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5 Irresistible Reasons Why You Need to Use MDM Software

Nicola Massimo

Written By Nicola Massimo |

Many businesses are driven by mobile phones because every employee is likely to possess a mobile phone due to its accessibility. Managing day-to-day business tasks using a mobile phone is much more convenient. Although the introduction of mobility could increase the threat of data discrepancy, it will lead to the upscale of employee productivity. In such a case Mobile device management is a scalable and comprehensive inter-business mobile networking solution.

Part 1: Top 5 Reasons to Convince You to Use MDM Software

The world today is data-driven. Data is the driving force behind businesses. Sometimes the data can also be confidential, which strictly mustn’t be shared with anyone not belonging to external organizations according to company protocols. In this data-driven world, the management, transfer, and security of data are highly crucial.

Mobile Phones are easy to manage and owned by almost everyone and hence Mobile device management systems could introduce mobility and enhance productivity by still keeping corporate data secure. This calls for the need for an efficient networking system. Hence a Mobile device management system is the most optimal solution, in this case, this shall make it easy to network within the enterprise. Still, confused why your enterprise needs to establish a mobile device management system? Well, continue to read on, you'd definitely know why to use MDM software!

why to use MDM software

1.1 A MDM enhances data security and minimizes the risk of data discrepancy

As iterated previously, enterprises these days are becoming data-driven. Data security hence becomes increasingly important. Especially for companies working with clients which may possess sensitive data pertaining to the client, data security becomes further necessary. Mobility poses a huge threat to data security as the introduction of mobility makes transferring data highly simple.

For this reason, an MDM implementation is necessary. An MDM when implemented, ensures that confidential data belonging to the enterprise is retained and controlled only by trusted members of the company. An MDM helps in remote locking and wiping of data. Through remote locking and wiping of data, companies can easily keep their devices and data safe from any discrepancies.

mobile device management system

The introduction of an MDM brings in a central control system that imposes authority on the company's policies and confidential data. The MDM can block malicious websites and prevent entrepreneurial data from falling into unsafe hands. Hence, MDM is a foolproof method to prevent any malware threat and data breaches. One of the key tactics for ensuring security is containerization. Containerization mainly ensures that employee data on a mobile phone is separated from corporate data. This further uplifts the security of corporate data and ensures that they remain confidential with the company and its trusted members.

1.2 Helps in cutting down costs

A mobile phone is accessible to everyone and is likely to be owned by everyone. This hence facilitates companies to follow the BYOD(Bring your own device) policy. This means that the enterprise does not need to invest in providing a device to the employees. The provision of devices to each employee is a rather hefty investment.

As a leading entrepreneur of a corporation, wouldn't you love to cut down on unnecessary expenses? Well, that was on a lighter note. Breaching confidential data is a crime according to law. The fine could amass up to $100000 upon breach of confidential client data. Irrespective of the country you belong to, most countries have highly strict data breach policies. Paying hefty fines and being accused of a confidential client data breach is the last thing you'd want as an owner of a company.

cutting down costs

Not only are the fines a huge pain but they'll also stain your company's reputation and would hurt your company in the long run. Once the reputation of a company is stained among the business community, re-establishing the image of the company could be a huge challenge. Although the implementation of an MDM can be a fixed capital while establishing a company and may feel unnecessary, However, it's gonna cut down your company's working capital in the long run and hence is a beneficial strategy!

1.3 Increases productivity and efficiency

MDM being centrally managed does help in the reduction of resources and time invested in IT administration. MDM software is highly efficient and can update, install, remove data, alter settings, manage applications and policies from a centrally based dashboard. A mobile device management system is automated, hence it is installed in new incoming employees automatically, the settings are checked and updated on a regular basis, and can also automatically remove access from devices that are no longer in use.

Increases productivity

The MDM also has an asset management and control system which helps identify which employee possesses which device. The software also makes it easy for the IT team to install software onto employee devices, update existing applications. As a result, this decreases the time and resources spent in the IT department.

1.4 Managing business tasks through mobile phones are much convenient

The introduction of mobility will definitely give a huge boost to the productivity of the employees. Mobiles are very handy and accessible. Mobiles can be carried around anywhere by employees, on the other hand, laptops and other bigger devices are comparatively difficult to handle due to their size. Working with mobile phones provides flexibility to employees, employees can carry them around, on the train, flight, or anywhere else. Hence, employees can carry their phones around and work on the move wherever they go! Hence, MDMs would increase the company's productivity in general!

convenient MDM

1.5 MDMs reduce the pressure on the IT department

MDM as iterated earlier helps reduce the workload on the IT department of corporate companies. The IT department of a company has several responsibilities. They are responsible for ensuring data security. They need to make sure that data is passed seamlessly and securely among the company's employees. MDM software makes the data management system centralized and secure. Installing applications and updating them on employee devices become much simpler. Resultantly the resources required in the IT department are comparatively lesser!

MDM software

Part 2: Final thoughts on MDM Software Usage

2.1 DM Makes Employees' Phones More Secure – and Your Life Easier

If you put yourself in the shoes of an entrepreneur, you would realize that MDM software makes life much simpler for company owners. Its primary advantage is that it enhances data security drastically and prevents any sort of data breaches. As we've seen earlier, data leaks could lead to hefty fines and a stained reputation. MDM software has hence become a must in companies where business tasks are manageable through mobile phones, they make managing business simpler for both employees and business owners.

2.2 Things to Consider When Choosing a Mobile Device for Your Business

  • How important is data security in your company? How confidential is the data managed by your company? If your company manages sensitive client data, an MDM could be highly tactful.
  • Does your business need mobility? Would the introduction of mobility enhance the productivity of the employees? If the answer is yes, then an MDM could be an optimal solution.
  • How often would an employee from your company use a mobile phone to carry out petty business tasks? If managing business tasks from mobile phones is simple, then MDM software would be highly useful for your company.

Key Takeaways from This Episode

  • As we see, MDMs have several benefits for companies. They can be highly beneficial for companies that deal with confidential client data. They make company data secure and containerized.
  • They save up on capital in the long run and ensure that the data security is never compromised and remains in the right hands.
  • MDMs have transformed the shape of many businesses by introducing mobility to them. Mobility makes it much more convenient for employees and employers.
  • To sum up, MDM software is an amazing addition to businesses that can be run mobile phone driven. They can boost the productivity of the employees greatly! Enter the futuristic, data-driven world with a mobile device management system, a highly secure and convenient method for managing data!

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