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Samsung S20 Not Charging? Here Are 7 Ways to Fix It

Navkiran Dhaliwal

Written By Navkiran Dhaliwal |

Samsung S20 is one of the best phones in the market with a range of features. However, sometimes, the phone may stop charging due to many reasons. For example, your cable isn’t appropriate, your adapter is faulty or third-party apps are interfering with the charging process. Regardless of the reason for Samsung S20 not charging, you may experience extreme discomfort because of the situation. To eliminate these issues, we have explained 7 top methods to fix Samsung S20 charging port problem.

samsung s20 not charging

Part 1: Fix Samsung Galaxy S20 Not Charging Through Wired Charger

If you are using a wired charger for your phone and the S20 is not charging, then you can use the following methods.

Tip Samsung users: Sometimes your Samsung phone is not charging because your fast charging is not working. We also offer you solutions to that issue. Check them out and solve this problem first.

Solution 1: Try a Different Charging Cable

try different charger

The first line of action when Samsung S20 FE is not charging is to change the cable. It is highly likely that you are using a faulty cable that is experiencing a problem. Hence, purchase or borrow of new Samsung cable to see if another cable is helping you charge your phone.

Solution 2: Check and Clean Your Charging Port

clean charging port

It is possible that your charging port is home to lint and dust. You can easily clog your charger port when putting it in your pocket because that’s where lint is found. Take a Q tip or brush to clean debris and dirt from the charging port. You may want to turn off your device first and use a source of light to see if there’s dirt in the port.

Solution 3: Try a Wireless Charger

wireless charger

If your Galaxy S20 is not charging, you can use a wireless charger. Your device can be charged on a wireless basis, so use a wireless charger for the same. Remember to remove your cover to properly charge your phone.

Solution 4: Try a Different Power Source

try different power source

Sometimes, the problem isn’t your phone and your Samsung Galaxy S20 not charging maybe because of the power source. What if the plug isn’t working? Use a different power source and see if it is working. You can also try charging via your laptop to assess the same.

Solution 5: Reboot your Samsung Phone

reboot samsung phone

The first trick that you should consider when Samsung S20 is not charging is to reboot. Press and keep holding Volume Down and Power keys together and wait for your device to restart. There may be some software-related problems that will be resolved during rebooting.

Solution 6: Check for Updates

check for updates

If your Samsung S20 is not updated, you may experience this issue. To resolve S20 not charging problem, you should open Settings, go to Software Update, and Download the newest updates. This may be followed by a reboot. See if that works!

Solution 7: Factory Reset your Galaxy S20

reset samsung phone

The last option for Samsung S20 not charging may be to reset the device. Many performance issues on your Samsung phone are resolved with this step, but you may lose your data. So, first backup your device, then visit Settings>Backup and Reset> Factory Data Reset> Reset> PIN> Delete.

Part 2: Fix Samsung Galaxy S20 Wireless Charging Not Working

Some users experience Samsung S20 not working on a wireless charging port. How can you resolve that? Here are 7 amazing tips:

Solution 1: Force Restart your Samsung Phone

Firstly, force restart your S20 not working because there may be a firmware problem that will be resolved with force restart. For this, hold the Power and Volume Down buttons on your phone. Do this till you see the Samsung logo and patiently wait for the restart to finish.

Solution 2: Use Approved Wireless Charger

approved wireless charger

Samsung S20 not working is a crucial issue, which may stop you from using your phone. To eliminate the issues, try to use approved wireless chargers. The reason behind this is the technology and reliability of the source. 

Solution 3: Remove the Phone Case

remove phone case

When you put your S20 on the charger, you should remove the case. Many times, the case hampers the charging action. If you have the original cover supported for wireless charging, then you may not face issues. Otherwise, it is best to remove the phone cover before putting it on the charger.

Solution 4: Remove Accessories

If you have connected your headphones or other devices to the phone wirelessly or through a wired connection, remove them before charging the phone. These accessories can hinder the process and lead to S20 not charging issue.

Solution 5: Enable Wireless Charging

enable wireless charge

It is possible that Samsung S20 is not charging because you haven’t enabled wireless charging. Go to Settings and then Device Care.  Here, find Battery and Charging to enable Fast Wireless Charging

Solution 6: Turn Off Fast Cable Charging

turn off fast charging

For some users, the answer to S20 wireless charging not working is to turn off fast charging. Through the above steps, go to Charging and disable Fast Charging. Now, put your phone on the charger and see if that works.

Solution 7: Factory Reset your Galaxy S20

reset samsung s20

The last option, in this case, is to factory reset your Galaxy S20. You already know the process, go to Settings> Reset> Factory Reset. Just follow the instructions on the screen and recover your device.

Part 3: Backup Samsung S20/S20+/S20 FE to Computer

If you need to factory reset your phone to resume charging operation, you may lose all your data. Ideally, there’s no way of getting back your data once you lose it to a factory reset. Therefore, we suggest backing up your device for simpler data recovery.

Here’s an easy and 3-step method to back up your data.

MobileTrans: Backup Your Samsung Phone

MobileTrans is a one-click tool that helps you backup your data in a selective manner. From resetting your device to transferring data between phones, it makes tasks easier.

MobileTrans - Backup Samsung S20

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The process of backing up your phone using MobileTrans is:

Step 1: Connect Samsung Phone to Computer

Download MobileTrans on your computer and open it. From the home page, go to the Backup & Restore module. Under this, select Phone Backup & Restore.

backup samsung s20

After this, connect your Samsung S20 to your computer using the original phone cable.

Step 2: Select Data to Backup

Now, you will see types of data files on your Samsung S20 in a new tab. Select files that you think you need to backup and press the Start button. These files will be moved to your computer.

backup samsung s20

Step 3: Backup Your Device

Wait till your device is backed up to the computer. You should follow if any instructions appear on the screen, and also ensure that the connection between the phone and computer doesn’t break.

backup samsung s20 completed

That’s all. Using the same module, you can restore your backup to your phone once you have recovered the phone and its charging.


When Samsung S20 is not charging, you can use the above methods. These are expected to offer you a solution. If not, quickly backup your phone using MobileTrans, factory reset it, and check. If this also doesn’t offer a solution, visit the service center and get your phone repaired.

Know more about MobileTrans on our Website.

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