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Axel Nash

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Numerous enterprises are now installing MDM's or Enterprise Mobility to both corporately owned and personally owned mobile network devices to guarantee mobility and boost productivity all whilst maintaining high security for company data.

These types of tech-ware employ diverse techniques, policies and measures, each with its own variation in approach. Hence you can presume that there isn't one single cereal for your bowl; there are dozens. On the other hand, do each variant represent security in terms of the features they offer? Let's find out!

MDM Features

Part 1: Questions You Must Ask Before - Is MDM Software Secure?

Facts about MDM

  • 1. It shouldn't come as a news alert that mobile devices have now become an omnipresent feature of our day-to-day lives.
  • 2. Integrating Mobile Device Management with this structure offers to be reliable security and a convenient managerial tool for any modern organization.
  • 3. According to numerous surveys, 26% of respondents have agreed that mobile devices would replace stationary computers within a few years' time.
  • 4. Even so, leveraging portability may lead to inheriting a compromise to security if not backed by the right mobile device management software.
  • 5. Thich is why it has become much more crucial that a reliable MDM is implemented by small and medium scale businesses to help monitor, track, manage and secure these devices with high-end firewalls and effective security policies to prevent such significant risks.

Part 2: Why Features of MDM is Really Worth Learning?

MDM Features

The purpose of an MDM server is to unify consoles to make the task of monitoring variegated device types much easier. Such a system would enable you to install or remove applications, monitor activity, or even set basic device configuration for specific purposes. The only way to optimize this process is by installing a high-end MDM solution with comprehensive features.

1. Importance of Understanding the Characteristics of MDM

  • While laying emphasis on productivity enhancement, SMB's are in need of granting access to corporate data to an employee's personally owned device with enhanced security and monitoring. This can be done by successfully implementing a combination of a full-proof security policy and an effective MDM system. But, in order to ensure that your MDM provides the maximum security you need to be fully aware of what your MDM features have to offer.

Importance of MDM

2. Three Features Crucial to Every MDM System

  • Enrolment Devices
  • The enrolment feature in your Mobile Device Management tech is the means by which you register an employee into your enterprise system. Their involvement into your company's network is then under your control. This is usually a primary feature and the first step involved in any MDM.

Enrolment Devices

Pros Cons
Allows users to self-enrol under BYOD policies. Different MDMs may be specifically designed for separate enrolment measures.
Enables enterprises to enrol users via invite. Compatibility may vary depending on the software used.
Mass enrolment of devices through submission of a detailed CSV. /
  • Managing Profiles
  • One of the most essential features of a Mobile Device Management solution is the ability to grant or restrict access of employees to sensitive company data. Once an employee sends a request to access such data, the admins will be in a position to approve or disapprove it.
Pros Cons
Impose company policies while optimizing data usage. May require the use of a large number of backup servers.
Enables Company's access over Wi-Fi and any other such accounts. Requires more manual monitoring in order to grant access.
Enables grouping of devices under specific departments and locations. /
  • Wireless Asset Management
  • Managing devices today needs to be wireless if not anything else hence the name Mobile Device Management. Being able to analyse asset reports wirelessly would increase the optimization of asset management. Therefore, a business would be able to configure devices, administer updates, and make due provisions remotely through OTA distribution.

Wireless Asset Management

Pros Cons
Enterprises can deliver large information through wireless OTA distribution. It will involve large amounts of data consumption.
Updates, audits and reports can be handled remotely. Immensely strong security policies need to be in place.
Reports can be made ready anytime, automatically. /

Part 3: Questions You Must Ask Before - Is MDM Software Secure?

It is quite clear by now that in this era of the ‘Cloud' going BYOD would be the ideal way to go given its cost-effective implications. It allows enterprises, corporations and SMB's to make greater use of mobility when sharing corporate data with employees and staff. On the other hand, it also poses an issue of security. As there is an added need to make sure that the employee device does not become a leak source for essential information.

secure MDM

Therefore you need to consider the following aspects in order to ensure a fully secured MDM.

  • ❶ Unified Visibility BYOD enabled policies in organizations, more individuals would have to access any required business information distributed across a myriad of devices with varying OS; Windows and Mac. It is crucial to have a single endpoint for unified visibility over all data portals.
  • ❷ User Experience It is important not to discourage your users from welcoming the system by installing an MDM service that discloses exactly which data it collects on the user's behalf.
  • ❸ Managing Inventory Your MDM service should include a detailed inventory of all devices that are connected to the system and their limitations. This reduces the risk of anomalies that are unaccounted for.
  • ❹ Managing Security A healthy and trustworthy Mobile Device Management system is one that asses all risks to security accurately across all operating systems. It would be able to give clear insights on details such as biometrics and passcodes.
  • ❺ Administration Conserving your resources and time while managing assets is important for setting administration and enforcing policies. Cloud based solutions are the best means in that accord.

Key Takeaways from This Episode

Managing your enterprise's mobility is essential for promoting productivity while ensuring security which is spread across multiple devices.

The right solution can go a long way in enabling you to have proper control over your organization's data resources by monitoring, delegating, securing, tracking and locating all devices connected to your network.

Also, taking care of the aspects like user experience, security by MDM is a must.

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