3 Best Ways to Backup Samsung Phones/Tablets on Computer or Cloud

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If you own a Samsung device, then you might already know how important it is to keep a regular backup of its data. Since you can end up losing your important files due to any unforeseen scenario, a backup would let you get your data back. Thankfully, there are different ways to backup Samsung phone/tablet on a computer or cloud that you can try. In this post, I have handpicked three of these best techniques to backup Samsung notes, contacts, call logs, messages, photos, and almost every other data type in a jiffy.

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Method 1: Backup Samsung Phone to your Computer with MobileTrans [The Easiest Way]

MobileTrans by Wondershare has to be the simplest solution to backup Samsung phone or tablet directly to your computer. With just a single click, you can back up the entire data of your device to your computer and can later restore it using MobileTrans – Restore.

  • • It supports the backup of 8 different types of data – contacts, audio, videos, photos (gallery), messages, calendar, call logs, and app data.
  • • You can either backup Samsung phone data entirely or select the type of data that you wish to save.
  • • The application can maintain different versions of the phone backups instead of overwriting them.
  • • Using MobileTrans – Restore, you can later extract this backup to the same or any other device.
  • • MobileTrans – Backup is available for free, is extremely easy to use, and does not need root access as well.

Here are some simple steps that you need to take to backup Samsung phone data to your computer using MobileTrans – Backup.

Step 1: Launch the application and connect your phone

Firstly, just install MobileTrans – Backup on your computer and launch it whenever you wish to backup Samsung phone to your system. Connect your Samsung device to the computer with a USB cable and select the “Backup & Restore” feature from the home screen of MobileTrans.

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Step 2: Select the data types you wish to save

MobileTrans – Backup would automatically detect the connected device and will present its snapshot as well. It will also display a list of various data types that you can include in the backup file. Simply select what you wish to save and click on the “Start” button to backup Samsung phone.

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Step 3: Complete the backup process

As MobileTrans – Backup will save your data, just wait for a while, and don’t disconnect your phone in the process. You will be notified when the backup is successfully saved, letting you safely remove your Samsung phone from the computer.

Method 2: Backup Samsung Phone to your Google Account

As you know, all Android devices are automatically connected to a Google account by default. Therefore, you can also backup Samsung notes, photos, email, calendar, and other types of data to your linked Google account. Since Google only provides 15 GB of free space to every account, make sure you have enough storage beforehand. Also, you need an active internet connection to upload all this data to your Google Drive.

Presently, you can save your photos, calendar, app data, Play Store data, contacts, calendar, etc. to your Google account. Once you are ready, you can take the following steps to backup Samsung phone via Google.

Step 1: Verify your Google account

Before you sync your phone’s data with your Google account, make sure that you have logged-in to the correct Google account. For this, just go to your phone’s Settings > Accounts > Google and verify the linked account. If it is not your account, then you can remove it from here and log-in to the correct account instead.

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Step 2: Backup Samsung phone via Google

After visiting your phone’s Google account settings, you can just tap on your account, and enabled its syncing option. You can turn on/off the feature to sync any type of data from here. Furthermore, tap on the three-dot icon from the top and select the “Sync Now” button to take an immediate backup of your device.

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Method 3: Backup Samsung Phone to your Samsung Cloud Account

Just like Google, Samsung also offers 15 GB of free storage on every account that you can use to backup Samsung phone or tablet. Though, if your file’s size is of more than 1 GB, then you can’t save it to Samsung cloud. It can sync almost all kinds of data on your phone, such as photos, videos, music, calendar, contacts, messages, documents, voice recordings, and so on.

Firstly, you need to link your device to an active Samsung phone and can later sync its data to it. You can backup Samsung notes and other data types using its cloud-based service in the following way:

Step 1: Set up your Samsung account

In case your phone is not linked to your Samsung account, then just go to its Settings > Cloud & Accounts > Accounts and choose to add a new account. From the list of the available options, choose Samsung and log-in to your Samsung account. You can also choose to create a new Samsung account from here.

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Step 2: Backup Samsung phone to Samsung cloud

Once your Samsung account is linked to your device, go to its Settings > Cloud & Accounts and select the newly added Samsung Cloud account. From here, you can just toggle on/off different kinds of data that you wish to sync. You can tap on the three-dot icon from the top and select the “Sync Now” button to take a manual backup of your Samsung phone.

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MobileTrans - Backup Google Account Samsung Account
Data Types Supported Gallery
Call logs
App data
Google Play Data
Google Fit
Google Drive
App Data
Chrome data
Phone Settings
Free Data Limit No limit 15 GB 15 GB
Cost Free Premium plans after 15 GB consumption Premium plans after 15 GB consumption
Backup Storage Computer Cloud Cloud
Restore Options Multi-platform Options Same platform Same platform
Time Consumption Extremely fast Moderate Moderate
Ease of use Extremely easy Moderate Complicated
Compatibility Every leading iOS and Android device Android devices only Samsung devices only

Now when you know three different ways to backup Samsung phones, you can easily pick a preferred method. If you wish to backup Samsung phone to a cloud-based service, then Google Drive or Samsung Cloud can be picked. Though, if you wish to quickly take a backup of your Samsung phone on your computer, then MobileTrans – Backup would be an ideal pick.

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