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How to do a Video Call on WhatsApp?

Axel Nash

Written By Axel Nash |

Thanks to online messaging apps like WhatsApp, we are able to communicate with our families, loved ones and colleagues in this COVID-hit world.

WhatsApp is one of the leading platforms that lets you send text messages over a chat, audio recordings, video files, documents, GIFs, emojis and you can even make audio and video calls to your loved ones.

That being said, you don’t have to pay a penny for making audio or video calls. The only thing you need to take care is - have a stable internet connection. Also, you need to ensure that your Internet connection has optimum speed to support your calls. This simple guide will help you understand how to make a call on WhatsApp.

Part 1: How are Calls on WhatsApp different from Cellular network calls?

Before you know about how to make a call on WhatsApp, you should know that the VoIP calls that WhatsApp provides are slightly different from the network calls that you make through your cellular number. Yes, you are talking to people in both the cases but the benefits differ.


The WhatsApp calls do not require any network connection. You can make a WhatsApp call from a mobile even if you have zero talktime balance on your SIMs. The only requirement is that you are supposed to have the SIM that is associated with your WhatsApp registration number in your phone.

The WhatsApp calls utilize your internet connection to help you establish dialogue with another person. You can make WhatsApp calls to anyone in the world and no extra penny will be charged. However, on a network call, you will be charged for making international calls. And the cost depends on the place you are making the call to.

While WhatsApp calls are free, you cannot say that you are not paying for those services indirectly. People pay for their WiFi connections and mobile data plans. If you are making a call on WhatsApp, that is absolutely fine. But if there is no WiFi connectivity, WhatsApp uses your mobile data and that can be taxing. You will be paying more in this case.

Also, WhatsApp calls are not that reliable when you compare them to network calls. This is because they strongly rely on internet connection and if something happens, this can disconnect your call. For instance, if you have a power cut and do not have a Power Generator at your place, the WiFi disconnects and so will your call.

Sometimes, poor internet speed can create connectivity issues too. If someone else is watching a movie on your WiFi and you are on a WhatsApp call, the internet split can create disturbances in your call.

Part 2: How to make Video calls on Android and iPhone?

For both Android and iPhone users, the process to initiate a Video call is the same. There are other conferencing apps like Zoom, Google Meets and Microsoft Teams that people use to connect with business clients. Now, online classes are also being conducted to support children’s education. However, WhatsApp video calls are not similar to these other apps. You can call them the conferencing apps while WhatsApp is much more relaxed and casual. This is how you can start a video call with anyone you want -

Step 1: Open WhatsApp and select the chat option from the bottom (iphone) or directly go to the chat of the person (Android) with whom you want to start the video call.


Step 2: Click on the name of the person and open their personal chat.


Step 3: WhatsApp will display a video-cam symbol right next to their name on the top, clicking on it will initiate the video call.


This is how it works on Android devices too. When you are on the call, you will find a plus sign on top of the page, if you click on it, you will be able to add more people to the video call.

The person who started the video call is the one who will be able to add more people if they wish to.

Part 3: How to make Group calls on Android and iPhone?

If you want to start group conversations on WhatsApp, you need to make the call from the group chat. If you don’t have a group already, make a WhatsApp group with all those people that you intend to have on the video call. This shouldn’t take a lot of time if you already have the contacts of these people.

But if you have no patience to collect all their contacts and make a WhatsApp group, then there is an alternate method too. We have discussed that below.

But remember, WhatsApp only lets 8 people communicate on a video call. You cannot add more than 8 people.

Step 1: If you want to make a video call from the existing group, click on that specific group.


Step 2: You will find the call icon on top of the page, next to the group name.


Step 3: Then once you click on it, WhatsApp will display all the names of the contacts and you can choose the ones that you want on the call.


This is how you do it when you have an existing group on the messaging app.

However, if you don’t have a group, you can initiate the call from the ‘Calls’ tab. You don’t need to make a group for this. You need to have their contacts on your phone though and they all must be WhatsApp users. Go to the Calls tab > New Call (There is an icon for it) > New Group Call > Select contacts like we explained previously and start the call. It’s as simple as that.


