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How to recover deleted WhatsApp audio?

Axel Nash

Written By Axel Nash |

WhatsApp has a couple of features to enhance the exchange of messages, media, and files. The improvements in the WhatsApp app functionalities and the friendly user interface explain the large user base currently using it for personal and commercial purposes. People have found this social messaging app an appropriate medium for conveniently exchanging messages, voice notes, videos, and audio files. More importantly, end-to-end encryption gives the confidence to send anything confidential without worrying about data safety. As such, people and commercial organizations trust the system.

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While WhatsApp can be helpful on various occasions, some situations can lead to data loss. People can lose their phones or delete WhatsApp data unexpectedly. If you had critical audio files, you would be unfortunate and worried about the following action to take. Sometimes, WhatsApp users disregard backing up their data, especially when transferring phones. Thanks to WhatsApp, the app comes with an inbuilt backup feature that is seemingly helpful in unfortunate situation that causes data loss.

For whatever reason you seem to have for losing your WhatsApp data, you can always use different approaches to retrieve from other sources depending on your WhatsApp settings. Here are the most appropriate methods to recover deleted WhatsApp audio for both android and iPhone WhatsApp users.

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Method 1: Restore Deleted WhatsApp Audio from the Local Backup

The inbuilt backup feature that comes with the WhatsApp application is a relief to individuals who forget to save a copy of their data to Google Drive or other options like exporting to a computer. You need to beware that WhatsApp makes local copies of the data, including messages and audio files, into your phone’s memory daily. If you delete WhatsApp audio or the application gets corrupted, you can retrieve it from the internal memory or SD card, depending on where the data is saved.

If you care about the confidential audio you send to various contacts, you can create a recent local backup in advance to ensure you don’t lose anything should you lose WhatsApp content at any time. To achieve that, you need to follow the following simple steps.

  • Open the WhatsApp application on your phone and go to the settings panel by tapping on the three-dotted icon on the top-right screen.
  • On the next screen, tap on chats and then the chat backup option. You will find the backup button, which instantly creates a copy of your data on the phone's memory. This way, you will be sure to rescue your WhatsApp content, including the audio files, in advance.

While you can have the WhatsApp backup right on the phone’s local storage, keep in mind that the data is usually overwritten every seven days. If you need to restore the audio files, ensure you don’t delay the process; otherwise, you will only access the most recent WhatsApp backup files, and content within the past few days. Thoughtful WhatsApp users will try to move the audio files to another folder, so they don’t have trouble retrieving lost data in an emergency.

You can access the previous local WhatsApp backup by simply following these steps:

  • Install the file manager or file explorer application on your android phone. Launch the application to access the phone memory or the SD card where your WhatsApp backup files exist. Open the appropriate storage and navigate to find the WhatsApp folder.
  • Open the database folder to view the WhatsApp backup files. If you had created a recent WhatsApp backup to the local storage, the backup file would appear without dates on the file name. If you can’t find the file without a date on it, choose the most recent backup file or one that contains the dates from before when you deleted the WhatsApp content and remove its dates.

For example, a WhatsApp backup file named as ‘msgstore-yyyy-mm-dd.1.db.crypt12’ can be renamed to ‘msgstore.db.crypt12’. Renaming the appropriate WhatsApp backup file will create easy accessibility during restoration.

  • Once you are done renaming, uninstall the WhatsApp application from your phone and reinstall it again from Google Play Store.
  • Open the application and follow the onscreen instructions to set up your account. Tap Agree and continue buttons to get started.
  • Enter a phone number you previously used on your WhatsApp account to verify. Use the verification code sent to the phone number as a message. Tap next to proceed to the next step.
  • Successful verification will take you to the next screen, where you will be prompted to restore the existing WhatsApp backup. WhatsApp application will automatically detect the backup file from your local storage. Tap the restore button to get all your WhatsApp data, including the audio files you lost from the previous application. The restoration process will take a short moment to complete.

