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Data loss on your new Samsung mobile can happen for many reasons, and that can be an awful situation as you will have no access to urgent data. Thus, you need a Samsung backup software or app to keep the backup to prevent and also restore your data quickly. However, to make the backup process successful, you need to carefully select effective Samsung backup software for PC or backup apps for Samsung phones.

So, in this post, we have hand-picked these Samsung phone backup software and apps, including the advantages and disadvantages and steps to backup data in a descriptive way.

backup samsung phone

Part 1: The Best Samsung Backup Software

The best software to back up that will work amazingly and most efficiently is MobileTrans. With the powerful and rich set of features, this Samsung backup software can backup, transfer, and restore your device data as well as apps. It offers the fastest speed for backing up files and will save your data safely on your local computer instead of the cloud. 

MobileTrans - Backup Samsung Phone

Easy to Backup Samsung to PC with 1-click!

  • • Backup 18+ types of data on your device to a computer with one click.
  • • Backup WhatsApp data on your device to computer quickly.
  • • Easily restore iTunes backups to iOS and Android devices.
  • • Supports transfer 18+ data between 6000+ mobile devices.
  • • Supports transfer WhatsApp data between iOS and Android devices
  • • Support the latest iOS and Android OS.
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Let's check how to keep the backup of your essential data with this Samsung backup software for Windows 10.

Step 1: Connect your device to the computer

Run MobileTrans on your computer, choose the "Backup & Restore" mode, and hit the "Phone Backup & Restore" button.

backup samsung with mobiletrans

Step 2: Select your data types and begin backup

Please select the file types available and presented in its interface, checkmark, and choose to backup. Finally, click on the "Start" button.

backup samsung with mobiletrans 1

Step 3: Finish the backup process successfully

It would help if you had an uninterrupted and robust connection between the device and the PC. After a few minutes, your MobileTrans backup data process will be over.

backup samsung with mobiletrans 1

Part 2: Top 3 Samsung Backup Software for PC

At this stage, we will introduce you top 3 Samsung backup software for PC that will offer you the features to keep backup.

1. Samsung Smart Switch for PC

Smart Switch is good Samsung mobile backup software for PC to sync and transfer data between Samsung devices and PC. With the help of a USB cable, this free tool helps create a backup, including apps, settings, etc., of your device. The backup and restore feature of the Samsung Smart Switch makes it easy to save the content from your Samsung device to PC.

backup samsung with smart switch for pc

Steps guideline:

Step 1: Build the connection

Launch and run the Smart Switch Samsung backup software for PC. Then, set a connection with the help of a USB data cable between your old phone and the PC. 

Step 2: Choose data

Once you select 'Backup,' you will see the list of data items to keep the backup on your PC. Choose the items.

Step 3: Complete the backup process

Hit the “OK” option and let the backup complete. Then disconnect your old phone.


  • This is entirely free.
  • Extremely easy to use.
  • There is no limitation for the data size while transferring.


  • Not easy to recover the data if any glitches happen.
  • Support only Samsung devices.

2. MoboRobo

Moborobo is a data management tool to directly manage devices' data on Android and iOS devices from PC. With this Samsung backup software for PC, you can back up your Samsung device to PC and transfer apps files to another device. It can clean up the memory space and transfer the contents from the device. 

backup samsung with moborobo

Steps guideline:

Step 1: Connect your Android device first with your PC

Run Moborobo on your system. After installation set a connection via a USB cable with your PC.

Step 2: Enable USB Debugging mode

Turn on the USB debugging option on your device by clicking the "Settings"> "About phone." Hit the "Build number" option multiple times to be a developer. From the "Developer Options" and turn on USB debugging.

Step 3: Export selected data

Go through Moborobo's content options available on the interface, tick the checkbox of the content, and click on the "Export" button.


  • Provide allowance to download apps, wallpaper, and ringtones.
  • Along with Samsung, it supports several Android devices.


  • The initial setup will ask you to install drivers.
  • It supports Windows only.

Samsung Auto Backup

Samsung Auto Backup primarily keeps your Samsung device's external hard disk drive to a PC. This Samsung smartphone backup software is a freeware tool. 

