How to Backup Samsung Gallery to Google Photos/Drive

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Backing up and syncing your Samsung device's data will help you save your photos and videos automatically to your Google Account or Photos or Drive from any device by logging into the Gmail account. 

Various methods like Google Photos, Google Drive, and many other effective programs will help back up your images on your device. We will show how to back up the Samsung gallery to Google Photos and Google Drive. Besides, we shall also introduce you to the most efficient and best alternative of Samsung backup photos to Google Drive and Google Photos.

backup samsung gallery with google photos

Part 1: Backup Samsung Gallery to Google Photos

Google Photos helps to keep a backup of your photos or videos. But, there is one thing that you must be aware of that now Google Photos does not provide free unlimited storage space anymore.

Now, follow the steps below to keep backup Samsung gallery to Google Photos.

Step 1:Open Google Photos

Go to your Google Photos app for Samsung gallery backup to Google Photos. Login to your Google Account if not done yet.

Step 2: Turn on the backup and sync option

You need to tap on your profile photo/Initial > click on Photos settings from the top right end.

go to the photo setting

Step 3: Turn on the back up and sync option

Make the activation of the "Back up and sync" option from the setting page.

change the quality of the image

The backup task will start immediately, and soon your Samsung Gallery photo will get backed up with Google Photos.

Step 4: Start the Samsung Google Photos backup procedure

If you want to backup selected photos, tap on the three vertical dots icon to choose the images. Click the icon again to go to "Back up now" to get your selected backup Samsung photos to Google Photos.

select images and backup

Part 2: Backup Samsung Gallery to Google Drive

You must have heard about Google Drive, which you can also use as a tool to backup Samsung Gallery. However, it has a specific limitation of 15GB of available space to store content. Now, we will see the methods of keeping the backup Samsung gallery to Google Drive by directly uploading photos or syncing them. 

Method 1: Upload Samsung Photos to Google Drive

Step 1: Go to add option

Open the Google Drive app from your Samsung device.Tap the “Add”icon( plus (+) sign from the bottom right side).

tap on the add option

Step 2:Upload after selecting files

Tap on the“Upload” button. Select the Files and Photos to upload here.

upload the files

Step 3: Complete uploading

After uploading, the file will be competed uploading in a few seconds.

complete the uploading process

Method 2: Sync Samsung Gallery with Google Drive Using Google Drive for PC

Now let's follow the steps to back up the Samsung gallery to Google Drive by syncing it. 

We will take the help of Google Drive for PC/Desktop. 

Step 1: Make a connection

Connect your Samsung device to the computer via a data cable.

Step 2: Add the folder with Google Drive

Install Google Drive for the desktop, log in to your Google account. Under the My Drive tab and click "Add Folder." There you need to select that folder where you have saved your photos on your Samsung device.

add folder

Step 3: Sync with the drive

Select “Sync with Google Drive” and click“Done.”

sync the folder

Step 4: Start desktop backup of photos

Click "Save" to automatically start Samsung photo desktop backup to Google Drive.

save the backup

Bonus Tip: Backup Samsung Photos to PC with MobileTrans

You have learned different methods to backup photos to Google Drive, Samsung, Google Photos, etc. Finally, we will provide you with the best solution for backup Samsung photos to PC. 

The best tool to backup Samsung photos on a computer is MobileTrans. It will help you transfer, back up, and restore Samsung data to the computer. It also supports multiple file types to backup or restores any data. 

MobileTrans - Backup Samung Photos

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Follow the instructive steps:

Step 1: Connect your Samsung device to the computer

After installing and running MobileTrans on your computer, choose the "Backup & Restore" button. Then click on the "Phone Backup & Restore" option.

backup samsung photos with mobiletrans

Step 2: Select file types and begin backup

From the presented files type that MobileTrans allows to backup, select the file types, and click on the "Start" option.

backup samsung photos with mobiletrans

Step 3:Complete the backup process

Make sure you have built a successful and uninterrupted connection between your device and the computer. And your process of the backup gallery will be successful with MobileTrans.

backup samsung photos with mobiletrans completed


So, that was today's discussion regarding Samsung gallery backup to Google Photos and Google Drive with the best bonus solution called MobileTrans for the perfect result. So, keep your Samsung data safe on a computer with the best recommended and efficient software, MobileTrans, and back it up quickly and easily without losing any data.

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