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How to Run WhatsApp on Multiple Devices?

Axel Nash

Written By Axel Nash |

People around the world, like you and me, are extensively using WhatsApp. Now, sometimes you may need to use the same WhatsApp number or same WhatsApp business account on multiple devices, especially if you are using WhatsApp from a business point of view. But that precisely is not possible as WhatsApp can work on a device with a particular mobile number only. If you try to switch your WhatsApp account on different devices, then there are chances that your account will get blocked due to security concerns.

However, there is an alternative tactic. You can learn how to use WhatsApp business on multiple Phones or devices.

Part 1: Can I use WhatsApp business on multiple devices?

So, is it possible to use WhatsApp business on multiple devices?

Well, to answer, you need to understand the functioning of the WhatsApp account.

Let’s take the example of a Dual Sim Phone. On your SmartPhone first, you have to download WhatsApp from PlayStore. After the installation, it will ask to select a particular phone number to access the account. Once verified through code, you will be able to access your WhatsApp account.

At this point, you must be aware of the following facts:

  • • You cannot use both the number to access the account.
  • • You can access WhatsApp from a particular phone number only.
  • • You are not allowed to log in to WhatsApp on another device with the same mobile number.

run whatsapp on multiple devices 1

So, the primary device with WhatsApp installed at first with a particular number is the only way to login to the WhatsApp account. However, we have an alternate method if you still need to access the WhatsApps from other devices. It is the WhatsApp web feature. You will learn more about this feature in the below-mentioned part. So, move on to understand how to access WhatsApp business multiple devices with this tutorial.

whatsapp transfer

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Part 2: Run WhatsApp on Two Devices via WhatsApp Web.

WhatsApp Web is a very striking feature that allows users to access the WhatsApp page from an alternative device such as a Computer or also another phone. Thus, in other words, with this feature, if you wish to perform WhatsApp business on multiple devices, then that is also possible. But to fulfill that purpose, you need to go through some simple steps, given as under:

Instead of mentioning the process for accessing WhatsApp from a System or another phone, we listed the separate step by step guide so that it is easy for you to understand each of the processes without getting confused. Also, if someone needs to access WhatsApp from the system or need to do WhatsApp business on multiple phones, they can refer to that particular guide only.

A: Steps to Access WhatsApp of Primary account on a Phone from a PC:

Step 1: On PC or Mac open web page – ‘’

With the help of a browser window, open the web page on your system with the web address like When the page gets loaded soon after that QR code screen will appear.

run whatsapp on multiple devices 2

Step 2: On your Phone go to the top right side, click on three dots

Take your Phone, launch WhatsApp application> then from the home page visits three dots visible from the high right end.

Step 3: Go to WhatsApp Web option

From there, choose for the WhatsApp Web option, the scanning page will appear.

run whatsapp on multiple devices 3

Step 4: Scan QR code

Now, scan the QR code on your Mac or PC. That’s it.

By following above quite simple steps, you can access your WhatsApp from your System PC or Mac any time anywhere. And off-course, the WhatsApp screen will be large enough to operate efficiently. But make sure you must have the primary Phone nearby since you cannot run the WhatsApp on your system if the primary Phone is off or not near to you.


  • • Very useful if you need to share or transfer some document from PC that is not available on your phone.
  • • You can download a report to the PC instead of the Phone to avoid excess space occupied by the file otherwise.
  • • Managing WhatsApp from the system is more comfortable, especially if you need WhatsApp business on multiple devices.

B: Steps to Access WhatsApp from Primary account on Phone from another phone:

Steps for accessing WhatsApp business on multiple phones or another phone is almost the same leaving a few steps as follows:

run whatsapp on multiple devices 4

Step 1: Visit the Browser window to open the ‘’ page.

Take another phone where you wish to get access to WhatsApp, here launch browser window and type link address as –

Step 2: Under the browser settings, you need to go for the “Desktop Site Mode” option.

On the opened page, go to three dots that appear on the top right side and choose ‘Desktop Site’ mode.

Step 3: QR code verification screen will appear.

Doing so will open the page containing QR code for verification.

run whatsapp on multiple devices 5

Step 4: Scan QR code on another phone

From the primary Phone, the scanning screen will appear under the “WhatsApp Web” option. You need to scan the QR code visible on another phone.

As soon as scanning is complete, you will see the WhatsApp home page from another phone also.

So, without worrying anymore, you can quickly get access to the WhatsApp page from another phone. Also, it becomes quite comfortable to perform any particular task or dissemination of a specific piece of business-related information with quite a fast pace from two or more phones with that WhatsApp page.

Note: In case you are accessing the WhatsApp page from a device does not belong to you and If you wish to logout WhatsApp from another phone, PC or Mac then you have to visit the three dots that appear next to new chat option on the top left side of the screen and choose logout option.


The article primarily focuses on how to make WhatsApp business multiple devices compatible. Thus you can use the same number registered on WhatsApp to get access from other devices too. Also, by following the mentioned process, you can access your WhatsApp account from different devices, such as a PC, another phone, etc.

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