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How to See WhatsApp Deleted Messages by Sender: Android and iPhone

Axel Nash

Written By Axel Nash |

Revoking messages is a great feature added to WhatsApp, but it gets pretty bad when someone sends you a message and deletes it before you can read it. Now, if you ever face this issue, you might have wondered about the solution. Is there a way to see WhatsApp deleted messages by the sender?

Yes, it is possible. Guess what? This post will give you three sure-fire methods to help you see deleted WhatsApp messages. So, remember to read this article till the end.

view whatsapp deleted messages

How to See Already Deleted Messages on WhatsApp by Sender on Android

If you are an Android user and wish to see messages already deleted by the sender, there are plenty of ways to do it. Do check these out!

Method 1: How to See WhatsApp Deleted Messages by Sender without Any App

Apply to: Android 11 and higher versions

Using the latest Android 11/12/13, you can read all the deleted messages without relying on a third-party application. The upgraded Android versions have a great notification history feature that keeps records of all messages, even those deleted by the sender. Want to enable this option right away? Here is how.

Steps to Enable Notification History on Android:

  1. Head to your phone's Settings and navigate to Apps and Notifications.
  2. Hit Notifications.
  3. Hit on Notification History, and toggle the button next to it to enable the Notification History feature.

turn on notification history

Method 2: How to Read Messages Deleted by the Sender by WA Deleted Messages

Apply to: Android 7 and above versions

It isn't very comfortable when the sender deletes a message because you won't know what the message is about. To avoid such a situation in the future, you can use the WA Deleted Messages.

WA Deleted Messages is known for its ability to help transfer WhatsApp data between devices. But it can do much more than that. It lets you view WhatsApp messages deleted by the sender and merge WhatsApp messages.

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Steps to Use WA Deleted Messages:

  1. Install and open WA Deleted Messages on your Android phone.
  2. Head to the Whats Deleted module and allow access to WhatsApp.
  3. From now on, you won't miss any messages. Even your WhatsApp contacts delete them from their end.

Method 3: How to Recover Deleted Messages on WhatsApp by Sender on Android

You can see the Whatsapp messages deleted by the sender via Google Drive if you have backed up data.

Steps to Restore Deleted WhatsApp Messages from Google Drive:

  1. Make sure you have backed up data and uninstall WhatsApp. To check, Head to Settings, head to Chats, and select Chat Backup.
  2. Reinstall WhatsApp from Google Play Store.

restoring whatsapp deleted message

  1. Verify your account; WhatsApp will prompt you to restore the backup.
  2. Wait till WhatsApp retrieves all your messages, and soon you will be able to view the messages

Note: Make sure the backup is created after the sender has sent you the messages and not after the message is deleted.

Also, if you wish to view the deleted messages, you can retrieve the backup from the local files.

How to See WhatsApp Deleted Messages by Sender on iPhone

Sadly, if you happen to be an iPhone user, there are few options available when restoring and seeing deleted messages.

You cannot count on the notification bar to show you all the messages, and you are left with the option of restoring WhatsApp backup from your iCloud. Follow the outline to retrieve your WhatsApp backup from iCloud.

Steps to Retrieve WhatsApp Data from iCloud Drive:

  1. Before taking the first step, you must confirm that a backup exists.
  2. To confirm if you have an existing chat backup, navigate to WhatsApp Settings, move to Chats, and select Chat Backup. It will show you the backup you created recently.
  3. Once you confirm that you have a backup, exit WhatsApp and uninstall it.
  4. Now, head to Apple Store and reinstall WhatsApp…
  5. Log in and complete the verification process.
  6. Now, WhatsApp will automatically prompt you to restore the backup that you have created.
  7. Simply hit Retrieve / Restore, and WhatsApp will begin restoring your chats.

restore messages from icloud

Bonus: Restore Deleted WhatsApp Data on Your Android Phone

Now, you know how to see WhatsApp messages deleted by the sender. What about the ones you deleted by mistake?

Here, MobileTrans comes to help. MobileTrans helps you recover WhatsApp messages, media files, and stickers you accidentally deleted. You do not even have to back up WhatsApp before.

Besides restoring deleted WhatsApp messages, MobileTrans also lets us transfer WhatsApp chats between devices and backup WhatsApp to a computer for free. And more waiting for you to explore.


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The Closing Thoughts

Now that you have read this article, we hope you know how to see WhatsApp deleted messages by the sender on Android and iPhone.

If you also need to restore messages deleted by yourself, MobileTrans is the one to help you. And it offers more valuable features.

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