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Transfer phone data without a PC

How to Transfer Data from Oppo to Oppo

Axel Nash

Written By Axel Nash |

If you switch from an old phone to a new one, you need to know the right way to transfer your data. The transferring process can be quite a tedious and tiresome task. Using online apps that have no authenticity is always a risk to your data.

I have compiled a step-by-step guide of the 2 best methods for oppo to oppo transfer to help you with that. These two methods are the most convenient and safest methods and incredibly easy to use for people who are not tech-savvy, including a majority of us.

Another advantage that makes these methods superior is that they support almost all kinds of data, including media files, chats, and contacts. Therefore, you can rest assured that all data will be in safe hands, and you won't have to go through manual copy-pasting of data from one phone to another. I am sure we all know how tiring that can be.

Method 1: how to transfer data from oppo to oppo with MobileTrans - Phone Transfer

Just bought a new phone and worried about how to transfer all your data to the new phone? Worry not because Wondershare's yet another fantastic desktop application, MobileTrans, is at your service.

MobileTrans is one of its kind app that offers a wide range of advantages, which is why I strongly recommend this app over any other. Firstly, MobileTrans supports almost all kinds of data and is compatible with iOs, android as well as windows phones. Moreover, you can easily install the application on your pc, which will serve as the middleman in transferring your data from one phone to another.

Better yet, there is no need to purchase a license or sign up to use the app. Install and hit launch. As easy as that.

But how to transfer data from oppo to oppo? The task might seem daunting at first, but once I walk you through the steps, it'll be a cakewalk. Let us dive into the detailed guide of oppo to oppo transfer without any delay.

Step #1- Install MobileTrans on your PC and launch the application. The page displayed will have various options. In this case, we will choose a Phone Transfer.

phone transfer home

Step #2- Connect both the phones through cables into the USB ports on your PC. Wait for MobileTrans to detect your phones automatically. It will display the source phone (the old phone) on the left and the destination phone (the new phone). An option of a flip is available at the top center. This option allows you to swap the phone sources.

phone transfer android to android 01

Step #3- Here, you can custom choose the data that you want to transfer. You must tick all the contents you wish to transfer and leave the rest you don't want. After selecting the content, press Start.

phone transfer android to android 03

Step #4- In this step, all you got to do is wait. Wait for the transfer to be completed and ensure both the phones are connected to ensure rapid transfer.

Method 2: how to transfer data from oppo to oppo with Clone Phone

Another top of the list method for oppo to oppo transfer is the Clone Phone method. Over time, the oppo company has introduced advanced features into the newer version phones. Among those features is the Clone Phone. This feature is mostly built-in oppo phones, but if your phone doesn't have it, you may download it from Google store.

Clone phone enables easy transfer of all or any data that you wish to transfer. There is no need for a computer or any kind of cables to facilitate oppo to oppo transfer. Another good news is that it supports all types of oppo phones.

Besides, Clone Phone is safe, and there is no risk of losing data or privacy being breached. All your photos, videos, audio files, documents, and even texts and contacts can be cloned to the new phone in a snap. This is by far the most convenient and rapid transfer method available. In addition to this, Clone Phone has a simple interface complete with instructions making its use super-easy. But, I will still walk you through a visual guide for your ease.

Now let us see what the steps of cloning look like:

Step #1- Open Clone Phone on your old phone. You will be presented with this interface. Select This is the new phone.

transfer data from oppo to oppo 01

Step #2- Open the Clone Phone app on your new phone. Choose the android since we are importing data from the oppo phone.

transfer data from oppo to oppo 02

Step #3- You will be presented with a QR code on this new phone. Use the old phone to scar this QR code.

transfer data from oppo to oppo 03

transfer data from oppo to oppo 04

Step #4- After the QR code has been scanned, you can press Start Cloning to transfer all the data, or you can customize and choose data to wish to transfer. Enter the lock screen password if required.

transfer data from oppo to oppo 05

Data migration or data transfer, as we know it, has been made as easy as possible. I discussed the two most popular methods of oppo to oppo data transfer. I hope you will now be able to effortlessly transfer your data without any second thoughts regarding the safety and reliability of the apps being used.

Both these methods carry equal significance, and any preference to use either method is entirely up to the user. If you follow the steps correctly, you will have your new phone cloned in no time as if you magically transferred all your data.

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Axel Nash

Axel Nash

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