How to Delete iCloud Photos: Simple Methods Revealed

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Read the article and master the art of deleting iCloud photos effortlessly! Reclaim space and preserve memories with our guide on how to remove photos from iCloud.

Is your iCloud storage full of photos, leaving no room for anything else to store? Have you ever felt the need to delete all iCloud photos at once? Managing iCloud storage space can be a challenge when you want to store numerous photos, videos, and other files on your iPhone.

Don’t worry! We have got you covered.

In this guide, we have unveiled some easy ways to remove photos from iCloud without compromising the efficiency of your device. With these methods and helpful tips, you will be able to clear unwanted iCloud photos while keeping your cherished memories safe.

Let's dive in and master the art of deleting photos from iCloud.

iCloud Storage of an iPhone

Preparation: Back up Your Photos First

Even if you wish to free up your iCloud storage space, you just don’t want to permanently get rid of your amazing captures. To avoid permanently deleting important photos while managing your iCloud storage, I recommend using MobileTrans, a reliable solution for backing up your photos to your PC.

MobileTrans offers a safe and quick "Backup & Restore" feature, allowing you to securely transfer all your precious photos from your device to your computer. This way, you can have a reliable backup and awareness that your memories are safely stored and accessible even if they are removed from iCloud.

Wondershare MobileTrans Interface

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Method 1: Delete iCloud Photos via Photos App

You can conveniently delete photos from iCloud using the Photos app on your device. However, beware that performing this action will remove the photos both from your device and iCloud storage.

On iPhone or iPad

Are you an iPhone user? Here is how you can remove iCloud photos via the Photos App.

Before deleting your photos from both iCloud and iPhone/iPad, ensure that “iCloud Photos” is enabled in your mobile’s settings. By turning on iCloud Photos, any deletions made in the Photos app will be synchronized across all devices connected to the same iCloud account, ensuring consistent removal from both the local device and the iCloud storage.

iPhone settings with iCloud photos turned on

To delete iCloud photos via the Photos app on your iPhone, you just have to follow some basic steps.

Step 1: Open the Photos app and tap on "Select" at the top right corner.

Photos App in iPhone

Step 2: To delete a single photo, tap on it and press the trash icon.

Photos App in iPhone with selected photos

Step 3: To delete multiple photos, long press on each photo, and press the trash icon.

Step 4: To delete all photos, select "Select All" and then tap the trash icon.

But remember that deleting iCloud photos on Photos App will remove them from both iCloud and the local device. But you can also choose to delete photos from iCloud but not iPhone.

Permanently Deleting iCloud Photos on iPhone

Images that you delete from the Photos app are stored in the “Recently Deleted” album. These photos are recoverable for 30 days while still occupying your iCloud storage. To permanently free up space, delete them from the Recently Deleted album following the steps below:

Recently Deleted album in iPhone Photos App

Deleting a photo is different from destroying it. To permanently destroy a photo, you should also delete it from the Photo Stream album by following the steps mentioned below:

My Photo Stream Album in iPhone Photos App

On Mac

If you are a Mac user, you might be wondering how to delete iCloud photos following simple steps. Here is how you can remove iCloud Photos on Mac:

Step 1: Open the "Photos" app and tap on "Albums."

Tab of iCloud Account on Apple MacBook

Step 2: Hold down the "Command" key on your keyboard and click on the photos you want to delete.

Select Photos in iCloud Photos

Step 3: Tap “Delete” on the Top-Right corner to delete the selected photos.

Delete Photos Tab on Apple MacBook

To permanently delete those photos from iCloud on Mac, go to the Recently Deleted album and tap on “Delete All.”

Delete All option in Recently Deleted Album Interface

Method 2: Delete iCloud Photos via

You can also delete iCloud Photos via the website. This method allows you to access and manage your iCloud photos from any web browser and conveniently delete multiple photos at once.”

Here are the easy steps to delete iCloud photos via the iCloud website.”

Before we dive in, make sure that you turn off “iCloud Photos” locally from your device settings. This ensures that photos will remain in your iPhone while being removed from iCloud.”

Step 1: Go to and sign in with your Apple ID.

Sign in to iCloud Window

Step 2: Click "Photos" and select the photos you want to delete.

Step 3: Click the trash icon to complete the deletion of single or multiple photos. Tab of Selected Photos

Step 4: To delete all photos, click "Select All" and then the trash icon.

A pop-up showing Delete items on

This will delete your photos from iCloud while keeping them on your local devices. Congratulations! You have freed up a lot of iCloud space.

Method 3: Delete iCloud Photos via iCloud for Windows

If you are a Windows user and you wish to remove the clutter from your iCloud storage, read this part to know how you can delete iCloud Photos via iCloud for Windows.

Follow the steps below and remove your iCloud Photos efficiently on your PC.

Step 1: Download and install "iCloud for Windows" on your PC.

Step 2: Open "iCloud for Windows" and sign in with your Apple ID.

iCloud Photos Folder in Windows

Step 3: Click on "Photos" and then "Select Photos."

iCloud Photos Folder in Windows

Step 4: Choose the photos you want to delete and click the trash icon.

Step 5: Confirm the deletion to remove photos from your iCloud storage.

Selected iCloud Photos Window in Windows

Essential Tips: Key Points to Keep in Mind

Here are some bonus tips to help you remove iCloud photos without losing any of your important memory:

  • Before deleting photos from iCloud, back them up to your PC using MobileTrans Backup & Restore for safekeeping. MobileTrans offers a reliable solution to transfer data from one device to another. Trusted by 500,000+ users, MobileTrans can save you from a data loss disaster.

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Final Verdict

In conclusion, managing iCloud photos can be a daunting task, but with the methods revealed in this comprehensive guide, you can efficiently delete unwanted photos while safeguarding their precious memories.

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