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The real charm of Christmas lies in exciting gifts and presents. But it can be hard to select gifts for your loved ones.

If you are also puzzled by this dilemma, stick around for the best Secret Santa apps.  They’ll assist in selecting the gift and organizing a secret event where Santas stay anonymous! Do you want to know how to use these Christmas apps? Let’s find out together!

In this article
    1. Elfster - Overall Best Secret Santa App
    2. Secret Santa 22: Gift Exchange - Highly Customizable Santa App
    3. Secret Santa Service - Best Secret Santa App for iOS
    4. Santa's Secret Keeper - Best Santa App with Maximum Participants

Top 4 Secret Santa Apps

Selecting the Secret Santa application can kill the buzz since such apps usually have several ads or limitations. However, we have the top 4 apps in different categories that can solve your problem. Let’s go deeper into their features and functions.

1. Elfster - Overall Best Secret Santa App

Elfster: The Secret Santa App

Download Elfster on App Store.

Currently, on the top, Elfster is the best Secret Santa app in multiple ways. The app has an intriguing and minimal layout so it’s easy for beginners to navigate. It allows users to invite friends and family via different platforms, such as Facebook, mobile numbers, email, etc.

The participants can also create a wishlist on the application for their Secret Santa, so they have more precise options. Similarly, you can make gift exchange more personalized by adding options, such as dates or locations.

Conversely, you must create an account to use the app, which is compulsory for every participant. Additionally, users cannot share their wishlists on social media platforms, and Santa’s can only view them on Elfster.

Pros Cons
Easy to Use Account creation is necessary
Wishlist Creation No wishlist sharing outside the app
Multiple Registration Methods /
Ability to Set Limits /

2. Secret Santa 22: Gift Exchange - Highly Customizable Santa App

Secret Santa 22: Gift Exchange

Download Secret Santa 22: Gift Exchange.

Secret Santa 22: Gift Exchange generator is another amazing application you can download for free. The app has an appealing UI that attracts attention. But you can also circle through various themes according to your taste.

One significant highlight of this gift exchanger is that you can create the list in PDF format. This way, you can export it to other platforms or even print it out for secret parcel deliveries.

But this application also has some drawbacks. First, you can only invite up to six participants in the only event you can organize in the free version. To start a second event, you must either create another account or buy the premium version (especially if you want more participants).

Pros Cons
Several Themes Selection Free account is limited to six participants
Exporting File in PDF Only one event is allowed per free account
Excellent for Festival Enthusiasts /
Easy Budget Setting /

3. Secret Santa Service - Best Secret Santa App for iOS

Secret Santa Service

Download Secret Santa Service.

This Secret Santa app is specifically designed for iOS users, making it an excellent choice for iPhone holders. With an aesthetic design and layout, the Secret Santa Service is this list's most functional gift generator. Apart from similar apps, this software uses minimal yet professional input methods.

The app has an elegant form where you can add the participants’ names and send them the invite links. You can even assign them their roles and send the task emails within 10 minutes (based on how quickly you make tasks).

However, you can only invite up to four people on the free account. If you want more participants, you must purchase the $0.99 premium version (which doesn’t sound too expensive). Anyways, you still cannot change the pairings once assigned.

Pros Cons
Professional Interface Add only up to 4 participants
Highly Productive & Functional Cannot change pairing
Quick Emailing With Assigned Roles
Resending Unanswered Invite Links

4. Santa's Secret Keeper - Best Santa App with Maximum Participants

Santa’s Secret Keeper

Download Santa's Secret Keeper.

If you are annoyed by participant limitation in the above gift exchange generators, Santa’s Secret Keeper provides a solution. This application has no restrictions on the participants’ invitations. It means you can add as many people to the event for free. Moreover, you can also create different groups for better pairing of users.

The group creation is extremely handy since the inviting people can exceed 10 - 20 users. Besides that, it also offers price adjustments and setting instructions for the participants, like many other apps. But the best part is that Secret Keeper allows you to avoid certain pairings, making the system more customized.

However, this Secret Santa app doesn’t have wishlist support. Although the gift options and recommendations are great enough, it might be better if the Santas can understand what their partner would like to have.

Pros Cons
Unlimited Participants Invite Lacks wishlist support
Avoid Specific Pairing Comparatively trickier to understand
Budget Allotment /
Groups Creation /

Reasons to Choose a Gift Exchange Generator for This Christmas

This Christmas, it will be better to opt for a gift exchange generator since it offers several benefits and can help you organize the exchange event. Here are a few reasons to choose such an application:

  1. It helps in organizing gift-exchange events, taking much of the hassle out of your shoulders.
  2. You can easily track gifts and who is giving them to whom.
  3. Since people can make a wishlist, it helps secret Santas get the most thoughtful and desirable gifts.
  4. Multiple applications allow you to set a budget range, allocating the Santas items they can afford.

Share Your Gift with Him/Her

Usually, these applications work when all the participants have the same app. Although you send the invite link, people hardly check their emails nowadays. So, it is better to use an application or file-sharing tool to give your friends the same Secret Santa app you are using. Here, MobileTrans helps allow you to share the app.

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The process is extremely simple and doesn’t take much time. Follow the steps below:

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    Selecting Devices
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Plan your gift exchange this Christmas with Secret Santa apps. These apps will make it easier for you and your friends to give thoughtful gifts and simplify the gift exchange overall. Now, you know the top four apps and also know how to share your favorite one with your friends via MobileTrans. So, don’t forget to use these apps to make your Christmas organized yet memorable.

Nicola Massimo
Nicola Massimo Jun 07, 24
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