How to Backup iPhone to Computer?

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Is cloud storage not enough to backup data or restore it?

Are you experiencing issues in backing up your iPhone?

Every iOS user has an option to use 5 GB of iCloud storage to backup data and store it in the cloud. But, that is too less memory that fills up quickly. As a result, users of iOS often use other methods to backup iPhones. One of the best methods is to back up the iPhone to a PC using MobileTrans.

In this article, we have explained how to back up the iPhone to a PC

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Part 1: Backup iPhone to PC via MobileTrans [Windows & Mac]

When you want to take an iPhone PC backup, it is the easiest with MobileTrans. It is a tool that helps move data from one device to another without challenges. Whether you need to create a backup of your iPhone on Windows or Mac or move this backup to a new iPhone, you can do it with MobileTrans easily.

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Let's explore simple steps of MobileTrans to backup the iPhone to a computer:

Step 1: Connect iPhone to Computer

Start by downloading and installing MobileTrans on your computer. After this, open the app and connect your iPhone to your computer.

On the MobileTrans home page, select Backup & Restore and go to the Phone Backup & Restore module. Under this, you can find Backup.

mobiletrans home

Step 2: Select Files for Backup

Now, you can find your iPhone on one end and your computer on another. In the middle, you have options for data files that can be moved to the computer. Select data files that you need to back up on the computer.

choose backuo module

Step 3: Backup Data

Lastly, click on Start and allow data to back up on your computer.

backup completed

When you need this data, you can easily use the MobileTrans file to Restore your data to your iPhone.

You need to connect your iPhone to your computer and visit MobileTrans. On the app, select Restore in place of Backup. You can see all the backup files following this. You can select the backup your wish to restore to your iPhone.

Using MobileTrans, it is also possible to restore data stored on iTunes. So, if you have taken iTunes backup but you don't want to use iTunes for restoration, MobileTrans can help you.

Download MobileTrans now to backup your iPhone to Windows 10 or Mac.

Part 2: Backup iPhone to Computer via iTunes

How to backup the iPhone to a Windows computer?

You can directly take a backup of your iPhone on your Windows computer using iTunes. Here are the steps for the same:

  • Step1: On your PC, download iTunes and sign in with your Apple ID.
  • Step2: Connect your iPhone to the computer. iTunes will display your iPhone, click on it.

backup iphone with itunes

  • Step3: You need to Trust your computer for this. Without allowing this, your iPhone may not Trust the computer, which will hamper the connection. If you have to connect your iPhone to a computer before, this option won't appear.
  • Step4: Visit Summary, and Backup For health data, Encrypt Local Backup. You should remember to create a strong password if you have confidential data in this backup. Avoid writing down the password or sharing it with anyone.
  • Step5: Back up Now and wait for the backup to complete. It may take some time depending on the amount of storage filled on your iPhone. For the entire process, remember to keep your iPhone connected to the computer.

backup iphone itunes 2

Once you have created an iTunes backup, you can see the backup file with the exact time and date it was created. However, in this case, you don't have an option to check the details of the backup file. Apple usually reformats the file, so it is not accessible.

Part 3: Backup iPhone to Computer Mac using Finder

How to back up the iPhone to a Mac computer?

You can directly backup your iPhone to the computer using Finder on your Mac if it is MacOS Cataline 10.15 or later. Check how:

  • Step1: Open your Mac and connect your iPhone to it.
  • Step2: Trust the computer to allow your device to connect with Mac. When you unlock your iPhone, you will receive a prompt for the same.
  • Step3: From Finder, look for your device.

backup iphone with finder

  • Step4: When you visit the folder of your device, you can see backup options. If you want to transfer health and activity too, Encrypt local backup. You need to enter a strong password for this backup file. Ensure that you create a strong password to maintain confidentiality. Avoid sharing the password with anyone.

backup iphone with finder 3

  • Step5: Click on Back up Now and wait for the process to complete. For the entire process, avoid removing the iPhone from Mac. Allow two devices to stay connected.

backup iphone with finder 2

With this method too, you can't see the details of your backups. This is why it is not feasible to take backup on your Mac PC.


How to back up the iPhone to a computer?

You can easily backup your iPhone to the computer using the above methods. If you have iTunes, then you can take iTunes backup. Otherwise, create a backup file on your Mac. When both these methods sound hectic and challenging, try using MobileTrans. It is a no-hassle tool that helps you move data from one device to another.

So, you only need to download MobileTrans and connect your device. It will help you move data from iPhone to the computer in very few clicks. Amazing, right?

Check more about MobileTrans on our website

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