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“Can I backup iPhone to Mac in other ways except for iTunes?”

"While you have demonstrated on ways how to backup photos on Android in the last session, are there any easy ways that I could use to make a backup of iPhone to Mac? I find it difficult at times, and as I am a business person, I need my phone to be with me always. If there is any hassle-free way to make such a backup process a cup of cake, it would be of great help to me."- Are you also the one who is facing such circumstances where you need to know how to backup iPhone to MacBook? Today's article is what all you need.

Part 1: Backup iPhone to Mac with Finder

While iTunes was the popular one that took over the duty of backing up data from iPhone devices, Apple gave goodbye to it once after the release of macOS Catalina. If you have Windows PC, you can still access iTunes for the process, but if you are running on Mac with the latest OS, iTunes can never help you from now on. We shall tell you where to find an iPhone backup on Mac. Finder is the ultimate alternative solution that makes this interfacing a simple one.

Here is the manual on how to backup iPhone to Macbook.

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to the Mac

With the aid of USB cable or USB-C cable, establish a connection between your iPhone to your MacBook, Mac Pro, iMac, or Mac computer. A Wi-Fi connection can be able to do it.

The name of your iPhone will now appear on the left column or the Finder’s sidebar. Click on the device name from the Locations.

connect iphone

If the devices aren't synced yet, you need to "Pair" the device. To do so, click on the "Pair" option from the computer and simultaneously on the "Pair" option on iPhone. With the passcode, the devices will now connect.

Step 2: Choose the Backup option

In the summary screen, information related to the iPhone device will appear. You will have two options under the “Backups” section like- Back up the essential data on your iPhone to iCloud, and Back up all of the information on your iPhone to this Mac.

The first option is suitable for the ones deemed as "more important" by Apple and backing them to the iCloud. The second option backs up all sorts of data from iPhone to Mac.

backup options of finder

Step 3: Protect your iPhone Backup

If you wish to protect or encrypt your iPhone backup, tick the “Encrypt local backup” checkbox below the backup options. Enter a password to safeguard your local backups. It is optional.

protect local backup

Step 4: Back up iPhone to Mac

You are now all set to backup iPhone to Mac. Hit on the “Back up now” button. If you encrypt the backup with a choice password, you will need the passcode to begin the backup process.

backup iphone to mac

That is how to backup iPhone to Macbook with Finder. It is hassle-free and a safe method.

Part 2: Where are iPhone backups stored on Mac?

Do you have this question in mind that where are iPhone backups stored on Mac? When you use Finder or iTunes to backup the iPhone to Mac, the files get saved in a backup folder, and it differs based on the operating system. You can copy them but cannot move it to the other folders. Actions like move, rename, and edit paves the way for running the backed up files. So, if you wish to know where to find an iPhone backup on Mac, here is the answer.

To find a list of backups from the device:

  1. Click the magnifier icon from the menu bar.
  2. Now, type else copy and paste this link, ~/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/backup/
  3. Press the “Return” button.

To find a specific backup from the Mac device:

  1. From the sidebar or the Finder, click on your device.
  2. From the general page, hit the “Manage backups” button where you can see the backups you have done on the device.

Find specific backup from the Mac

Part 3: Alternative way to backup iPhone to Mac

If you a shop-around person, you will always look for an alternative, and we know it well. Hence we have MobileTrans in the store that makes backup iPhone to Mac an easier one. MobileTrans from Wondershare is the platform that exclusively facilitates the phone transfer, backup, and restoration process. Look at the below manual to know how to backup from iPhone to Mac is done with MobileTrans.

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to Mac

Download and launch the MobileTrans application on your Mac device. Now, make a connection between iPhone and Mac using the USB cable. From the options, choose the “Backup&Restore” option.

mobiletrans feature page

Step 2: Select the files to make a backup

You will now be able to see the data saved on the iPhone from which you can click on the ones that you wish to make a backup to your Mac device. Hit the “Start” button below to start the process.

files to backup from iphone to mac

Step 3: Backup iPhone to Mac

MobileTrans will now start to backup all the data from iPhone to Mac.

backup iphone to mac with mobiletrans

Do not unplug the device until the backup gets over.

This 3-step formula of MobileTrans makes the backup process hassle-free, best to implement all the time.


The next time you are about to make an iPhone to Mac backup, make sure you give MobileTrans a try. Alongside this, I hope the other method to make a backup with Finder will be helpful as well!

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