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Due to the advent of internet technology, every individual in a family owns a gadget connected with the internet platform. You would like to share your favorite tracks with your lovable family member often. The traditional methods are time consuming. The Home Sharing option assists you to make a quick share of your iTunes playlist flawlessly. There are ample ways to accomplish this task but the billion-dollar question is that which is the best method for a precise sharing of iTunes playlist with your friends and family? You will be able to reach out for a better solution to this question by surfing through the below content. Choose the comfortable method and go ahead with iTunes sharing using effortless techniques.

Part 1: How to share iTunes music via Home Sharing

What is home sharing?

What do you know about Home Sharing? Can you recall now? Your mind whispers that sharing media files between gadgets from the playlist. The word Home sharing reveals it is all about sharing files from one platform to another connected with the same Wi-Fi network and you can implement it through few clicks. If you want to share iTunes music then turn on this option to get connected with the pool of fun. To access the iTunes music from the various platform then learn how to turn on home sharing on the iPhone. You can share the media files up to 5 devices in your home. Ensure the devices are connected with your home Wi-Fi for the uninterrupted transfer process. You must see that the connected devices are up-to-date with the latest software to respond to this sharing option.

How to set up home sharing on PC?

Step 1: Before commencing the task you have to be sure that your iTunes app in your system is up-to-date. Then open your iTunes app.


Step 2: Choose ‘File’ menu and ‘Home Sharing’ from the displayed list. Then select ‘Turn On Home Sharing’ option.


Step 3: To confirm the enable option you should enter your Apple ID credentials and tap the ‘Ok’ button in the dialogue box displaying ‘Home Sharing is now on’. Now you can access the iTunes playlist on your computers sharing the same Wi-Fi network.


Part 2: How to share iTunes playlist via Apple music

You can now share an iTunes playlist using the Apple music app. Surf through the below guidelines if you want to end up with successful results

Step 1: Open the Apple Music app and surf through the playlist in that platform. Then choose the playlist you want to share with your friends.


Step 2: Nearby the playlist, you must tap the dotted lines. From the expanded list, you have to select ‘Share Playlist’ option.


Step 3: Choose the channel for sharing the desired playlist to your friends using this Apple music app. In this screen, you can find ample methods to share your favorite playlist with your lovable friends and family.


Part 3: How to share iTunes playlist via MobileTrans - Phone Transfer

The MobileTrans application from Wondershare is an impeccable program to assist smartphone users. Every individual struggles a lot during data transfer from one gadget to another. This tool provides you with a comfortable platform to carry out your desired transfer activities flawlessly. This application will assist you to make data transfer quickly despite of data size. Due to its less time consuming feature, many users opt for this method frequently.

What are the features you can expect in MobileTrans?

  • • One-click to transfer data from one phone to another
  • • Supports cross-platform transfers efficiently
  • • Backup and Restore data in social media app like WhatsApp
  • • Effective solutions to work on iPhone data
  • • Compatible with more than 6000 devices in the digital world

How to Transfer Playlist from iTunes to iPhone in 1 Click

Before commencing the transfer process with MobileTrans app you have to download the iTunes playlist in your iPhone by entering the Apple credentials. Identify your favourite playlist and store it in the Music files of your iPhone and then follow the below guidelines.

Step 1: Get the tool

You have to download the appropriate OS version of MobileTrans according to your PC requirement and install the program by following the wizard instructions

Mobile trans

Step 2: Choose Phone Transfer module

Connect your iPhone and your desired phone where you want to access the iTunes playlist and launch the tool by a double-tap on the program icon. Establish the device connected with the computer using the USB cable. In the home page of the tool, you must hit the ‘Transfer’ button from the Phone Transfer module.

phone transfer home

Step 3: Ensure the device position

Make a note on the source and destination position which carries the respective devices without any issues. Here the iPhone is the source gadget and your desired phone takes the place of the destination. If you find any controversies with the device position then tap the ‘flip’ option to make a quick interchange. Now select ‘Music’ option by tapping the checkbox and hit the ‘Start’ button. You can enable the checkbox below the destination device instructing to clear the data on the destination phone. It is optional, if the storage space at the destination device is less then check-in this option else ignore it.

phone transfer ios to ios 01

Step 4: Successful Transfer

The Music files transfer takes place immediately and you have to wait for a few minutes depending on the file size.

phone transfer ios to ios 04

Now you can disconnect the gadgets and find out the new iTunes playlist in your desired phone. Listen to your favourite tracks on any gadgets using this above technique using the MobileTrans app.

The entire process hardly takes a few minutes and you can try out similar steps with any destination gadgets working on cross platforms.


Therefore, you had an informative discussion on the sharing strategy of the iTunes playlist. You had a better idea on how to share iTunes playlist in a sophisticated way. Using the above technique you can make the iTunes playlist available to any devices easily. The transfer occurs without any data loss and thereby the MobileTrans app retains the quality factor despite the file size. The MobileTrans app is a highly recommended product from the professionals which is exclusively designed for data transfer between gadgets. It is high time to take a quick look at its fabulous features and try out the data transfer without any difficulty.

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