Part 4: How to make audio Calls on WhatsApp?

You can make simple audio calls on WhatsApp too. They are convenient, cost-free, you can talk to anyone internationally and all you’ll need is a stable internet connection. These are as clear as any cellular. Here’s how you should proceed -

Step 1: Open the chat of the person who you want to talk to. On the top of the page, you will find a telephone icon on the right corner.


Step 2: Once you click on that audio telephone icon, the call will be automatically connected to the person.


Part 5: Can you make video Calls on WhatsApp web?

If you are wondering how to do video call on WhatsApp web or if that's even possible, this section is going to give you the answers. When you open WhatsApp web on your web browser, you won’t find the video call or audio call options anywhere. Normally, people would think that those features are not available on the desktop/web version. But after thorough research, it is clear that WhatsApp offers ways to make video calls though not directly.

It is completely possible to make video calls on WhatsApp web. Even if you’ve used the WhatsApp Desktop version to download the executive file, this method works there too. You will need Facebook Messenger to do it. This is the procedure you should follow -

Step 1: Open WhatsApp web on your browser and scan the QR code to connect your phone and open your account on the desktop or PC. If you have the phone connected already, you can proceed from there.


Step 2: You will find a vertical three dot icon on top of the page, above the names of all your conversations. Click on that and choose ‘Create a Room’. It is the second option, right below the ‘New Room’ option.


Step 3: A prompt will appear asking you if you permit the app to shift to Facebook Messenger. Allow it and proceed. You need to have a Facebook account for this. Also, the persons who want to be a part of this video call should have their own Facebook accounts too..


Step 4: Now, you can create a facebook room and add people to it. You will have the video call link that you can share with anyone who is on your WhatsApp contacts list.


This is a little more complicated than what you’d do on an Android or iPhone device. But it's still much easier and better than going ahead with your cellular network. If you don’t have a Facebook account, you will have to make that first.

Part 6: WhatsApp safety and securing data - Tips and Tricks

WhatsApp and Controversies have been on the same boat ever since the new privacy policy was announced. WhatsApp did go overboard by asking people permission to look at their IP address, ISP, Mobile network and model, their location, access to their profile pictures and status updates. Knowing that WhatsApp generates its revenue through advertisements, it becomes really tough to believe that they won’t utilize user data for monetary gains.

Also, if you think some other social media messaging apps like Telegram or Signal are better than WhatsApp, you can always make the shift for it. Coming to your data, it is possible to keep it safe and backed up even if you are planning to delete your WhatsApp account.

However, if you’ve backed it up on your Google Drive and think that they will still be there after deleting WhatsApp as well, then No, they won’t. The third-party applications in the market will make this process a breeze even though WhatsApp is not enthusiastic about offering data transfer tools.

MobileTrans is one of the most preferred tools, economical and easily accessible. This is how you use it to initiate data transfer and secure your WhatsApp data on your desktop/ PC or Mac device.


Step 1: You need to download the MobileTrans original application. Kindly, do not download executive files from anywhere except the official website that you can access with a single google search.

Step 2 : Once you launch the application on the phone, you will see several options on your screen. The first option is "WhatsApp transfer". Go for that.


Step 3: Now you need to connect your device and choose all those files that you want to transfer. We are going for the complete WhatsApp flush out, so choose all the files and proceed.

transfer messages whatsapp android to ios

Step 4: You need to have some patience and wait for the transfer to happen. Do not interrupt the process and once the completion page appears, disconnect the phone.

This is one of the easiest ways to back up your data on your desktop. The files are going to remain the same - be it audio or video files. There will not be any change in their original Format or their file size. You can access the chats as PDFs and read or share them whenever you want to. This desktop backup will also help you create that much needed space on your phone.


Now that you know how to make a call on WhatsApp, you can easily stay connected with all your loved ones. You can also conduct business meetings and conversations on WhatsApp. There are several apps out there to help you maintain online conversations and WhatsApp brings all the features under one roof. Along with this, we’ve also told you how to keep your data safe on the app. While you stay indoors, this is your best shot to stay connected with the rest of the world.

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