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[Updated] 9 Methods to Transfer Files from Android to iPhone

Axel Nash

Written By Axel Nash |

I am getting a new iPhone 15, but how can I transfer data from my old Android device to the new iPhone?

Android and iPhone make the most of today’s mobile phone market share. However, people frequently shift from one to another, and while moving to another platform is their own choice, this change can lead to problems for the user because the devices are not meant to share files. So, to help users shift from Android to iPhone, we’ve compiled the 9 best techniques to let them transfer files from Android to iPhone without much hassle.

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Part 1: Transfer files from Android to iPhone on Computer

Transferring data between phones with the help of a computer is the best for ordinary people. Using a USB cable makes the transfer process fast and stable. You won't worry about losing data. Without using Wi-Fi, no one else could access your personal data.

Method 1: Transfer files from Android to iPhone by MobileTrans

MobileTrans helps millions of users transfer data from one mobile phone to another. The sleek and easy-to-use interface can save you time and do everything in a few mouse clicks. This professional tool allows you to transfer your important data like contacts, photos, videos, music, etc.

MobileTrans - Phone Transfer

Transfer files from Android to iPhone With a few Clicks!

  • • Supports 6000+ different smartphone models running on iOS and Android.
  • • Supports 18+ data types like photos, videos, contacts, call logs, messages, documents, and more.
  • • Extremely easy, and it does not need any technical experience to use.
  • • Support WhatsApp data transfer, phone-to-computer data transfer, and phone backup & restore.
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Follow the steps below to transfer files from Android to iPhone using MobileTrans.

mobiletrans home 01

  • Now connect both Android and iPhone to your PC with a USB cable. The tool will automatically detect the devices.
  • You need to select the “Phone Transfer” mode from the given options to transfer your data between distinctive devices.

phone transfer android to ios 01

  • Both the connected devices will be shown on the next screen automatically, and you can select the type of files you need to transfer from Android to iPhone. Choose the files you want to transfer and press the “Start” button. Don’t disconnect either device during the process.

phone transfer android to ios 04

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Tips: When switching from Android to iPhone, you don't want to lose your WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business data, as your conversations with your loved ones and business partner are there. Learn more about how to transfer WhatsApp data and WhatsApp Business data from Android to iPhone.

Method 2: Transfer files from Android to iPhone by iTunes

iTunes can also be used to transfer your music and video files from Android to an iPhone. Follow the steps below.

  • Connect and copy the music and video files onto your PC from an Android device.

copy files to PC

  • Install iTunes on the same PC and then connect the iPhone you want to transfer your files on.
  • Add the video and music files to the iTunes library. To do so, open the File menu in the iTunes window and click “Add Folder to Library”. Browse the files in the computer and press “Select Folder”. The entire folder will be added to the iTunes library with all its content.

add files to itunes

  • Now, as the music and video files are loaded into the iTunes library, you can copy it to your iPhone. In iTunes, select your device and you’ll get a control panel view for the device. Select the “Sync Music” and choose the playlists, then press sync.

sync itunes music

  • For transferring video files, go to “Movies, TV Shows, or other categories.” Tick the “Sync Movies” and then select all the video files you want to copy to your iPhone.

sync movies to itunes

Part 2: Apps to transfer files from Android to iPhone

Numerous third-party applications on Android and iPhone serve the purpose of sharing files among devices. Here we will examine a few top applications that you can easily transfer files from Android to iPhone.

Method 3: Send files from Android to iPhone via MobileTrans App

Here we recommend one of the most effective tools to transfer files from Android to iPhone without a Pc. You can try to use MobileTrans App. It can Transfer up to 8 types of phone data between devices without a PC, including contacts, messages, photos, music, videos, documents, apps, and more data. With a few clicks, you can complete the transfer process.

Step 1: First, tap File Transfer and then choose which way to share files.

confirm phone

Step 2: Choose to send or receive files.

select data

Step 3: Install MobileTrans App on the receiver and scan the QR code.

pair phones

Step 4: The transfer process will finish pretty soon. You can continue sending more files or quit.

wait transfer complete

Method 4: Send files from Android to iPhone by Email

This method is fairly simple and can be used to share small-size files from Android to iPhone just like sending an email but with a file attached along with the email.

