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So, you've just returned from a vacation, a concert, or a birthday celebration with your Samsung mobile device. You've accumulated many images on your device and want to transfer them to your computer but can't transfer photos from Android to PC. What is the most effective method for accomplishing this?

This article will teach you how to move data from your Samsung phone to your PC. You can employ a variety of approaches, as it turns out. They can all transmit files of all types, not only images, so you may pick the one that suits you best.

transfer photos from android to computer

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Method 1: Transfer Photos from Samsung Device to Computer via USB Cable

We started with this strategy since it's the simplest and most likely to work with any Samsung smartphone. After all, USB is used to charge all mobile devices, and every current Windows PC has at least one USB port.

Using a USB connection, here's how to transfer photos from Android to computer with a simple method given below:

  1. Connect your phone to your computer with a USB cable.
  2. Device drivers will automatically download and install on your PC the first time you do this. If your system asks for your permission, provide it.
  3. Allow access to the device data on the Samsung device when prompted.
  4. When you open File Explorer and browse to This PC, you'll notice the Samsung device listed under Devices and drives. Using File Explorer, you may now access the device's file contents, including all of its images. On most devices, photos are stored in the DCIM folder.

transfer photos from android to computer

Method 2: Transfer Photos from Samsung Device to Computer via Bluetooth

Although your Samsung smartphone is likely to support Bluetooth, this approach also necessitates the use of a Bluetooth-capable PC. Most laptops are suitable, but some desktop computers are not. It's worth the few bucks to avoid having to connect any cords if you transfer data frequently.

Pull down twice from the top of your Samsung device's screen to reveal the Quick Settings panel, then touch Bluetooth to activate it if it isn't already. When the Bluetooth dialogue box appears, touch to make your device visible. Your PC will be able to locate and connect to it due to this.

How to transfer pictures from Android phone to computer? Follow these steps:

  1. If Bluetooth isn't already enabled, go to Settings > Devices > Bluetooth & other devices and activate it.
  2. Select your device from the list of visible Bluetooth devices and click Pair. If you don't see it, go to the top and hit Add Bluetooth or other devices.
  3. Both will have a numeric passcode. Choose Yes on Windows 10 and OK on your Samsung device if they're the same.
  4. After you've connected your devices, go to Send or receive files through Bluetooth, and then Receive files.
  5. Use the My Files app on your Samsung mobile to choose all of the photographs you wish to download. Choose Bluetooth as the method and your PC as the destination when sharing them.
  6. Click Finish when the file transfer request appears on the PC.

transfer photos from android to computer

Method 3: Transfer Photos from Samsung Device to Computer via External SD Card

If your Samsung smartphone has a microSD card slot, this technique may be preferable to utilize a USB connection. While some laptops include SD or microSD card readers, most machines do not. Follow the below steps to transfer switch pictures to phone.

  1. Insert the external card into your device, then transfer all your images to the card using an Android file explorer program. Remove the card, insert it into the adapter, and appear as an external device under This PC on your PC.
  2. Then, following the USB steps above, you may copy photos from it.

transfer photos from android to computer

Method 4: Transfer Photos from Samsung Device to Computer via Samsung Cloud Drive

Samsung offers a built-in cloud storage service that works similarly to Google Drive. If you recently purchased a new Samsung device, you probably already have a basic Samsung Cloud Drive membership. The free Galaxy Cloud Drive tier provides 15GB of cloud storage for syncing images and other data to your PC. If this isn't enough, you may pay $1 per month for 50GB or $3 per month for 200GB.

How to transfer photos from phone to computer? The Samsung Cloud Drive comes pre-installed on your device if it appears on the Samsung Cloud compatibility list (provided you haven't erased the original installation and replaced it with a custom ROM). Here's how to put it to use:

  1. Navigate to the photo you wish to transmit to your computer on your Samsung mobile. Select the Share button.
  2. Select Samsung Cloud Drive from the list of applications.
  3. If you like, make a particular folder for your files or photographs, then click Done.
  4. You must establish an account if you have never used Samsung Cloud Drive before.
  5. Go to the Samsung Cloud login page on your computer now. You'll find your file ready for you if you enter your Samsung Cloud Drive credentials.

transfer photos from android to computer

Method 5: Transfer Photos from Samsung Device to Computer via Samsung Flow

Samsung Flow, formerly known as Samsung SideSync, uses your local Wi-Fi connection to connect your Samsung smartphone to your PC. You can wirelessly transfer images (and other data) from your Samsung smartphone to your PC once you've established a connection.

Even better, you can operate your Samsung gadget from your computer. Samsung Flow mirrors your Samsung device's screen on your PC. You can then use your phone to launch applications, swipe through images, check messages, and do everything else you'd do on the phone. Probably, it is the best way to know how to download pictures from Samsung phone to computer.

  1. Ensure that the Samsung Flow app is installed on your phone and computer. Then, on your Samsung mobile, open Samsung Flow.
  2. In the Samsung Flow app on your PC, choose your Samsung smartphone. Confirm the passkey connection on both your Samsung device and your PC. Samsung Flow is now linked after confirmation.
  3. Select Settings from the three-dot menu symbol in the top right corner of the Samsung Flow app.
  4. Using Change, specify the Downloads Folder. It is required; else, file transfers will fail.
  5. To return to the home screen, tap the Back arrow once again.
  6. Now, in the bottom-left corner, pick the Plus icon. Choose Picture from the drop-down menu, then browse the image you wish to share.

transfer photos from android to computer

Method 6: Transfer Photos from Samsung Device to Computer in 1 Click

MobileTrans - Phone Transfer is a tool that allows you to transfer photos from Android to PC, independent of the operating system version. Data from a mobile phone (photos, videos, messages, music, apps) can be transferred to a PC. To do so, connect both machines to the same computer and execute the program's instructions.

transfer videos from android to computer

Even if Wondershare MobileTrans's specialty is data transfer between phones, it isn't all it can accomplish. You may also make a complete clone of a device or make a backup of all your data, messages, and contacts and keep them on your PC.


We've looked at a few different ways to find out how to transfer pictures from Samsung phone to computer. Depending on how often you need to do this and how many photos you want to move, one of these processes will work best. Check out Wondershare MobileTrans to see what more you can do with your smartphone.

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