How to Backup Samsung Secure Folder?

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Protected by the defense-grade Samsung Knox, Samsung Secure Folder is an encrypted space on the Samsung device to store all private files like apps, images, videos that you want to keep to your eyes only. But how do you back up Secure Folder on Samsung devices?

Scroll down to find everything related to Samsung Secure Folder and hot to set it up. Furthermore, you will discover some FAQs relating to Samsung's Secure Folder backup.

backup samsung secure folder

Part 1: What is Samsung Secure Folder and How to Set up?

Samsung Folder was introduced as a part of Samsung Knox and is compatible with Samsung users using devices running on Android 7.0 Nougat or higher. The folder is protected by the defense-grade Samsung Knox security platform, ensuring that all your private data is safe and hidden. You can also add a passcode or enable a biometric lock to further safeguard the data stored on Secure Folder.

Now that you know what Samsung Secure Folder is, let’s discover how to set up the Secure Folder on your Samsung device.

Step 1. Open Settings on your Samsung device.

Samsung phone screenshot highlighting Settings menu in the notification

Step 2. Scroll down and choose Biometrics and security option.

Samsung phone screenshot highlighting Biometrics and security option in Settings

Step 3. Scroll down and under Find My Mobile options, choose Secure Folder.

Samsung phone screenshot highlighting Secure Folder option

Step 4. Sign in via your Samsung Account credentials. In case you don’t have one already, choose to create a Samsung Account.

  • After entering the credentials, click on Sign in.
  • And select Continue and Agree.

Samsung phone screenshot highlighting Agree option

Step 5. Choose the type of authentication you want to protect the Secure Folder with Pattern, Pin, or Fingerprint.

  • Click Next.

Samsung phone screenshot highlighting the option to set up lock on Secure Folder

Once you choose the type of authentication, you will have to enter the new pin, password, or biometric and confirm it.

Once you set up the password, you will see the Secure Folder on your screen.

Part 2: How to Backup Secure Folder on Samsung

A backup location comes to the rescue whenever hardware failure, apps and upgrade problems, and malware attacks can corrupt the files present on your Samsung device. Samsung backup of Secure Folder will allow you to revive the data whenever you need it.

Here’s how to backup Secure Folder on Samsung devices:

Step 1. Navigate to the Home screen and click on the Secure Folder.

  • Enter the passcode to open the Secure Folder.

Samsung phone screenshot highlighting Secure Folder on home screen

Step 2. Select the three dots at the top-right corner of the screen.

Samsung phone screenshot highlighting three dots to open Secure Folder Settings

Step 3. From the list of options, choose Settings.

Samsung phone screenshot highlighting Settings option of Secure Folder

Step 4. Choose Backup and restore from the list of options under Secure Folder Settings.

Samsung phone screenshot highlighting Backup and restore option

Step 5. You will have to sign in to your Samsung Account on the next page.

  • Click on Add Account.
  • Type in the Samsung Account credentials.
  • And click on Sign in after entering the credentials.

Samsung phone screenshot highlighting add account option

Step 6. Accept the Legal information terms and conditions by clicking on the three options.

  • Choose Next.

terms and conditions page to backup secure folder

Step 7. Once you click Next, the Backup and restore page will open up.

  • Under Backup and restore options, choose the Back up Secure Folder data option.

Backup secure folder data option

Step 8. Selecting the option will take you to the Backup and restore main page.

  • Choose the data categories that you want to backup from the Secure Folder.

Secure folder data type for backing up

You can also opt for Auto backup for Secure Folder Samsung backup if you do not want to repeat these steps again. This option will back up the Secure Folder every 24 hours.

Note: Effective from January 2021, Samsung no longer allows users to backup the Samsung Secure Folder to the cloud.
In case you have previously opted for Secure Folder backup and want to restore it, you can do that. But you can no longer backup the Secure Folder data to the Samsung cloud anymore.

Part 3: Backup Samsung Phone with MobileTrans

Even though, nowadays you can not backup your Samsung Secure Folder, you can still move them out of your Secure Folder and then backup them to computer instead online cloud to avoid bata breach. From here, you can turn to MobileTrans. It is an amazing data transfer tool for everyone, no matter you need to transfer data between phones, or between phone to computer. And it keeps your privacy to yourself.

MobileTrans - Backup Samsung

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  • • Restore Backup files from MobileTrans and iTunes to Android and iOS devices.
  • • Supports transfer 18+ data between 6000+ mobile devices.
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Let's find out how to backup Samsung phone to computer with MobileTrans:

Step 1: Launch MobileTrans on your computer, go to Backup & Restore module and choose Phone Backup & Restore to proceed.

mobiletrans backup home

Step 2: Connect your Samsung phone to computer via USB cable. Then choose the data types you'd like to backup to your computer and then click on the Start button to begin the backup process.

mobiletrans backup samsung

Step 3: Wait for the process to be completed and keep your phone connected the whole time, or you may encounter data loss or backup failed.

mobiletrans backup samsung completed

Part 4: People Also Ask

1. Does Smart Switch Backup Secure Folder?

Unfortunately, No! You cannot opt for a backup of Secure Folder via Samsung smart switch. During the transfer, you will not find an option on your PC (or other devices) on the Smart Switch interface. 

2. What happens if I uninstall Secure Folder?

Although Secure Folder uninstallation is not password protected, uninstalling or removing the program will not reveal your data.

During the Uninstallation, you will find two options: Uninstall and Backup and Uninstall.

Choosing the Uninstall will erase all the contents protected in the Secure Folder. On the other hand, Backup and Uninstall will allow you to backup the data present and then Uninstall the Secure Folder.

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