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Method 2: Recover deleted Audio Files on WhatsApp from Google Drive on Android

Google Drive is cloud storage used extensively for data backup. It is also the default and reliable storage option to save WhatsApp backup files for android users. Google backup comes with a large storage capacity and can conveniently hold extensive WhatsApp chat history and media files. If you prefer backing up WhatsApp data to Google Drive, keep in mind that the content will not be encrypted as seen when saving backup to local storage. Nevertheless, Google drive provides the best solution to WhatsApp users who might have lost WhatsApp data, including audio files.

WhatsApp does not automatically create a backup to Google drive until a user initiates the process and decides on the backup frequency for WhatsApp settings. Automatic backup happens only in the case of local storage. You can follow the following steps to ensure that WhatsApp is synced with your Google account to save backup files.

  • Open the WhatsApp settings panel by taping the three-dotted icon on the top right part of the screen.
  • Choose chats options and go to chats backup. Choose the ‘backup to Google drive’ option so that a copy of your chats goes to your account instead of local storage.
  • You can choose to add a Google account from this section and enter the login credentials so that they can appear here. If your phone is already signed in to a Google account, select it to back up your chat history. If you change the Google account, you will lose any backups saved earlier in that account.
  • You will also be required to choose the backup frequency to an option other than ‘never.’ Your choice can be daily, weekly, monthly, or any custom, depending on your preference.

Once you set up a Google account for your WhatsApp backups, the application will save a copy of the chat history and videos if you choose to include them in the backup. If you lose your data in any event, you will not have problems retrieving them when you want. The following steps help restore WhatsApp data, including the deleted audio files.

  • Assuming you synced a Google drive account to WhatsApp and arranged a backup frequency, you need to uninstall the WhatsApp application from your android phone.
  • Reinstall the application on your phone. Visit the Google Play store and search for WhatsApp and download to install.
  • After successful installation, complete the setup process following the wizard provided on the screen. Simply agree and continue, then enter the phone number used in the previous account.
  • Use the 6-digit verification code sent to the entered number to verify your account. WhatsApp will automatically detect the WhatsApp backup file from Google drive when all formalities of setup are done. Prompt notification will appear requiring you to restore the backup.
  • Tap on the restore button to get your chat history, including all audio files. WhatsApp will begin fetching your WhatsApp backup from Google drive. Wait for a few seconds for the process to complete successfully.

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Method 3: Get missed audio from WhatsApp with iCloud backup on iPhone

Individuals using WhatsApp on iPhone can also restore audio files from an iCloud backup once they lose their data. For this case, Dr. Fone is the most appropriate tool to get WhatsApp audio from iCloud because it allows users to recover from the backup selectively. The following steps will help you to recover deleted WhatsApp audio from iCloud backup.

Launch the Dr. Fone software on your pc and select data recovery from the modules available.

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Choose the ‘recover from iOS data, option and then proceed to the ‘recover from iCloud backup file’ tab.

Use your iCloud ID to sign in to access the backup files. Select the deleted WhatsApp audio files from this section. You can download the selected files directly to your phone or computer.

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You can select the WhatsApp files from the pop-up window for quick processing. This way, you will reduce the time taken to scan all attachments.

Preview the audio files you need when scanning is complete and then click recover to save them directly to your iPhone or the computer.

Method 4: Retrieve deleted audio from WhatsApp with iTunes backup on iPhone

To restore your WhatsApp audio from iTunes backup, you need the Dr. Fone – Data Recovery software to achieve the task. The following steps will get the process done quickly.

Download and install the Dr. Fone software on your computer. Click on the Data recovery feature to continue.

Select the recover iOS Data option and go to the ‘recover from iTunes backup’ section.

The software will display all the backup files in iTunes. Select the WhatsApp audio files you wish to restore and click ‘start scan.’

Once the scanning process is complete, select the exact files you need and click the recover button to get them to your computer. You can also choose to restore WhatsApp audio directly to the iPhone.


Whether you are using WhatsApp on Android or iPhone, you can always recover deleted audio files if you had configured your WhatsApp settings to automatically backup. The steps involved in restoring these files vary depending on the location of the WhatsApp backup. However, following the steps described in this article will get things done conveniently. Be sure to use the correct approach and don’t underestimate backing up your WhatsApp data in advance so that you don’t end up losing important WhatsApp audio for good.

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