as – holidays or after a project wraps, make sure that they don’t seem mass-produced. You can simply include their name and something about them or just add the project information on a card with the gift. These personal touches are maybe simple but very influential.

You can just try and get to know your clients so that you understand what kind of gifts they’d like. Maybe you can ask questions or try to build an interesting and quick non-work-related conversation now and then. Your aim should be to impress your clients with the perfect business gift. When you get to know your clients, it’s going to benefit you in more ways than just easily selecting their gifts. So always try to make an effort to connect with your clients on a personal level!

2. Useful

Make sure that the gifts you are sending to your clients are useful to them. Meaningless gifts will not make any good impact on them so the whole point of marketing your brand will go in vain. Useful gifts can be a blessing for any client which will make them think about you again and again while using those gifts.

3. Pay attention to the price

You need to pay attention to the price of the gifts that you are sending to your clients. As you are completely aware that too cheap gifts can make a bad impact but too pricey gifts are going to be bad for your bank. You need to send them gifts that are easy on your pocket, although not so cheap but meaningful as well.

4. Choose the right time to send the gift

Always send the gifts at right time otherwise there is no point. Sending gifts at a right time will make 100 times more impact on your clients than usual. As you can’t send those gifts to your clients too soon, make sure that you don’t send the gifts too late.

5. Notice the no gifts policy

If your client is an individual then maybe you won’t have to worry about rules or guidelines of giving gifts. However, if your client is a company or an organization, then check if they have rules against receiving gifts.

If that’s the case, then make a handwriting note as an alternative client gift. If that is still a problem, sending a greeting to your customers on WhatsApp Business during the holiday season will be a good idea.

Part 4: A must-have phone transfer software - MobileTrans

You already know which client gifts for Christmas are going to be perfect for your clients. But what if you accidentally delete your clients' contacts, or get a new phone from your co-workers on Christmas? Here comes to MobileTrans. It’s a powerful data recovery tool that can recover WhatsApp Business contacts, messages, videos, photos, and other different files in a few clicks from your Android and iOS devices. It’s the best phone to phone data transfer solution for everyone. Additionally, this insane software is used by more than 500,000+ users to transfer, backup, and restore various data between phones.

MobileTrans' Features:

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Step-by-step Guide for MobileTrans to Recover and Transfer Contacts from Android/iPhone:

Step 1: Download MobileTrans and Connect Your Phone

First, you need to download, install and run the software on your computer. Then connect your Android/iPhone device to your computer by using a USB cable or lightning cable. From the homepage of MobileTrans, go to the Backup&Restore option.

MobileTrans to Recover and Transfer Contacts

Step 2: Choose Files to Recover

On the next window, select the Backup phone data option and you’ll get an interface like below. Select Contacts from the list of files and click on the Start button to proceed.

MobileTrans backup android

Step 3: Recover Contacts

Finally, wait till the recovery process is completed. When the process is complete, you’ll get an interface like below with your phone's name on it. You can check the contacts by clicking on the Open Backup Location button from below this window.

MobileTrans backup android to ios

After reading this article, you now know which client gifts for Christmas are going to be best for you. With the help of various corporate Christmas gift ideas from this article, it’s going to be easy for you to think ahead clearly. You can easily send your clients a rock star corporate gift and make the big impact that you have always wanted to make.

You also got some amazing tips that are going to help you pick the best business gifts for Christmas this year and the following years to come. But here’s the kicker: when you lose your client’s contacts or valuable data from your phone, you can easily recover them by using MobileTrans in a few clicks. Hope this article has helped you more than we expect.

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