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Best 4 WhatsApp Bulk Senders for WhatsApp Business Users

Axel Nash

Written By Axel Nash |

Had you ever come across about WhatsApp bulk sender free applications striking the digital market?

The business persons and young entrepreneurs are the target users of these functionalities on the WhatsApp environment. Despite entertainment, WhatsApp appears for commercial purpose due to this latest feature of sending bulk messages at a time. In this article, you will learn the reliable WhatsApp bulk senders to enhance the business activities of the entrepreneurs.

Part 1: Can we send bulk messages from WhatsApp?

Of course, why not, you can send bulk messages on WhatsApp platform effortlessly in a precise manner. Many WhatsApp business users implement this technique to share files for business processing during difficult times with their employees. You can send bulk messages in any format like a word file, excel etc based on your needs.

The limitation of the WhatsApp bulk message sender depends on the tier you occupy. If you lie on the first tier then you can send 1K messages to your customers per day. The next tier permits 10K and the following tier allows 100K messages per day. Gradually your business WhatsApp account updates to different tier after a regular period. The tier updating process occurs automatically and it is impossible for manual changes.

Part 2: Is bulk WhatsApp legal?

Sending bulk messages on WhatsApp platform violating the terms and condition of this app is illegal.

In a recent announcement, WhatsApp has stated that misuse of automated bulk messaging feature is strictly punishable under legal terms. This restriction enforced because of the fake forwards wandering amidst the users.

There are user’s accounts who evade the machine learning strategy of this app through unauthorized bulk messages. All the activities which violate their listed terms and condition are illegal. You have to abide by those rules when you utilize the built-in functionalities of the WhatsApp.

Part 3: 4 WhatsApp bulk senders you can try

whatsapp transfer

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1. Enjay

It is high time to improve your marketing strategy using this WhatsApp bulk message sender app. This application is not an automated tool. The Enjay software utilizes the API feature of WhatsApp to send bulk messages without violating its terms and conditions.


  • • Provides a Google sheet template to import required contacts for sending bulk messages
  • • Allows you to create custom messages according to your requirement
  • • This app is compatible with Android and iOS gadgets
  • • You can send bulk messages at a single shot
  • • It is a free tool and there is no paid version


  • • Excellent training tutorial for the newbie users
  • • Appreciable customer service
  • • User-friendly interface and comfortable for the beginners


  • • It is a time-consuming procedure because you have to send the messages manually and there is no automatic technique.
  • • It permits you to send only text messages

enjay app

2. Trueline Solutions

This firm provides solutions for business and WhatsApp bulk sender app is one such solution in their list. It is an Indian company serving business beyond boundaries. A reliable organization adopts latest and trendy technology to create applications for business enhancement.


  • • It supports all multimedia formats and you can send any form of bulk messages quickly
  • • Provides Multi-Language functionality
  • • Compatible with the latest WhatsApp API
  • • You can send unlimited messages at a rapid rate in a precise way
  • • Customize the messages according to your requirement


  • • This platform comprises of built-in functionalities like sleep control, speed control and delays control to personalize the sending operation
  • • Mind-blowing customer support
  • • Reliable platform and the beginners feel comfortable on the working interface


  • • The features vary with the WhatsApp versions and while making a purchase you should verify individually to obtain the desired outcomes
  • • There is no free version. You have to pay $15 per month to enjoy its complete service without any interruptions

true line

3. Wasender

It is a sophisticated platform to download WhatsApp bulk sender tool for business enhancement. To avail for their service you must create an account and register at their official website to download the Wasender app.


  • • A pro version is available with added functionalities to fasten the message sending procedure
  • • Live chat option to clarify your queries immediately
  • • High-security systems to protect the account details without any leaks
  • • Availability of free demo version to obtain the glimpse of the tool
  • • Controls to customize the messages


  • • Good customer support and service
  • • Secure gateways to implement the transaction process
  • • Provides discount and offers for the monthly subscription price


  • • The free version denies access to the incredible features of this app
  • • You should pay Rs 3000 for a yearly subscription

wasender app

4. WhatsUnsaved

This application is not associated with WhatsApp whereas it makes use of WhatsApp API feature to send bulk messages to any unsaved numbers in your contacts. It is compatible with all the devices and available for free download at Google store.


  • • Permits you to create a WhatsApp chat link to connect with the customers
  • • You can save the messages for future reference at this platform
  • • Serves as an effective WhatsApp marketing tool
  • • Ability to extract numbers from text files
  • • Send bulk messages at a single strike effortlessly


  • • Simple user-friendly interface
  • • The controls at this environment are easily accessible
  • • Best customer support
  • • Online tutorials to guide the beginners


  • • Issues while sending messages worldwide
  • • Sometimes the app becomes idle for no reason

whats unsaved


Therefore, you had an informative discussion on WhatsApp bulk message sender apps. These applications enhance your business processing and assist you to reach for the target customers easily. Connect with the above-discussed tools to know more about its update features. It is the perfect time to boost up your profit sales amidst a competitive market by adopting unique innovative technology.

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