3 Ways to Backup iPhone App Data

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Hello, does anyone know how to backup iPhone App data?

Most iOS users think the only data that can be backed up on an iPhone includes contacts, messages, music, and video files. However, that's not true because you can also backup iPhone app data, though the procedure is quite different compared to backing up iPhone-related files.

That being said, the process of backing up iPhone app data is as easy as taking a walk in the park, and today, we would walk you through three different methods you can utilize to get the job done perfectly.

backup iPhone app data

Part 1: iPhone Backup App Data [Free]

Your messaging apps like Whatsapp, Business Whatsapp, Viber, Line, Kik, and WeChat take all the precious memories of your digital life. I bet you would not want to lose them!

MobileTrans is an effective free data sharing software you can rely on to backup data of such apps on your iPhone. Yes, the tool boasts top-notch features any user including non-tech savvy can employ to perform iPhone app or data backup.

Besides iPhone backup, MobileTrans also facilitates data transfer and restoration in over 6000 types of mobile devices, and it does the job flawlessly. 

MobileTrans - Backup App Data

Backup App Data from iPhone to Computer Easily

  • • Support backup of up to 6 different App data.
  • • Backup app data to computer without compromise.
  • • Very interactive UI makes the tool easy to navigate.
  • • Backup data with 100% privacy and safety.
  • • It is free to backup both your iPhone and App data.
4,085,556 people have downloaded it
logo trustpilot 5 stars 4.5/5 Excellent

How To Use MobileTrans To Backup iPhone App Data

Step 1: Install the latest version of MobileTrans software on your PC > Start MobileTrans and connect your iPhone to the computer > Click on ‘Backup & Restore’ to proceed

  • Hit on the Backup button in the App Backup & Restore
  • Choose the App you want to backup, here we take WhatsApp as an example.


Step 2: Choose the App you want to backup, here we take WhatsApp as an example.

backup whatsapp

Step 3: On the following screen, click on the Start button to begin backup WhatsApp data to computer.

backup iphone app data

Step 4: MobileTrans will start to backup the app data - This will take only a few minutes. Afterward, you can disconnect your iPhone from the PC.

backup iphone app data with mobiletrans

Your App data from iPhone are stored on computer, you can later restore them to any phone needed, iPhone or Android. Backup your iPhone app data with MobileTrans now.

Part 2: Backup iPhone App Data using iTunes

The iTunes programme can also come in handy to help you backup iPhone app data to computer. However, this will only work if you're still using the old version of iTunes.

Apple, since upgrading iTunes to version 12.7, has removed the app management functionality of the tool. Thus, making it impossible for folks with the latest version of iTunes to backup iPhone data.

You can use the previous method or the next method to backup iPhone app data if you don't have the old version of iTunes.

Steps to Backup iPhone App Data Using iTunes

Step 1: Launch the iTunes app on your computer and connect your iPhone using a well-functioning digital cable.

Step 2: Click on the ‘iPhone’ icon at the top bar, then select ‘Apps’ from the list of options displayed on the left side of the screen.

backup iPhone app data with itunes

Step 3: Tick the checkbox next to ‘Automatically install new apps at the bottom to initiate the iPhone app data backup operation. However, if you're looking to only backup data of specific apps, click on ‘Install’ next to the app whose data you want to backup.

backup iPhone app data with itunes

Note: Backup via iTunes is quite slow and it may not be secure or smooth to use without the necessary backup.

Part 3: Backup iPhone App and App Data with iCloud

Backing up with iCloud is the easiest way for iOS users. Although the 5GB of free iCloud storage is not a lot, users can still use it to complete data backup of specific apps on their iPhone handily.

However, if you're looking to backup all your iPhone app data, then you need to upgrade your iCloud storage plan to get access to better storage space to backup more data.

See steps to backup iPhone app and app data with iCloud below;

Step 1: Open Settings app on your iPhone > Tap on your Apple ID at the top > Select iCloud.

backup iPhone app data with icloud

Step 2:  Tap ‘Manage Storage’ and locate ‘Backup’ from the options, then select the iPhone whose app data you want to backup from the options.

backup iPhone app data with icloud

Step 3: Tap Show All to view all apps on your iPhone, then tap the toggle next to the apps whose data you want to backup to iCloud.

backup iPhone app data with icloud


  • Allows users to backup data of all apps on iPhone.
  • Users can easily access app-backed-up data from another iPhone by just signing in their apple ID.
  • It facilitates a straightforward data backup process.


  • Free storage space is limited and can be quite small for users who want to backup large app data sizes.


Having a copy of the data of every app on your iPhone is very essential in case of bad scenarios like accidental deletion of data or missing phone.

The iPhone app backup methods explained on this page will give you the best backup experience. You can either use iTunes, iCloud, or the robust MobileTrans tool. It all depends on your choice. However, we highly recommend using MobileTrans because it offers a faster iPhone app data backup operation and you don't need to pay for any extra storage space to backup data.

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