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“How to transfer files from Oppo to PC directly?”

“Oppo are known to take beautiful selfies and pics. Yes, I am a user of Oppo Find X2, where it offers outstanding performance with ultra-night mode and 32 MP HD to capture my memorable moments. I have come across Reno 4 SE, recently launched by Oppo that has come up with an amazing touchscreen display, with picture pixels of 2400. I am eager to see it on my hands as I have ordered them online, but I am confused about knowing how to transfer photos from Oppo to PC successfully and preserve all my memorable days. I never wish to lose all my photos if something happens to my new phone, and hence can someone suggest to me with proven ways?”

You might have experienced the above situation else might end up at some point in time. So, in advance, get to know some of the hassle-free ways to transfer photos from Oppo device to PC

Method 1: Transfer photo from Oppo to PC directly

Without the aid of any third-party application, one can directly transfer photos from an Oppo phone to a PC with just a USB cable. Here is a step-by-step manual that can be useful for better understanding!

Step 1: Connect your mobile device to the Computer

Connect your Oppo phone to the desktop using the USB cable. Tap the “Allow” option on the oppo mobile that will allow one to access the data on the device.

Step 2: Find your Device on PC

The device will get automatically detected by the desktop. Or else you can click on the folder option and find your device from the “Devices and drives.”

transfer photo oppo pc 1

Step 3: Select files to transfer

Options like “Phone Storage” and “SD Card” will appear on the screen. Tap the storage in which you have stored the photos. Open the folder and select the images that you need to transfer from Oppo to PC.

transfer photo oppo pc 2

Step 4: Copy photos to the PC

You should now make a folder on your computer to save the images. Right-click on the selected pictures, and click on the "Copy" option from the drop-down.

Click on the Paste option by right-clicking within the target folder, or a “Ctrl+P” will complete the transfer.

transfer photo oppo pc 3

With simple copy-paste action and a single USB cable, one can quickly transfer photos from Oppo to PC directly.

Method 2: Backup photo from Oppo to PC with MobileTrans – Backup

While the above method is suitable to transfer files on the small size, moving a wide range or bigger files wouldn’t be advisable or take too long a time, and the device may stop working in-between. Thus, the importance of a third-party platform like MobileTrans-Backup will make the backup of all the necessary files in minutes. Not just photos and videos, with MobileTrans, you can transfer all sorts of documents and data from any mobile device to your PC and vice-versa.

MobileTrans is a significant part of the creative team of Wondershare that has made other introductions, like Filmora9 as well to the market. The below manual could be quite useful to know how to transfer photos from Oppo to PC with MobileTrans.

Step 1: Connect the Oppo device to Computer

With a USB cable, connect the Oppo device to the Computer. Open the MobileTrans application on the Computer and tap on the “Backup&Restore” option from the welcome window, and then choose Phone Backup.

backup home

Step 2: Select the data to backup

MobileTrans will automatically detect the devices, and the source Oppo device and destination computer images will appear on the screen.

From the available data, choose the photos or other files you need to transfer from the Oppo device to the Computer.

transfer photo oppo pc 5

Once you are over with your images' selection, hit the "Start" button on the bottom of the software interface.

Step 3: MobileTrans backups your photos

MobileTrans will now start to backup your photos from Oppo to PC, and you can notice it with a screen reporting the status of backing up. Make sure that you don't disconnect the device until the process is complete.

transfer photo oppo pc 6

MobileTrans follows a 3-step quick formula to transfer files from Oppo to PC, and it is a valid technique with proven results that supports massive file backup.


Thus, now you know how to transfer files from Oppo to PC in two ways. While there are excellent options to backup or transfer files between devices, finding the best-proven method is difficult. But not now, as we have MobileTrans on hand! Yes, it is not just a genius in transferring files between devices. It backups and restore them as well. Once you get to know the whole process on hand, you can restore the backed data at ease. While the direct method isn't any less than MobileTrans, you can go with it when the file size is less. So, with an introduction to two ways to transfer photos from Oppo to PC, we finally reached the end of our today's article. Stay tuned for more such blogs on file transfers.

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