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How to Transfer Contacts from Huawei to the iPhone

Axel Nash

Written By Axel Nash |

Despite being the two different operating system users, it’s not hard to transfer contacts from Huawei to the iPhone unless you know specific ways. At the very first, you need to understand your requirements. It’s essential because switching from Huawei to iPhone would consume some time and implementation of specific steps that we'll discuss in further sections. Of course, the journey would be exciting and knowledge-oriented, especially when transferring contacts instead of aggregate data is needed.

Let's dive into the process of knowing how to transfer contacts from Huawei to the iPhone in the interesting sections given below.

Part 1: Transfer contacts from Huawei to iPhone with MobileTrans – Phone Transfer

Huawei uses the Android operating system, whereas the iPhone is an iOS user. You need to know how to transfer contacts from Android OS to Apple's operating system. And, doing so is a single-click procedure in software called MobileTrans – Phone Transfer. It’s the most reliable and fastest platform to do mobile data transfer between different devices. The platform is compatible with thousands of mobile phones and supports cross-platform, i.e., Huawei to iPhone. You can generally transfer all kinds of data such as videos, photos, contacts, messages, audios, and call logs, etc. You need to select the type of data transfer and avoid compromising or losing any data on the go.

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Steps to transfer contacts from Huawei to the iPhone via MobileTrans – Phone Transfer

Step 1: Install MobileTrans – Phone Transfer

phone transfer home

The very first step is to activate MobileTrans software on Windows PC or Mac from the official website. Tap the Phone Transfer option on its home window itself.

Step 2: Connect devices.

Secondly, you need to connect both the mobile phones with the system and wait for detection to complete. It will take a few seconds to connect both the devices and their internal data. Nonetheless, it would help if you connected the devices according to Source and Destination. The application will automatically present the snapshots of the destination and source on the main screen.

Step 3: Select contacts to transfer

phone transfer android to ios 02

In the third step, check whether both the devices are at their respective positions. If not, use the Flip button and mark the location of devices correctly. The list will come out automatically from which you have to select the Contacts option and proceed. Furthermore, there’s an option called Clear data before copy if you want to clear the existing data on the destination device.

Step 4: Start Transfer

phone transfer android to ios 04

After you have selected the Contacts option, click the Start button. The process of transferring contacts from Huawei to the iPhone is almost complete here. Just wait for a few seconds to let the progress shown to 100%.

You can search for other alternatives given below, which may be super-quick compared to MobileTrans – Phone Transfer.

Part 2: Transfer contacts from Huawei to iPhone from Move to iOS

Know how to move contacts from Huawei to the iPhone via Apple’s tool Move to iOS.

Step 1: Set up iPhone

huawei to iphone 4

First of all, you are required to set up the iPhone until you get the screen called Apps & Data. Then, you need to select the Move Data from the Android tab.

Step 2: Install Move to Ios

huawei to iphone 5

After you have set up your iPhone and came to the required screen, go and install the Move to iOS app in your Huawei device. Open the app after installation. Select the Continue option on both the devices.

Step 3: Proceed with the following tasks on the Huawei phone.

huawei to iphone 6

Select Agree> Next on your Huawei phone and enter the 12-digit-code displayed on your iPhone. The code is needed to register for connecting the devices over a peer-to-peer Wi-Fi connection and further determine the type of data transfer.

Step 4: Select Contacts to transfer

huawei to iphone 7

A screen will appear from where you need to select the Contacts to transfer. Right after selection, it will start moving the data from Huawei to iPhone. Tap Continue Setting Up iPhone after the transfer process gets complete.

Part 3: Import contacts from Huawei to iPhone with Sim Card

huawei to iphone 8

Even though the iPhone doesn't save any contacts in its Sim card, it can still import contacts from Huawei in a particular manner.

  • • At the very first, you need to save every Huawei contact on the Sim card.
  • • Insert that Sim Card into the iPhone
  • • Select Settings> Contacts> Import SIM contacts on the iPhone.

Part 4: How to move contacts from Huawei to iPhone using Google account

huawei to iphone 9

Now let us get to know how to move contacts from Huawei to the iPhone using the Google Sync feature. However, please note that the option will only work if you have already synced contacts with Google Account. The reason is that some devices won't work, so it by default and you would have to set it up manually.

You can do it this way.

First of all, select Settings on Huawei mobile and go for Account> Google to activate synchronization.

In the second step, unlock the iPhone and go to Settings> Passwords and Accounts.

On older versions, it would look like Settings> Mail> Contacts> Calendar.

Lastly, enter the Gmail ID and turn on the checker in Contacts.

Part 5: How to transfer contacts from Huawei to the iPhone via VCF file?

huawei to iphone 10

Our last alternative is to transfer all the contacts manually using a VCF file export process. Make a VCF file and send it to the iPhone. Check the following points while doing so.

  • • Unlock Huawei and go to the Contacts tab.
  • • Hit the three dots or Menu button on top and go for Import/Export> Export to Storage.
  • • Make a VCF file and save it on your Huawei phone.
  • • Transfer this file on iPhone via email.
  • • Open your mail on iPhone and select ‘Add all contacts.'
  • • Follow the on-screen prompts and let the contacts transfer easily.


So, these are some five ways to transfer contacts from Huawei to iPhone. However, our first suggestion, or you can say recommendation is always MobileTrans – Phone Transfer. With the software, you need to go through straightforward steps without any manual operation. You can still decide on other ways if you have enough time and all the pre-requisites to do so. Overall, this method on how to move contacts from Huawei to iPhone is the simplest.

There could be secured as well as other reasons to transfer contacts from Huawei to the iPhone with one main goal to retain all your previous contacts on your new mobile device. Well, we appreciate your intention of doing such a task. Keeping in mind the need to transfer data between devices, we've researched a conducive application, MobileTrans – Phone Transfer. The software will not only help you transfer contacts but other data as well just within a single click.

So, be informed and use tech-savvy applications for quick tasks!

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