How to Backup Samsung S10/S10+/S10e?

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Not having a backup of your mobile device data in this era is the last mistake anyone would ever want to make. Yes, it's just like putting all the information you've collected for years at risk.

To avoid losing your important data on your Samsung S10, it's necessary you backup its data frequently. Thus, to save you from unwanted hassles, we've created this straightforward guide to walk you through the simple steps to backup Samsung S10 without any compromise.

Backup Samsung S10

Part 1: Backup Samsung S10 to PC via MobileTrans [Quick & Easy]

The fastest and most convenient way to backup Samsung S10 to PC is by using the advance MobileTrans data transfer software.

MobileTrans is the best data transfer tool created by the top-leading software company - ‘Wondershare’ to enable folks at all levels to easily execute data transfer, backup, and restore operations from one device to another without any hassle. From backing up WhatsApp data, to backing up music files, videos, photos, etc, MobileTrans gives you access to robust features that you need to manage your device data like a pro.

MobileTrans - Backup Samsung S10

Backup Samsung S10 to PC Easily!

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  • • Easily restore backup files to iOS/Android devices.
  • • Supports transfer 18+ data between 6000+ mobile devices.
  • • Supports transfer WhatsApp data between iOS and Android devices
  • • Support the latest iOS and Android OS.
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Step 1. Launch the MobileTrans app on your Windows/Mac Computer, then select ‘Backup & Restore’ and click on ‘Backup’ under ‘Phone Backup & Restore.

Backup Samsung S10

Step 2.Backup Samsung S10/S10+

  • Connect your Samsung S10 device to the PC using its USB cable and tap on ‘File Transfer’ from the notification that shows up on your Samsung device.
  • Up next, select data categories you're looking to backup to your PC by ticking the checkbox next to each category. Then click on Start' to begin the backup process. 

Backup Samsung S10 with mobiletrans

Step 3. The MobileTrans software will start to backup the selected phone data to the PC. You just have to wait for it to complete the data backup and disconnect the Samsung device when the process is finalized.

Backup Samsung S10 with mobiletrans completed

Part 2: Backup Samsung S10 to Computer via Smart Switch for PC

Another effective method of backing up Samsung S10 to computer is via Smart Switch. Although it has the drawback of not working perfectly at times, it's a decent choice to backup Samsung S10 data easily.

Without wasting much time, let's take a look at the stepwise guide to backup Samsung S10 to PC using Smart Switch for PC.

Step 1: Download and install the latest version of the Smart Switch program on your Mac/Windows PC.

Step 2: Launch Smart Switch app on the PC and connect your device to the PC using the Samsung S10 USB cable.

Backup Samsung S10 with smart switch

Step 3: Select ‘Backup’ from the options displayed on your PC screen. Then, wait while your Samsung data is being backed up to your PC.

Part 3: Backup Samsung Galaxy S10 to Google Drive

Since Samsung already shut down Samsung cloud on all Samsung devices, the best way to backup your Samsung S10 data to cloud storage is by using Google cloud storage.

Google Drive is universal cloud storage that enables all users, irrespective of the mobile device they're using to store their device data to a cloud-based storage for free. All you just need is your Google account.

Follow the process below to backup Samsung Galaxy S10 to Google Drive with a few clicks.

Step 1: Open the Settings app on your Samsung device select ‘Accounts and Backup’ > Backup and Reset > Then click Backup up data to turn it ON. 

Step 2: Up next, click on ‘Backup Account’ to add your Google account.

Backup Samsung S10 with google drive

Step 3: Navigate back to the ‘Settings’ main interface and click on ‘Accounts and Backup’ once again, then choose ‘Accounts’ this time to select the Google account you added.

Step 4: Click on ‘Sync account’, then from the ‘Menu’, select ‘ Sync Now’ to begin the Samsung S10 backup process. Your data will be backed up to your Google cloud storage.

Part 4: Backup Samsung S10/S10+ to SD Card

SD memory card can also help you backup Samsung S10 data. All you just need is an SD card that can collect the total size of files that you're looking to backup. However, make sure the SD card you're looking to use is not corrupted, as it could compromise the files you want to save on it.

Step 1: Inject the SD memory card into your Samsung device. Then navigate to the Samsung File manager and check if the SD card has been detected by your device.

Step 2: From the File Manager, holding firm on a file for a few seconds till the checkboxes appear. Then, tick the checkboxes of the files you want to back up to the SD card.

Step 3: Lastly, Select move and choose ‘SD card’ to backup the files to SD card.

Part 5: Bonus: Backup Samsung S10 to Other Devices

Do you know you can now backup Samsung S10 data to another mobile device? Luckily, only the MobileTrans data transfer software can help you get the job done effortlessly.

Besides data backup and restore, MobileTrans also allows users to transfer different kinds of files from one device to another. You can transfer Whatsapp data, videos, music, contacts, etc. All you need is just a few clicks.

How To Backup S10 to Other Devices Using MobileTrans

Step 1: Launch the MobileTrans software on your PC (Mac/Windows) > Click on ‘Phone transfer’ and select ‘Phone to Phone Transfer

backup samsung s10 to other devices with mobiletrans

Step 2: Connect your Samsung S10 device to the PC using its USB, then connect the device where you want to transfer data to also using its USB. Your Samsung S10 will be indicated as Source and the other device will be Destination as shown in the image.

backup samsung s10 to other devices with mobiletrans

Step 3: Select the category files you're looking to backup to other mobile devices. Then hit the Start button to begin the process.

backup samsung s10 to other devices with mobiletrans

Step 4: Once the backup operation is finalized, eject both devices from the PC and access the backup files on the new device.

backup samsung s10 to other devices with mobiletrans completed


You can opt-in for any of the backup methods introduced on this page to backup Samsung S10. However, MobileTrans is a great option as it offers top-notch backup operation and it makes the process of backing up data on different devices seamlessly.

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