The process of sharing files using any email program is almost the same.

  • Open an email application on Android device.

email app android

  • Then click “Compose Email” or the “Plus” icon on the mobile window.

compose email

  • You’ll see a button “Attach a file” or “Attach Files” right behind the send mail button. Press it.

compose new email

  • When you press the button, it will open a new browser window using which you can select any number of files from your Android’s internal or SD card storage. When selected, press “Open” or “Choose File,” and all the selected files will be attached to the email.

files attached

  • Continue composing the email, put the recipient’s email address and any message you want to send along with the files, and hit the “Send” button.

Method 5: share files from Android to iPhone by Shareit app

Shareit is among the popular file-sharing apps available for Android and iPhone. Shareit transfers files by creating a hotspot network among different devices without using mobile data. The app is designed to let users share files offline, provided both devices are on the same Wi-Fi network. Now let us see how to transfer files from Android to iPhone using the Shareit app.

  • Download the Shareit app and install it on Android and iPhone devices. It will be like this.

shareit app

  • You can send and receive files using this app. Now connect both devices to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • On the Android device, press the “Send” button. It will pop up a new window showing all the files on the device categorized into different headings.

shareit files

  • Now select the files you want to transfer from Android to your iPhone.

files selected to share

  • Once all the files are selected, press the “Send” button, and the device will ask for your permission to enable GPS and Bluetooth.

enable gps bluetooth

  • Before you proceed to the next step, you must ensure that the iPhone is prepared. On iPhone open the app and press the “Receive” button. It will open all the ports to be able to receive shared files.
  • Once you give all the requisite permissions, the device will start a search for nearby devices running the Shareit app and be ready to receive the files.

searching for receivers

  • As soon as the sending device detects the receiver. Tap on the receiver’s avatar, and you can proceed with the transfer.

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Method 6: Transfer files from Android to iPhone by FEEM V4

Feem v4 is another professional app to transfer files among devices. The app is fairly straightforward to use with cross-platform availability. Though both devices need to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network for this app to facilitate the file transfer. To transfer files from Android to iPhone using Feem v4 follow the steps.

  • Download the Feem v4 app on both your Android and iPhone.
  • You’ll be prompted to give storage and location permissions when you open the app, and give all the required permissions to move forward.

give permissions

The app automatically assigns cool names to each device.

  • Once you are in the app, you don’t have to do anything. You read it right, you don’t need to do it here. Connect your iPhone to the same Wi-Fi and then open the app. It will automatically detect the Android mobile on the network and connect to it.

connected over wifi

  • Your devices are now connected, and you can start sharing your files without interruption. First, click on the device you want to share files with.

share files

  • Feem v4 also allows you to chat among your devices which can be a seamless way to connect with others within an office or home environment. While still being able to share files as well.
  • Press the “Send File” button to share files at the bottom of the app screen. It will take you to the internal memory of your Android device, where you can select files categorized in video, audio, photos, apps, etc.

select files to share

  • Once you select any files you want to share, and a “Send” button will appear on the app screen. Just press it, and the files will be sent swiftly.

files selected

  • The file-sharing speed is high and can utilize all the bandwidth available on your Wi-Fi router.

feem sharing files

  • All the files will now be available on the iPhone within a few seconds. In addition, this app can be a quick solution for sharing files over Wi-Fi.

Method 7: Transfer files from Android to iPhone by Xender

Xender is another fantastic app for transferring and sharing files between devices. The transfer is robust and doesn’t require Bluetooth or NFC. The cross-platform app enables you to share among Android, iOS, and PC and Mac devices. It uses Wi-Fi to transfer files and can play and run videos, music, and other files transferred on the platform. Now let us see how you can use the app to transfer files from Android to iPhone.

