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WhatsApp Business Auto Reply Best Practice 2024

Axel Nash

Written By Axel Nash |

The automated messages on WhatsApp play a vital role in building reliability with the customers. This type of automated messages connects with the customers even during holidays. The customers feel comfortable viewing those auto-replies instead of a silent response from the other side. This feature serves as one of the reasons for many successful businesses worldwide. The entrepreneurs should be wise enough to set up appropriate auto-reply phrases based on the circumstances. It is highly advisable to avoid repetitive auto-reply phrases for all forms of communication. Choose the perfect auto-reply messages that convince the customers without any regrets. This article provides an elaborate discussion on the WhatsApp business auto-reply functionality, which has become an urgent need for many young entrepreneurs across boundaries.

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Part 1: How do you set up an auto-reply on WhatsApp for business?

Most business people will be wondering how to set up automated messages on WhatsApp? The process is simple and you can easily implement this feature through a few clicks. Surf through the below steps for a better understanding of the procedure.

Step 1: Tap the WhatsApp business app icon after unlocking your smartphone

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Step 2: Quickly hit the three vertical dots at the top right side of the screen and the ‘Setting’ window appears on the screen.

whatsapp business auto reply 3

Step 3: Now click ‘Business settings -> Away Message’.

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Step 4: In the ‘Away Message’ screen, turn on the toggle button with the label ‘Send Away Message’. Next, edit the away message beneath the label ‘Message’ by tapping the pen icon at the middle right side of the screen

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Step 5: You can schedule the sending action by pressing the ‘Schedule’ item on the window. A pop-up screen displays two options namely ‘Always Send’ and ‘Custom Schedule’. You can choose according to your requirement.

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The ‘Always Send’ option sends automated messages all the time and ‘Custom Schedule’ option allows you to send the automated messages only specific times.

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Part 2: Best templates for automated messages on WhatsApp

The automated messages on WhatsApp should sound realistic. To build a better relationship with the customers the messages should follow the below criteria

  • Appropriate wordings: The automated message must suit the situation. It should be unique and the answer has to be prompt.
  • Expected replies: The customer must receive the right solution and provide meaningful answers
  • Transparent answers in simple lines: The messages should be to the point and do not include unnecessary filler as it brings annoying experience to the listeners.
  • Specify alternate solution: The automated messages becomes effective if you give an alternate solution to the customers
  • It should sound natural and not like a machine or robot: Highly preferable a friendly tone. The message should sound soothing and friendly to build a strong bond with your customers.

whatsapp business auto reply 7

The auto-replies vary based on the platform and situations. The entrepreneurs must identify the perfect wordings to convince the customers to build a reliable relationship.

The automated messages templates are as follows

    • Customer Support Template

Thanks for reaching out! Our support reps will check your message and forward it to the best person when necessary. We'll get back to you within 48 hours.
If your issue can't wait, you can also reach us via live chat on or call 555-555-5555.
Best regards,
[Your name]”

    • Out of office or Holiday seasons template

I'm enjoying a holiday at sea and will be off the grid until the 15th of January! I'll get back to you that week. You could also reach out to my colleagues via
Thanks for your patience and talk to you then!
Best regards,
[Your name]”

    • Chat support sample

Sorry to keep you waiting! It's very busy in the chat at the moment, but I'll be with you within 3 minutes. If you're in a rush, you could also leave your question and email address – we'll then get back to you via email.

Part 3: How do you use Autoresponder for WhatsApp business?

You can use this application for both private and business purpose. This app sends the auto-reply when it receives texts on the WhatsApp platform. The first step is to download and install this program on your smartphone. Then, launch the tool and carry out the initial set up procedure. Customize the auto-reply message and include time delays if required for this auto-response. The pro version of this tool comprises of added features. The Autoresponder app replies for the messages from contacts as well as the unknown numbers. Similarly, it replies to individual and group chat effectively without any flaw. To download this program at Google play store your gadget should have an Android platform with 5.0 and above version. The basic form of Auto Responder is available for free download and if you need an Auto Responder Pro, then purchases it immediately.

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Thus, this article has emphasized the importance of auto-replies on the WhatsApp platform. You had a better idea of WhatsApp business automated messages. The young entrepreneurs should explore the optimum ways to edit to automated messages to build a consistent relationship with the customers. Make sure the auto-replies are sensible and meaningful. The recommended app and the displayed templates for WhatsApp auto reply emphasize you the importance of the auto relies on this digital communication environment. To win the competitive market it is highly advisable to stay connected with the customers round the clock. These automated messages serve as a boon for newbie entrepreneurs. Reach out the target customers and develop a long-lasting reliable relationship through effective automated messages on WhatsApp.

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