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iTunes backup WhatsApp: Complete Guide & Tips

Nicola Massimo

Written By Nicola Massimo |

Do you have any idea to update your iPhone? At the same time, you do not want to lose your memorable messages on WhatsApp. Then you have landed at the right place to learn the best solution. This guide assists you to backup WhatsApp to iTunes and restore WhatsApp messages from iTunes backup.

Part 1: Does iTunes will backup WhatsApp chat history on iPhone?

Of course, yes, there is no doubt in it. It is possible to back up the WhatsApp chat history of the iPhone on iTunes. At the Apple forum wall, there are many complaints posted by the users regarding the iTunes backup. Most of them believed this type of backup process is impossible.

There are many blogs and articles debating about the possibility of WhatsApp chat history backup on iPhone. Some professionals and iPhone users nailed their opinion as unachievable tasks. This dilemma still prevails with iPhone users. This guide put an end to this type of discussion in the internet space.

The iTunes backup occurs in the encrypted format. During the backup process, the high standard encryption method is implemented. A backup refers to copying the data without any loss. This occurs at a faster rate in the iTunes platform.

It depends on the individual’s opinion to employ encryption during the backup. The major disadvantage of the encrypted backup is that you may not recover the backup data forever when you forget the password.

You must be curious to read this guide as it unveils the impossibility tasks related to the iTunes backup.

Part 2: How to backup the WhatsApp messages to iTunes?

The backup procedure of the WhatsApp messages to iTunes is very simple, and you need not require any technical skills to understand the steps. It is enough if you press the respective buttons according to the instructions listed below. You must be excited to discover the process pertaining to the backup. Ensure the necessary arrangements before the startup.

A PC supporting either Windows or Mac is required to establish this process. To backup WhatsApp to iTunes, you need four sources such as iPhone, PC, USB cable and iTunes account.

Here, a wizard type backup process to assist the novice iPhone users. You have to check out every step below to ensure successful lossless data storage during the process.

Step 1. The first step is to connect your iPhone with your computer using the USB cable. Make sure the PC has an updated version of iTunes.


Step 2. A message pops out on your iPhone stating ‘Trust this computer’. Authorize it to proceed with the process. This message ensures authorized access and it will allow further actions to perform between iPhone and PC.


Step 3. Open your iTunes account in the computer using the Apple ID credentials. Enter the right credentials to avoid authentication issues.


Step 4. In the iTunes platform, identify your device, and tap ‘Summary’ at the left panel of the screen. Choose your device name and move on.


Step 5. Below the ‘Backups’ label select choose ‘This Computer’ on the left side of the screen. To backup WhatsApp iTunes, you must click the ‘Back up now’ button at the right side.


You can now easily backup WhatsApp to the iTunes platform using the above steps. Try it out to back up the data for future use.

In your PC, an iTunes backup folder will be created while downloading or uploading files from this platform.

The path of this folder depends on the type of OS in the PC. For windows, you can find this folder at ” \Users\ (User name)\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\Mobile Sync\Backup\”.

In the case of Mac systems, the folder location is ”/Library/Application/Support/Mobile Sync/Backup/”.

Most of the professionals recommend MobileTrans - WhatsApp Transfer to carry out this WhatsApp backup process effortlessly. You can easily switch the data between android and iPhone quickly. All sorts of data in the social app can be stored for better restore using this app.

Visit the official website of MobileTrans - WhatsApp Transfer and learn to master the backup and restore functionalities with the iOS data on your iPhone. It is the right tool to handle iPhone data wisely. Added to its benefits this software is highly safe and it is referred by the experienced professionals of iPhone.

Part 3: What does the iTunes backup file contain?

To be specific, the iTunes backup file contains

  • iOS data
  • Music and video files
  • Network information
  • iMessages
  • Camera Roll backups
  • Contacts
  • Calendar
  • Notes
  • Call Logs
  • App Data

The important data is highly preferred to take up the iTunes backup space. The ease backup and restore process have encouraged the iPhone users to go with iTunes backup.

In a detailed note, the content of iTunes backup is as follows

  • Images were taken via the camera
  • Screenshots and Wallpaper
  • Movies and ringtones
  • Carrier SMS, Voice messages
  • App settings
  • Account Passwords
  • Paired Bluetooth Devices etc.

The iTunes backup does not contain settings related to Face ID and Touch ID. The data listed out in the iCloud platform does not take the space in iTunes.

Part 4: How to restore WhatsApp messages from iTunes backup?

It is a good practice to make a regular backup in iTunes and you can restore it when it is needed. The situations, which require the iTunes restore process, are

  • Accidental deletion of important file or data
  • Unexpected theft of your iPhone
  • When you purchase a new device
  • Automatic data deletion because of internal error

Nowadays, most of the iPhone users are active in the WhatsApp platform. This app top the list in social media apps. This platform provides ease environment to share messages, videos, files, etc What will you do if those data in the WhatsApp chats disappear suddenly? Do not panic, the restoration process helps you to bring back the lost data quickly.

Surf through the below steps to learn how to restore WhatsApp from iTunes backup.

Step 1. Log in to your iTunes using credentials in your Computer with Windows or Mac OS. The iPhone users are aware of the Apple ID credentials, which enables the entry to iTunes and iCloud platform. You have to type in those credentials inside the text box as shown below.


Step 2. You have to connect the iPhone with your computer and tap ‘Trust this Computer’ in your iPhone. It provides accessing permission. You can make use of a normal USB cable which is used for charging purpose.


Step 3. Click the ‘Restore Backup’ button in the iTunes environment. View the button below the ‘Manually Backup and Restore’ label within the ‘Backup’ section.

In the left panel of the screen, you should check out the radio button beside ‘This Computer’. This will enable to restore the data from the connected computer into your new iPhone.


Step 4. Click the ‘Restore’ button in the following window. This action triggers the restoration process.


In the end, you have to restart your iPhone by retaining the connection with the computer. Soon after the restart wait for some time until the synchronization with the computer completes.

Disconnect your iPhone from the computer. From the above steps, you can easily restore the backup WhatsApp messages from iTunes to your new iPhone in no time.

Verify the restored data in your iPhone by navigating to its respective location. The data occupies the same location as before. There is a time constraint exist between the backup and restoration process with iTunes and iCloud. As per the technical professionals, the backup and restoration process with iTunes happens quicker than iCloud.

The data is stored and recovered at a faster rate. You need not wait for long hours to complete the process. The maximum time limit for this process completion is hardly 30 minutes.


Finally, it is high time to conclude the discussion. In this compilation, you are very clear about the iTunes backup. Here you have learned how to backup WhatsApp to iTunes. Added to the backup process you are clear about the restoration steps too. Make use of this guide to carry out these two procedures in an effective way. You have to be shrewd enough to identify the labels and buttons on the screen for quick process completion.

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