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How to Transfer Data between iPhones with MobileTrans App?

In this digital era, it's very often that case that you switch from one iPhone to another without a computer, especially when you buy a new iPhone. With MobileTrans app, you'll have an access to a compatible and flexible transfer. It can transfer contacts, messages, photos, videos, apps, etc. between iPhones swiftly and smoothly. All it takes are the following simple steps.

Let's dive into this guide, ensuring your data's safe passage to its new home.

No time for reading? Follow this video to start the data transfer with MobileTrans app:

Step 1

On your iPhones, download and install the MobileTrans app from the Apple

mobiletrans app store QR
app store
mobiletrans app google store QR
google play

Step 2

Launch the MobileTrans app on both iPhones.

select phone to phone

Step 3

Launch the MobileTrans app on both devices. Then identify which iPhone is the new and which is the old. Tap "New phone" on the target device and tap "Old phone" on the source device.

select the phone version

Step 4

You have two way to connect both iPhones.

1. You can establish a connection between devices using iCloud. Make sure both devices are signup with the same Apple ID. Additionally, enable iCloud settings for syncing on both devices.

scan qr code

2. You can also choose the QR code method for a easier process. Launch the MobileTrans app on both iPhones. Then scan the QR code on your old iPhone (MobileTrans app → Phone to Phone → Old Phone) with your new Phone.

scan qr code

Step 5

Choose the specific data you want to transfer from your old iPhone to the new one.

select data to transfer

Step 6

The data transfer process will start after pairing the devices. Allow a few minutes for the transfer. And you'll get a "Received successfully" notification on the new iPhone when it is completed.

data received successfully-notification


The Wondershare MobileTrans app enables easy and fast data transfer between iPhones without a computer. You can move contacts, photos, messages, and important stuff, all while keeping your info safe.

With MobileTrans, switching iPhones becomes smoother and faster, so you enjoy your new device without worry. Embrace this simple way and forget about hard data transfers.

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