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How to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Contacts?

Axel Nash

Written By Axel Nash |

"Can I recover WhatsApp deleted contacts straightforwardly?"

Why not? At present, many people have come across or have raised this question as it is WhatsApp in which most of the contacts makeover a meaningful text conversation or communication. It could be for business or individual personal use; WhatsApp is one of the unbeatable social media networks that connect people worldwide.

With features like status, audio & video call, broadcast, and a lot more, WhatsApp Business is gaining popularity. While they are just a few reasons among surplus, the main problem arises when you accidentally delete a WhatsApp contact or critical messages. Yes, but how do you get it back? Maybe the developer team would have thought of this before and have framed quite a few possible backup processes to get rid of the helpless situation. Wondering what they are? To make your task easy, we have piled up some ways to recover WhatsApp deleted contacts. Take a sneak peek through our today's article to find a reliable way out.

Part 1. Retrieve deleted Android WhatsApp contacts

In the first session, let’s look at the methods or tips to retrieve WhatsApp deleted contacts from Android devices.

Tip 1: Restore WhatsApp contacts from the Gmail address book

Our first mode of deleted contacts recovery is by the method of Google Contact synchronization. Yes, if you have synced the Google contacts on Android, accessing the account settings and restoring the address book to the previous state is possible. To ensure whether you have Google Contacts synchronized, execute "Settings > Account > Google > Google Address." On the list, check if the "Contact" option is swiped right or not. If not, make it active else you are all set to recover the deleted contacts with the below steps:

Connect to the Google Contacts service, from where you can manage all the contacts on the Gmail address book.

With the necessary login details, enter into the Gmail account.

Now, execute “More > Cancel Changes.” 

From the box or window displayed, pick the data you wish to return on the address book to get the WhatsApp deleted contacts back.

restore deleted contacts from gmail address book

Tip 2: Retrieve WhatsApp Chats & contacts from Google Drive old backup

Google Drive is one such backup tool that WhatsApp has offered for Android users. Yes, you can safely back up a copy of important chat history by default to the Google drive that can be retrieved when required. First, all you have to do is make a periodic backup or automatic time intervals. To get back the lost WhatsApp messages from Google Drive old backup, follow the below steps:

1. On your Android smartphone, uninstall WhatsApp and reinstall it.

2. Proceed with the on-screen installation process, and enter the mobile number with which the backup was made or used previously.

3. You will be prompted to restore WhatsApp from the previous backup file on Google Drive whereby clicking the “Restore” option, you can retrieve the deleted WhatsApp messages.

retrieve whatsapp messages from gdrive

By doing so, you can get back the WhatsApp chats from particular WhatsApp deleted contacts.

Tip 3: Recover your WhatsApp Messages with MobileTrans – WhatsApp transfer

If the above Google Drive backup method doesn't apply in your case of retrieving WhatsApp messages or chats, then we have a suitable solution, MobileTrans – WhatsApp transfer.

MobileTrans - WhatsApp Messages Recovering Tool

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Introduced from Wondershare, a dedicated platform for the WhatsApp-related data recovery process is MobileTrans – WhatsApp transfer, a one-step solution to transfer, backup, and restore WhatsApp data to iOS or Android devices. Apart from messages, you can share photos, videos, and attachments stored on your computer for further use or exported in the form of HTML/PDF. Facilitating apps like Kik, WeChat, Viber, and LINE, take control over your data with MobileTrans – WhatsApp transfer today!

To know how MobileTrans – WhatsApp transfer works in recovering your WhatsApp messages, take a look at the manual below:

Step 1: Hit WhatsApp transfer

Once you have downloaded and installed MobileTrans – WhatsApp transfer on your computer, open it, and hit the “Backup&Restore” option.

click whatsapp transfer

Log in to WhatsApp on your Android device and go to Settings > Chats > Chats Backup.

backup or restore

Step 2: Allow to install WhatsApp via USB on your phone.

select and view the backup

Allow the installed WhatsApp to access your photos, media, and files.

choose the conversation type

Step 3: Login and Restore WhatsApp

Log in to your WhatsApp account and restore the backup files on your phone. And then click the Next button.

pick the message to be recovered

Now, you will find the deleted WhatsApp messages.

pick the message to be recovered

Part 2: Retrieve deleted iPhone WhatsApp contacts

Not for just Android, but you can recover WhatsApp deleted contacts from iPhone as well, and here are the possible ways.

Tip 1: Restore WhatsApp contacts from the Gmail address book

If you prefer Gmail mode of backup despite iCloud on iPhone, you can sync Google with your "Melaphone" address book. To restore WhatsApp deleted contacts with the Gmail address book on iPhone, follow the steps previously discussed in the Android version except to connect to Google Contacts and enable the "Undo Changes" option.   

Tip 2: Retrieve WhatsApp Chats & contacts from old backup on iTunes/iCloud

Did you back your iPhone data to your computer via iTunes or iCloud? Then, you can use the methodology of resetting the "Melafonio," returning to the backup status and restoring the WhatsApp contacts saved at the time of backup. Although it is a problematic retrieval mode of WhatsApp deleted contacts, it is a feasible technique. 

retrieve from icloud or itunes


So, this was our entire discussion on how to recover WhatsApp deleted contacts or chat. Although the in-built ways like Gmail address book, Google Drive, iCloud, and iTunes are free and helpful at times, when it comes to the need of an ultimate WhatsApp recovery tool, MobileTrans – WhatsApp Transfer is all you need!

MobileTrans - WhatsApp Messages Recovering Tool

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