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“How do I backup my iPhone without iTunes or iCloud?”

Just like always having a backup plan, iPhone backup is equally essential. But, the thing is doing without the support of iCloud or iTunes. In our recent research, we have also found that using iTunes or iCloud could be quite a slow process. It may even not let you execute partial backups. Hence, it’s significant to know how to back up the iPhone without iTunes. 

Part 1: Backup iPhone to Computer without iTunes

When you can do all these complicated tasks with just a tap of a button, why go through a lengthy process of using iTunes or iCloud? In our opinion, it is better to choose a somewhat relaxed and user-friendly alternative. We have come across such a reliable and highly acceptable platform called MobileTrans.

MobileTrans - Backup iPhone

Easy to Backup iPhone to PC/Mac without iTunes!

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So, let’s see how you can backup and restore iPhone without iTunes in simple steps given below.

Steps to back up the iPhone to a computer without iTunes

Step 1: Connect iPhone with computer

As expected, your first step is to connect the iPhone with the computer. Run the Backup & Restore module and choose Phone Backup & Restore after launching MobileTrans.

backup home

Step 2: Select Media to transfer and begin

After clicking on the Backup button, it will show all the supported files and media that you can back up to the computer from your iPhone. So, choose your data and tap the Start button.

backup ios 01

Step 3: Complete Backup

Just keep your iPhone connected and make sure to disconnect it only after backup is complete. Check the progress in the window and then unplug it.

You can follow all these steps to backup iPhone to Windows PC and Mac without iTunes:

Part 2: Restore iPhone backup without iTunes

You can also restore various essential files selectively from the computer or iTunes without even rescheduling the devices. It also provides a perfect solution to restore any content from an old phone to a new phone.

There are two ways to restore iPhone backup.

The first situation would be that you are using the iTunes backup. Secondly, you can do it with the help of MobileTrans. The first situation arises when you have already created a backup on iTunes and now want to restore it on the iPhone.

Given below are some easy steps to restore iPhone backup without iTunes backup via MobileTrans.

Step 1: Connect iPhone with a Computer

At the very first step, connect your iPhone with a computer and run the Backup&Restore module and choose Phone Backup & Restore.

restore home

Step 2: Go for MobileTrans Backup File

Click on the Restore button, view and select from the listed backup files to restore to your iPhone. 

restore from itunes backup to android 01

Step 3: Start Restore

It's the last step when you have to click the Start button after selecting the files to be restored.

restore from itunes backup to android 03

Similarly, you can follow these steps if you already created an iTunes backup. You have to click the iTunes backup file in Step 2.

Tips: Need to restore your iPad too? Here we provide solutions on how to restore your iPad with and without iTunes.

Part 3: Backup iPhone to a Computer without iTunes on your phone

To access this process, you must have at least iOS 5 on your iPhone. It will automatically backup the iPhone’s data after turning on the feature. Yet, the process may be cumbersome and lengthy as compared to opting for an accessible alternative of MobileTrans.

First of all, you have to turn on iCloud backup on your phone. You can follow the steps given below to do this.

    • • Connect your iPhone with the Wi-Fi network.

connect iPhone with Wi-Fi network

    • • Select Settings> iCloud> Backup.

select iCloud backup

  • • Activate the iCloud backup.
  • • Be on Wi-Fi connection and select Back Up Now.
  • • You can check it by selecting Settings> iCloud> Storage> Manage Storage. After then, you can choose the device. It will show up the list of your latest backup.

Note: However, a disadvantage of using iCloud is that it is free up to only 5GB. After that, you have to pay for its services.


So, this is wrapping up of how to backup iPhone to PC without iTunes. As we have notably appreciated the performance of MobileTrans, so it would be better if we provide valid reasons for such a decision. Well, we discussed some of them already by pinpointing the demerits of using options such as iCloud and iTunes. We also want to state that both these options are comparatively slow and may not help you in urgent scenarios as you may encounter an unexpected problem during the backup process.

Keeping in mind all such limitations, we strived to provide a better, secure, and quick solution. Also, MobileTrans is a reliable platform and trusted by millions of people across the globe. So, back up, restoring, or transferring data with such software would not let you any harm. The software is famous as it offers a one-tap solution for these kinds of users’ problems. Thus, it would help if you recognized the efficiency and always select a better option like MobileTrans.

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