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The harsh reality of all our devices is these are not forever, including laptops, computers, and phones. At some point, we experience issues, we may want to change the device, or the device stops working. In these times, it may be necessary to access iPhone photos on a PC.

However, isn’t it difficult to find the right method to view iPhone photos on a PC?

For this reason, we have discussed different methods to access iPhone photos on other devices.

Part 1: Access iPhone Photos on PC with MobileTrans

How to access iPhone photos in an easy manner?

The first, easiest, option is to use MobileTrans to open iPhone photos on Windows.

MobileTrans is a robust data transfer tool designed to help you move different data types to a computer or other devices in one click. Let’s find more features of MobileTrans:

  • When you need to move data to a computer, MobileTrans helps you transfer all types of data, like photos, WhatsApp messages, etc.
  • You can select data to transfer to the computer or another device before moving images.
  • MobileTrans is the best app to move from one phone to another without any hassle. It allows data transfer between Android, iPhone, and other devices like Mac and Windows.
  • MobileTrans is a simple, user-friendly application that offers steps when you are moving your data without glitches. You only need to read everything and follow instructions.

How can you view iPhone photos on a PC using MobileTrans?

Step 1: Connect Your Devices

You need to take your USB charging cable and connect your iPhone to your Windows computer. Select Trust this device to trust your computer on your iPhone and vice versa.

Once this is done, open MobileTrans and from the home page go to File Transfer.

Under this window, you will find a series of options. From these options, select Export to Computer.

export files to computer

Step 2: Select Images

On the following screen, you would be asked for the data you need to export to a computer. Select Photos to move photos from iPhone to PC.

select photos to access

At this point, you have the power to preview any picture from the list at your convenience.

Step 3: Export to PC

Lastly, click on Start to start export operation. Now, this will take some time depending on the data you are willing to export. You have to wait till the time and avoid breaking the connection between your iPhone to PC, as it may stop the transaction.

export successfully

Once you achieve this, you may be able to view iPhone photos on your PC without any hassle.

Part 2: View iPhone Photos on PC with iCloud

How to open iPhone photos to PC?

The second method on the list is to use iCloud to access iPhone photos on a PC. Here’s how you can achieve this, check out:

access iphone photo with icloud

When you have Mac

When you have a MacBook, then accessing iPhone photos on a PC is simple.

  1. In your Settings, enable Photos under iCloud.
  2. You need to visit the menu and toggle the Photos bar green.
  3. Now, on your MacBook, achieve the same.
  4. This will help you view photos in the Gallery of Mac too.
When you have Windows Computer

When you don’t have a MacBook, then you need to follow extra steps to view iPhone photos on PC:

  1. To access iPhone photos on Windows 10, you need to go to Settings.
  2. Under Settings, open iCloud, and Enable Gallery or Photos.
  3. This will sync images with iCloud.
  4. On Windows 10 PC, download iCloud and sign in.
  5. Now, access your images.

Part 3: View iPhone Photos on PC with Windows Photo App

The third option is to view iPhone photos on a PC using Windows Photo App. Explore the steps of the method below:

  1. Connect your iPhone to Windows 10 PC using a USB cable.
  2. Now, the Windows Photo App will open automatically.
  3. From the upper right corner, select Import.
  4. This will select all the images on your iPhone. De-select any you don’t want to export to a computer.
  5. Click start and wait.

Part 4: Access iPhone Photos on PC with File Explorer

Similar to the Windows Photo app, you can also use File Explorer to view iPhone photos on a PC.

  1. With the help of a USB cable, connect your iPhone to your computer.
  2. Now, open Windows Explorer.
  3. Go to This PC.
  4. Find your iPhone and open the folder.
  5. Go to DCIM.
  6. Select images that you need to see on your PC.
  7. Copy these images into a folder that is on your computer.

Part 5: Bonus Tips: Fix Cannot Access iPhone Photos on PC

Apart from the above tips, you can use the following methods when you are facing issues in accessing iPhone photos on a PC.

Fix 1: Restart iPhone and PC

The first, most obvious, method is to turn off your PC and turn it back on. We prefer directly restarting it to complete the upgrades and updates that may be pending.

Fix 2: Unlock Your iPhone

Sometimes, you may not see anything under the DCIM folder when your iPhone is not unlocked. So, take your iPhone and unlock it to grant access to the images on your iPhone.

Fix 3: Authorize the Computer

In iPhone, to view iPhone photos on PC, you need to authorize your computer. Trust the PC on your device as you connect the USB. This will help you move data from one device to another.

Fix 4: Retry with Different USB Cable and Port

It is possible that your USB cable is not working. Hence, if you can’t connect iPhone to a PC, you should try using another USB cable or a different port to be sure.

Fix 5: Use iPhone to PC Transfer Software – MobileTrans

Lastly, you can access iPhone photos on a PC using the MobileTrans tool. Not only does it allow viewing images on PC but also supports different types of device data transfers.

So, these were a few methods to access iPhone photos on PC. Read every method, find out the best one for your situation, and move ahead with it. MobileTrans is the best tool for transferring and viewing data on a Windows 10 computer. It is a hassle-free and user-friendly method. Download the app now!

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