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Guide: Transfer Contacts from SIM to Phone (Android & iOS)

Axel Nash

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Copying contacts from a SIM card to a phone, it’s a standard function that has been used by people for more than two decades. Though this way to backup contacts is considered a relatively secure method, it is old-fashioned and has limitations, especially there is a risk and some things could get mixed up in the transfer. Considering the fact that it's not something we do every day, we collect all the possible guides for you to refer to on transferring contacts from SIM to Samsung smartphones or iPhones.

Part 1: Transfer contacts from SIM card to iPhone

When you switch your old Samsung phone to a new iPhone, the first thing you need to ensure is that your contacts have been installed securely on the new phone. In this part, we’re going to let you know how to transfer contacts from SIM to iPhone.

Method 1: Sync and backup your contacts with MobileTrans;

Although Apple has simplified the process of storing and transferring contacts, there’s a better way. You don’t need to worry about SIM cards or iCloud, not to mention, there is a risk that it could get mixed up in the transfer when the phone system is not compatible with each other. It’s possible to use Mobile Trans to manage your contacts since it’s easy to use and flexible. 

MobileTrans - Phone Transfer

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  • Support the latest iOS and Android OS.
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To let you know its advantage in detail, let’s try MobileTrans to transfer contacts first once you’ve downloaded the software.

Step 1: Sync your iPhone with your PC.

Open the MobileTrans you have installed. Plug your iPhone into your computer. MobileTrans will detect it once you connect. Click the “Backup” button which bellows to the Backup & Restore tab.

transfer contacts from sim to iphone with MobileTrans

Step 2: Selectively backup the data you want

MobileTrans supports you to transfer different types of files, besides contacts, like photos, text messages, voicemail, videos, etc. Select the types of data you would like to backup.

backup contacts with mobiletrans

Step 3: Sit back, relax, and begin with the procedure.

Click on the Start button located on the bottom right side of the MobileTrans. Within a few minutes, your data will be backed up. Easy, isn't it?

MobileTrans backup contacts

Method 2: Back up and transfer contacts by iPhones' settings

The old-school method of backing up contacts to a SIM card using your iPhone used to be available a long time ago. According to Apple, the company wants to keep your contacts directly on your device, i.e., its cloud server. Hence, you need to find the correct option within your phone's Settings app to transfer contacts from SIM to iPhone.

Step 1: On your iPhone, tap the "Settings" button.

ios15 iphone13 pro settings contacts import sim contacts

Step 2: In the list of options, select "Contacts."

Step 3: You will import your contacts once you tap "Import Contacts."

If you have imported contacts from a SIM card different from the one you use on your iPhone, you will need to insert the SIM card that came with it from that SIM. If you want to check whether the transfer has been successful, open the Contacts app on your iPhone. The new contact list should appear there.

Part 2: Transferring contacts from an Android phone to a SIM card

Method 1: Save contacts from SIM card via Google account

The steps for backing up contacts from an iPhone to Gmail are pretty simple.

Step 1: Contacts should be synced to iCloud first. Before backing up contacts from iPhone to Gmail, you have to sync your contacts to the iCloud account first.

Step 2: You can select contacts by logging in to your Apple ID on your PC or mobile device. It would help if you pressed the "Ctrl + A" button under Windows, while on the Mac, press the "CMD + A" key to select all contacts. After logging in to your Apple ID, you can access your contacts at 

iPhone backup contacts via google accounts

Step 3: Creating vCard's from contacts.

Tap the setting icon displayed on the bottom left of your screen after selecting all of your contacts from Backup contacts iCloud. Tap the option that says "Export as vCard." If you use a PC, save your files on your hard drive. If you are using a mobile phone, save your files in your phone's memory.

Export contacts via the feature vCard

Step 4: Last but not least, import your vCard file into Gmail.

Go to your PC and open your Gmail account. If the advanced option is displayed, select the older version of Gmail. The "import contacts" option can be found at the bottom of the hangout's menu on the left. Click it once you find it. A PC file will be asked for. Select the file you want. Finally, click on the "import" button once your file has been selected. You can now like the vCard file on your computer.

import contacts

Method 2: Utilize third-party software to back up your contacts

As we mentioned above, MobileTrans can not only support transferring contacts from SIM to iPhones, but also it supports contacts transfer from SIM cards to android phones. No matter you are using Samsung S21 or going to buy its new series Samsung Galaxy S22. There will not be any problems. Let’s dive into the concrete guide now.

Step1: Get MobileTrans and install it.

MobileTrans can be downloaded and installed on your PC by downloading the right edition for your operating system. The MobileTrans tool will now display its first interface for you to see. It will then be accessible from your PC's homepage shortcut. From here, you will need to select "Phone Transfer."

transfer contacts from sim to android phone with MobileTrans

Step2: Choose the types of files to back up and begin the backup.

Afterward, MobileTrans will load all file types supported by the program. Both iPhone and Android phones can read a variety of file types. Then click "Start" to back up the selected types of files. Android phones can open the following types of files:

backup contacts from SIM card to android phone with mobiletrans

Step 3: The backup has been completed.

You will complete the backup once your phone is connected again. Restore can show backup files from the "MobileTrans backup file" under the "Restore" module.

FAQ about SIM card to phones contacts transfer

Q1: How to transfer contacts from the iPhone to a sim card without jailbreak?

A: With email, one can copy contacts from iPhone to sim card. Check this step-by-step guide on how to transfer contacts from iPhone to sim without jailbreaking it.

Q2: Can I restore iPhone contacts from backup?

Yes, you can restore your contacts by SIM card, Airdrops, or a third-party assistant, MobileTrans.

Q3: Can I recover WhatsApp deleted contacts straightforwardly?

Why not? For Android users, you can restore WhatsApp contacts from the Gmail address book or Google Drive backup. For iPhone users, old backup on iTunes/iCloud can help.

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