This Samsung backup to PC software has two backup modes; real-time mode and scheduled mode. With its SafetyKey, you can do the encryption of the backup file.

backup samsung with samsung auto backup

Step guideline:

Step 1: Choose the Samsung external hard drive

Run Samsung Auto Backup software and confirm the option "OK" to backup. The platform will automatically choose the device's external hard drive and then hit the "Next" button.

Step 2: Set a strong password

Along with typing a password (Safety Key) on the box of password, input a Hint, and hit "Next."

Step 3: Set task log and filter

Set the "Task Log Options" and press "Next >>" to customize file filter options.

Step 4: Backup pre-scheduled data

Click the "Add" button and set the backup scheduled time. At the "Select Backup Source," select files to backup.


  • Set up the line of external hard drives.
  • Get auto backup process through pre-scheduled time.
  • Enhanced privacy and data protection.


  • It does not support Mac OS. 
  • Outdated Interface.

Part 3: Top 3 Samsung Backup App

We will talk about the top 3 Samsung backup app platforms to back up your Samsung data without Computer.

1. Google Drive

Google Drive is a fantastic option that works well as a backup app for Samsung phones. It is safe to keep your backup data in its storage and get access to your backup files anytime you wish from any device. Google account holders get 15GB of storage free for Google Drive. You can upgrade it for additional storage to keep backed up data.

backup samsung with google drive

Steps guideline:

Step 1: Go to the Google option

Go to the “Settings” app> tap the “Accounts” button> choose the “Google” option.

Step 2: Enter email id and select files

Enter your email address here and find the option for the types of data you wish to back up to your entered Google account. Tick the boxes of data..

Step 3: Sync to backup

Tap the three dots icon presented above the interface and choose "Sync now." Your selected files will get backed up. 


  • Safely store the important files.
  • Easy file sharing.
  • Allow viewing content while offline


  • Security risks due to no password protection.
  • No real-time updates without internet connection.

2. Samsung Smart Switch App

Samsung Smart Switch app to backup Samsung phone comes with the freedom to backup your device's SD card files or USB storage such as music, text messages, photos, contacts, device settings, and so on to your new Galaxy device. This software is for Samsung devices like Galaxy with Android 4.0 or higher. The app scans data with a user-friendly interface for old and new devices.

backup samsung with samrt switch app

Steps guideline:

Step 1: Go for more options

Go to the “Settings” and select the option “Cloud and accounts.” From there, press the option “Smart Switch” and tap the three dots named “More.”

Step 2: Back up the external storage

Hit the "External storage transfer" button and choose the "BACK UP" button.

Step 3: Backup the selected

Select your contents, and hit the button "BACK UP" again. Smart Switch app will backup data to SD card/USB memory.


  • Free to use
  • Easy-to-use interface.
  • No limitation on data


  • Mid-transfer glitches
  • It sometimes causes data loss.

3. Box

Box will work well and help you as a backup app for Samsung phones. It is fast-safe and straightforward to use. With file-level security controls, you can view and print more than 200 file types, such as Word, Excel, PDF, and more. Store, manage and share all your files, including photos and documents, securely with its offered 10GB of free cloud storage. It allows updating feed to enjoy recently viewed or edited files.

backup samsung with box

Steps guideline:

Step 1: Login by inserting your Gmail id

Log in with your available Gmail account and create your password. Make sure you have verified the created account with your Gmail account.

Step 2: Go for the uploading option

Click on the "Add" (+) icon shown on the below-right side, and hit the option named "Upload content."

Step 3: Select and upload content

There will be two options, "Select files to upload" and "Select a folder to upload." Choose any of them and upload your content. After a few times, your content will back up in its vault.


  • It offers 10GB of free cloud storage to back up data.
  • Real-time search and allows access to files and folders offline.
  • Allow uploading Microsoft Office files, PDFs, photos, videos, and other data.


  • May not allow password login on several devices.
  • Print option may hardly be helpful and has terrible user feedback.


Thus, we are at the end of our discussion regarding the Samsung phone backup software and apps. The above guidelines will help you complete your backup process efficiently with a satisfactory result. We will suggest a highly recommended MobileTrans as the best Samsung backup software for PC. This platform will offer you decisive steps and features so that you can enjoy a successful result and your backups stay protected. Keep taking your performance backups regularly too.

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