  • Download and open the Xender app on Android.

xender app

  • Press the cross-green icon in the middle of the menu. It will pop up two buttons to send and receive. Press “Send” to proceed.

send files

  • As soon as you tap the “Send” button, the Android device will create a shareable ID that can be scanned on the iPhone to connect both devices.
  • On the receiver end, open Xender on your iPhone and tap the “Receive” button, it will search for any nearby devices, and you’ll be prompted to scan the QR code or enter the Android password.

connect iphone

  • Once the Android and iPhone are connected, you can share any file you want.

transfer files

Part 3: Transfer files from Android to iPhone with Cloud Service

Cloud services provide an alternative to local and system-based file sharing. As the cloud is based on remote storage and access, they can be a perfect solution for sending files from Android to iPhone.

Method 8: Transfer files from Android to iPhone by Dropbox

Dropbox is a cloud file hosting platform offering cloud storage to its users for file synchronization, personal cloud, and client software. It lets you share videos, photos, or any files across any device while giving you access from a web browser.

When sharing a file or folder, the user can determine who gets to view or edit the file. Dropbox lets its users quickly share large media, video, graphics, executables, CAD drawings, and virtually any file type. The files you share via Dropbox are secure, and you’re always in control. As your password-protect, a shared link set a date for a shared link to expire. To transfer files from Android to iPhone, follow the steps.

  • Download and install Dropbox on your Android device. It will show any files you’ve ever shared on your Dropbox cloud.

dropbox interface

  • The menu will show how much storage space is available. Next, you must go to “Settings” to configure your backup settings and file sharing priorities.

dropbox menu

  • Go to “Settings” and then tap the toggle button “Sync contacts” and turn on the “Camera uploads” so pictures can automatically be uploaded to Dropbox.

dropbox settings

  • You can share and upload any file on the cloud platform from the app's home page. Click the “Plus” button, and it will show a menu of options to “Add to Dropbox,” where you can select the files to upload and share with your iPhone.

upload files dropbox

  • On iPhone, download the Dropbox app and sign in with the same account that you’ve uploaded the content. Here you’ll see all the files you uploaded from the Android app, download the files, and enjoy.

Method 9: Transfer files from Android to iPhone by Google Drive

Another effective way to share files from Android to iPhone is using the Google Drive solution. Google Drive provides a secure and personal space for storing, sharing, and accessing files from any digital device. In addition, it provides 15GB of free storage at signup, where you can store recordings, drawings, stories, photos, Microsoft Office files, etc.

To utilize the Google Drive app to transfer files from Android to iPhone, ensure you’re connected to a Wi-Fi network and power adapter. Only the new or updated files will be backed up if you've already backed up.

Backup Android

  • Download Google Drive on your Android device (in most cases GDrive app is already installed in Android devices).
  • Open the app and sign in with your Google account.
  • Backup your Android device content via the backup wizard. Open Drive “Menu” and then go to “Settings” and look for the “Backup and reset” option.

backup account

  • Determine the content you want to backup to Google Drive like contacts, events, messages, app data, etc. To view the content being backed up, click on the device name you see on the list.

content backing to drive

  • Once all is done, tap the “Start Backup” button, and all your content will be backed up onto your Google account.

If you want to share any other file type that might not be covered in the backup settings, you can try uploading the file on Google Drive and accessing that on your iPhone remotely. Follow the step below.

  • Open the Google Drive app and click on the “Plus” button at the right bottom corner of the app screen. This will pop up a menu of options for you. Press the “Upload” button, which will take you to the Android’s internal storage for file selection. Select the desired file, which will be uploaded and accessible on your iPhone.

upload any file

Access on iPhone

Download the Google Drive application on your iPhone device and sign in with the same account you used to back up your data files on Android. Once the setup is done, Google Drive will sync the account and all the files will be available for your use on your iPhone. You can sync or download any files from the Drive.


Android and iPhone are different operating systems and are not designed to be able to share and transfer files quickly. We’ve gone through 8 possible solutions to the file-sharing problem, but most of them are complicated and require technical skills and knowledge to set up and transfer files among devices. In addition, the cloud-based solutions require configuration on both devices, while the file size can be a challenge in other solutions like email. Still, the most efficient and straightforward method is the MobileTrans – Phone Transfer which enables even the very novice users to transfer files without any limitations and with a few simple mouse clicks.

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