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How to transfer data from Huawei to One plus?

Axel Nash

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Kate switched over to One Plus phones recently? She is hunting for the effective methods to data transfer Huawei to One Plus devices?

Then, this article guides you towards the best reliable methods to carry out the lossless data transfer between the gadgets within a short span. You do not have to sit for long hours to move the crucial data from your old phone to new ones. Quickly surf through the below methods and find out the right procedure to move your important data effortlessly. The OnePlus is the innovative start-up Shenzhen based firm established in the year 2013. Their first product was launched on 21st July 2020. Initially, the firm introduced an invite type purchase method to its valuable customers. The customers should send an invite regarding their purchase norms with the firm and the company response back immediately. The entire purchase must be completed within a time frame. Fasten your seat belts to take off on an informative journey about the effective methods for lossless quick data transfer between gadgets.


Part 1: Unique methods to transfer data from Huawei to One Plus phones

Choosing an effective way to carry out the task optimally is a tough challenge. This article eases your hunting process by listing out straight away the best methods for data transfer Huawei to OnePlus devices. You can grab the best one which suits your needs appropriately. Follow the comfortable method and take the guidance using the below-discussed instructions for successful data transfer.

Method 1: Transfer data from Huawei to OnePlus with MobileTrans - Phone Transfer

The MobileTrans is the best application from Wondershare to transfer data from Huawei to OnePlus gadget optimally. You can use Mobile Trans app to move the data effortlessly within a short span despite the file size. It is an efficient program which stands unique amidst the competitive market. The competing performance of this tool overruns the competitors in no time. The satisfied users across boundaries recommend Mobile Trans app confidently without any hesitations.

Special Features in Mobile Trans app

  • • Compatible with Android and iOS gadgets
  • • Transfer data between cross-platform devices effortlessly
  • • Performs well in different devices optimally
  • • Swift data transfer between the phones irrespective of the data size
  • • Simple user interface and need not possess any technical skills to handle this program

Stepwise procedure on data transfer Huawei to OnePlus phones

Step 1: Download the app

Go to the official website of MobileTrans application and download the program depending on your system OS. Choose the Windows version or the Mac one as per your needs. Then, install the tool by following the wizard and finally trigger the app by double-clicking the tool icon.

Step 2: Connect the gadgets Huawei and OnePlus at respective positions

Using the effective USB cable connect the Huawei device and OnePlus with your system. In the home screen of the Mobile Trans app, tap “Transfer’ button in the ‘Phone Transfer’ section. Ensure the connected devices are placed in the right positions. The Huawei phone must be in the ‘Source’ place and the OnePlus device at the ‘Destination’. If you find any controversy on the device positions, then hit the ‘Flip’ option at the top center of the screen to exchange the gadget places.

phone transfer home

Step 3: Select data

It is time to check in the desired data by tapping in the checkbox beside the contacts, text messages, call logs etc. You can select as many as possible based on your needs. Finally, hit the ‘Start’ button to trigger the data transfer process.


Step 4: Successful data transfer

You must wait for some time until the data transfer completes successfully. After successful completion of the procedure, you can disconnect the gadgets.


Throughout the entire data transfer process make sure both the devices are connected firmly with your system to avoid unwanted data loss.

Using the MobileTrans app you had moved the desired data from Huawei to OnePlus gadgets easily without any data loss issues. It is a reliable application and suits well for the beginners.

Method 2: Transfer data from Huawei to OnePlus with OnePlus Switch

In this method, you will be making use of OnePlus switch to transfer data from Huawei to OnePlus device. Take a quick look at its stepwise procedure

Step 1: In your old phone, go to the ‘Google Play Store’ and download the ‘OnePlus Switch’ app. Install it by giving access to various gadget features and open the app to identify this device like an old phone by selecting ‘I am an old phone’.


Step 2: In your OnePlus device, tap the OnePlus Switch app and choose ‘I am a new phone’. Then, select the type of your old phone. Here, you must choose the other type.


Step 3: Now, establish the connection between the devices by scanning the QR code of your new device by the old one. You must use your old device to scan the code of the new one. In this example, use Huawei to scan the QR code of the OnePlus device.


Wait for some time until the connection established between the gadgets. Now, it is high time to select the desired data for the transfer process. Check in the necessary data and hit ‘Begin Migration’. Finally, click the ‘Done’ button when the transfer process completes.


Thus, you must be clear about how to do a data transfer Huawei to OnePlus devices. Check it out the detailed illustrations on the transfer methods. Choose the right one you are comfortable with. Many professionals recommend MobileTrans app for its reliability and astonishing performance. Effortlessly move on any number of data between devices without any loss using MobileTrans. It is the best method and an easy way to complete the data transfer process effectively. Choose MobileTrans and connect with cross-platform gadgets swiftly to establish reliable data transfers. Connect with this article to explore optimum ways of data transfer between devices.

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