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How to View WhatsApp on Mac - 3 Methods

Axel Nash

Written By Axel Nash |

There is a common misconception that people can only use WhatsApp on Android devices, iOS phones, or laptops that are not manufactured by Apple. They often assume that iPad or Mac cannot accommodate WhatsApp. This is wrong and a myth.

WhatsApp is designed to work on any device -Android, Dell, HP, or Mac. You just have to know the right way to download and install it. The process differs from the usual way we use to install the apk on android phones or get the services of WhatsApp web. This article will tell you how to view WhatsApp on your Mac.

view WhatsApp on mac

You cannot rely on your phone all the time. It is highly impossible to shift your focus to your phone especially when you are working diligently on a bigger screen. Also, what if you run out of charge on your phone and need to access WhatsApp quickly? It is common knowledge that only one phone can hold your WhatsApp account and you cannot log in from another phone like Facebook or Instagram. This is why you should know how to use WhatsApp and view it effortlessly by using your Mac device.

Part 1: 2 ways to Install WhatsApp on Mac

There are different ways in which you can download WhatsApp for your Mac and start using it. These are some of the simpler ones so that you can get started instantly.

Method – 1: App Store

Yes, WhatsApp did think about iOS and Mac users when they initially made the miracle app. Call it intuition or confidence, they were aware that everyone will be interested in getting their hands on their social media app. That is why WhatsApp is easily available on the Apple App Store. You can download it directly, install and start using it on a Mac device. This is how you use it.

Step 1: Start by searching for WhatsApp on the Apple App Store. When you find it, clock on getting and continue to the next steps.


Step 2: Once you have it installed, open the page and a QR code will be displayed.


Step 3: Open WhatsApp web on your phone and scan the code.


After this, all your WhatsApp conversations will display on the screen. You can access them, have conversations and share files effortlessly.

Method 2 - Directly from the web

You don’t have to go to the App store to use this metho. Without installing WhatsApp on your Mac device, you can use WhatsApp from the internet directly. This is how you do it.

Step 1: Open WhatsApp web on a new tab on your mac device. Go to QR code will appear on the screen.

Step 2: Open the WhatsApp web option on your iphone and scan the code.

Step 3: Once the chat conversation appear on the screen, you can use the app just like you would on your mobile devices.


Part 2: Which is the Best WhatsApp Viewer for Mac?

The best WhatsApp viewer for Mac would be the MobileTrans Transfer tool. This not only lets you use the WhatsApp application properly on your Mac device but also helps you to get the proper backup of your WhatsApp data. It is safer than the backup option that the WhatsApp application provides. You don’t have to keep updating frequently and the info remains as long as you want it to.

Coming to its use, MonileTrans lets you access all the chats, read all details, retain the attached documents - save all audio, video, and photos. It lets you transfer files from your iPhone device to your Mac. You also don’t need to rely on the internet while this process happens. Depending upon the size of the apk file (WhatsApp anyway has a very small-sized apk file), it only takes seconds to minutes for the transfer to take place. You have to be patient and the work will be done without any hassle. You can also use this application for several other tasks like - File transfer when you are changing phones, Android to iPhone, and vice versa transfers among others.

Part 3: How to view WhatsApp Messages on your Mac device

Now if we get into the details of how to use the MobileTrans application to Transfer the apk file from your android or iPhone devices to finally view WhatsApp messages, this is how you do it.

Step 1: Start off by going to the MobileTrans main website from your mac device. Install it into your mac device. It hardly takes a few minutes and the screen looks something like this

Step 2: Now you will have two options in front of you - "WhatsApp Transfer" and "Phone Transfer". If you want to transfer the apk file, you can go for a phone transfer so that files will be transferred. If you want to back up the WhatsApp messages, then you can choose "Backup&Restore".


Step 3: Once this step is done, your computer will prompt you to connect your device to the Mac device. Do this.

backup whatsapp faq

Step 4: Now you can choose what files you want to transfer - be it music, files, or more. Select the apk file and continue the process by clicking on "Start"

Then you just have to follow the simple installation process, scan your QR code as I mentioned previously and you are good to go. In case you are planning on backing up data, go with WhatsApp transfer and follow the same steps and click on "Start". That way, you can save all your important conversations.

The process might seem long with the detailed explanation and imagery but it hardly takes 3-5 minutes to get the whole thing done. It's easy, quick, and works 100%.

Part 4: What are the basic troubles while using WhatsApp

WhatsApp might be one of the most loved social media apps in the world. But it does pose some problems at times. A patient man would look for answers while the others would fret about the sudden fault. Here are some of the most common problems you would encounter on WhatsApp. So, the next time you come across them, don't worry. They all have solutions.


One of the most common problems, when you are using WhatsApp, is that - your messages, images, or videos will remain unsent. Even when you are connected to WiFi or Mobile data, the messages do not go forward to the recipient from the sender.

You cannot download videos or photos on your WhatsApp application. Even though you are able to download any files or images from the internet, you face problems in downloading the incoming videos and images - be it in personal chats or groups.

Can’t download the file

Sometimes WhatsApp won’t load your old messages. It will not back up your messages even when you set the manual backup settings to ‘Daily’. This is easy to deal with by using the MobileTrans application or third-party transfer tool. However, you can also restore the function by tapping a few changes in WhatsApp Settings.


WhatsApp simply won’t open on your Apple device. The app crashes and a pop-up appears that the app isn’t responding. This is a problem that is rare but still happens with a few users.


Part 5: How to troubleshoot the WhatsApp problems?

There are some easy ways in which you can troubleshoot any of the above-mentioned problems.

Firstly, you have to make sure that you have the latest version of WhatsApp on your phone. WhatsApp has some frequent updates and unless you install them, the bugs will continue to disturb your WhatsApp using experience. That is why you need to check for frequent updates.

Sometimes, the fault might be in your iPhone or Mac as well. So, you need to switch off and then switch on again to refresh and restart all applications. Overload can also make your WhatsApp dysfunctional.

If you are on the go and your WhatsApp is misbehaving and not downloading or sending important messages, then turn to your Airplane mode. That is, switch on your airplane mode and let it stay for a minute. Then turn off the airplane mode and connect to wifi or mobile data again. This must resume the message exchange.

There are cases where your phone is not able to access the internet from your wifi properly. In that case, go to your Settings > WiFi > And Forget Network. Reconnect to your WiFi and the functions will resume.

If none of the above seem to work, then you should start from scratch. That is, uninstall the existing version of WhatsApp on your phone. Clean out any residues that uninstalled apps leave by using Mobile Cleanup. Then install WhatsApp from the App Store again. The latest version will be automatically downloaded.


Many people simply assume that WhatsApp is not meant for Mac or Apple iPads.That is not true. You just have to find your way to the right applications, stores, and files that can help you use WhatsApp on any device. These days, you can use WhatsApp on very basic models of phones as well. It will be foolish to think that Mac cannot handle WhatsApp.

It is similar to how you use the WhatsApp application on common laptops by switching to the WhatsApp web. There is no great difference and anyone can do it. Even if you have an android phone, you can still use the WhatsApp account on that phone on your Mac device. By using the right WhatsApp viewer for Mac, you can quickly access your important messages, videos, and images on WhatsApp. If you want to, you can even transfer and backup your chats.

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