How to Transfer Data SD Card on Sony Xperia

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Sometimes, you can have too many photos, videos, apps and other types of data on your Sony Xperia device that they take up too much of its internal storage. When there isn’t enough internal storage on your device, you may notice its performance dips a little and some of the features and apps can slow down so much that you may be unable to use the device.

In this case, one of the best solutions is to transfer some of the data on the Xperia to an SD card. In this guide we take a look at some of the best ways to transfer data to SD card on Sony Xperia.

How to Transfer Data to SD Card on Sony Xperia

To transfer data from your Sony Xperia’s internal storage to the SD card, follow these simple steps;

Step 1: On the devices home screen, tap on the Apps icon and then select “File Commander”

Step 2: You should see the internal storage option on the left. Tap on it to open it and then select a type of data that you would like to transfer such as music, photos etc. If the data is arranged in folders, tap on the folder as well.

Step 3: Touch and hold on a single file to activate the selection feature. Then proceed to select all the files you would like to transfer.

Step 4: Tap on the “Send File” option in the file options menu.

Step 5: Tap on Copy/Move to SD card

Step 6: Select “Move” and then tap OK

Step 7: When prompted to confirm the action, tap “OK” again and all the selected files will be moved from the Sony Xperia internal storage to the SD card.

Can I Transfer App to SD Card on Sony Xperia?

Apps can take up a lot of space on your device which is why most people wonder if they can move their apps to the SD card to save storage space on their devices. Unfortunately, Google no longer allows for the transfer of apps to the SD cards. This decision was made for security and privacy purposes with the introduction of Android 6.

Even though Google disallowed the transfer of apps to SD card, Sony devices could still support this practice. But even this had to stop after a while since they could no longer guarantee the security and safety of users who chose to move apps to SD cards. The feature was discontinued with the Xperia XZ1 series, XZ2 series, Xperia XA2 series and Xperia XZ3 or any newer devices.

We would advise you to move other types of data such as photos, videos and music to the SD card to make room for the apps you want to install on the device. You can use the steps above to move data from the device’s internal storage to the SD card or go to Settings > Storage > Transfer Data to SD Card where applicable.

Alternative Ways to Transfer your Data and Save Space on Sony Xperia

If you don’t have an SD card, but you still want to save space on the device’s internal storage, then we recommend backing up some of the data on the device to your computer. This is a great solution since it allows you to easily keep all your data safe while saving storage on the device at the same time. But, to effectively backup all the data on your Xperia on to your computer, it is necessary to have a tool that is specifically designed for that purpose.

The best way to backup some of the data on your device is MobileTrans- Backup. This program is specifically designed to make it easy for you to transfer data from the device to the computer.

Follow these simple steps to use MobileTrans-Backup to move data from the Sony Xperia to the computer;

Step 1: Download and install the program on to your computer and then open the program after successful installation. Click on “Backup” to begin the process and then connect the Sony Xperia to the computer using USB cables.

backup home

Step 2: When the program detects the device, you should see a list of all the different types of data on the device. Click on the type of data that you would like to transfer and then click “Start” to begin the process.

backup ios 01

Step 3: Ensure that the device remains connected to the device until the process is complete. You will also be able to view the backup on the computer.

Please note that you can also very easily restore the backup back on to the device using MobileTrans-Backup.

Transferring data from your devices internal storage to the SD card or the computer as we have seen above is not just a way to create more space for other data, it can also be a way to backup the data. Once your photos, music and videos are on the SD card, you can easily remove the SD card from the device and keep it safe or insert it into another device. The same way, you can also easily restore the backup you create with MobileTrans-Backup to the device or any other device, which makes this tool one of the best solutions when switching devices.

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