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How to Transfer Data from iPhone to Vivo

Axel Nash

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Most people ask, “How to transfer data from iPhone to Vivo?”

The iPhone operating system allows various ways by which you can transfer data quickly, even in a matter of a few minutes. But, very few people know about those quick solutions due to cheap and insecure online solutions. Do not compromise with personal data security, even though the methods available are super affordable. It would help if you always considered a specific checklist before using either an online solution or a software solution, like price, speed, security, features, etc. So, let's go through in detail and know how to transfer contacts from iPhone to Vivo.

Part 1: How to Transfer Data from iPhone to Vivo with MobileTrans

The MobileTrans by Wondershare is perfect if you are looking for a professional phone transfer-specific solution. Having such a stable solution in a constantly changing tech industry is almost equivalent to a gift to the users with price affordability. Given below are some key features of the MobileTrans that makes it stand out among others.

Key Features of Wondershare MobileTrans

  • • It easily transfers various kinds of data, including photos, contacts, SMS, videos, and music, from one phone device to another.
  • • The MobileTrans exclusively supports cross-platform transfer where you can transfer data from iPhone to Android devices and vice-versa.
  • • Besides this data, it can also transfer data from various social media apps, including WhatsApp, Viber, Line, etc.
  • • The MobileTrans is also designed for data backup and restoration to the computer itself, including the iTunes backup file restoration.
  • • The software supports more than 8000 devices, including their latest versions.

You should also note the speedy process of MobileTrans apart from these features.

Steps to transfer data from iPhone to Vivo with MobileTrans

Step 1: Install MobileTrans

Go to and click the Download button to install the software over Mac or Windows PC. After it has finished the installation, open the main interface, and select the Phone Transfer option.

mobiletrans home 01

Step 2: Connect both the phone devices

You need to connect both the iPhone and Vivo device where you have installed the MobileTrans software. Therefore, the iPhone placement must be over the Source, whereas Vivo's order on the Destination. Click the Flip button if you have made it the wrong way.

After doing this task, select the data from the middle interface that you wish to transfer from iPhone to Vivo. Then, hit the Start button to confirm and wait a few seconds for the process to complete.

phone transfer ios to android 01

So, you're good to go after these two simple steps with ultimate user security regarding transferring confidential data. Use MobileTrans even if you want to know how to transfer contacts from iPhone to Vivo.

Part 2: How to transfer contacts from iPhone to Vivo with Google Accounts

There is an alternative to MobileTrans if you have a Google Account. You can also make an account for free with Google here. We have simplified the steps on how to transfer data from iPhone to Vivo via Google Account. But, it’s still a hectic process than the steps mentioned above of MobileTrans.

Steps on how to transfer contacts from iPhone to Vivo via Google Accounts

Step 1: Export vCard

The very first step is to sign in to iCloud into your iPhone and select the Contacts.

sync iphone contacts to google 5

After selecting all the contacts, click Ctrl + A> Allow> Export vCard.

Then, you need to choose the save location after naming the vCard.

sync iphone contacts to google 7

Step 2: Import contacts into Google Account

After you sign in to the Google Account, click Google Contacts> Import. Before you click the Import button, you have to choose the vCard you created in Step 1 while selecting the file.

sync iphone contacts to google 8

Step 3: Transfer contacts from iPhone to Vivo

Now, you can head to your new Vivo phone and sync it with the Google Account.

  • • To do this, click Settings> Accounts or Accounts & Sync.
  • • Click the Add Account button where you need to log in with your Google Account.
  • • After logging in, it will automatically sync all the contacts from Google Account to Vivo.

It will also sync other data such as Chrome, Calendar, and Gmail, etc.


So, this was the whole process on how to transfer data from iPhone to Vivo. We discussed the two main ways, including the MobileTrans software and the method using Google Accounts. We want you to compare both the ways based on the number of steps and level of difficulty involved. In our opinion, MobileTrans by Wondershare provides the ultimate user security compared to Google. Dealing directly with Google on Google Accounts may compromise the confidential data of the user concerned.

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