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How To Transfer Music From Android to Android - 5 Ways

Axel Nash

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Music is one of our most prized possessions, which people don't want to lose when switching devices. Similarly, there are times when you can be asked by someone to share your music collection. Being an Android user, upgrading to a new Android device, or sharing music with another user means knowing how to transfer music from Android to Android.

You should stick with this article to learn different ways to transfer music from Android to Android and select the most suitable method according to your requirement.

transfer music between android devices

Part 1: Transfer Music From Android to Android via Best Tool

Do you have favorite songs that you want to transfer to a new Android? We have a great data transfer tool for you to use. We recommend using Wondershare MobileTrans, as it will transfer your complete music library without any issues.

Its transfer process will be fast and safe, and you won't have to worry about file corruption. All the major Android brands and devices are supported by MobileTrans, making it the most suitable choice for music or other data transfer.


  • • You can use it to transfer music from one phone to another smoothly. It also supports music transfer between Android and iOS devices.
  • • It also allows you to transfer music between your computer and your phone. You can also back up your music to your computer as a backup.
  • • If you use different music streaming platforms, you can move your music playlist from one platform to another. Its playlist transfer feature is completely free to use.
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Steps to Transfer Music from Android to Android Using MobileTrans

Following are the steps you will need to follow to transfer music from Android to Android when using MobileTrans:

Step 1: Navigate to the Phone-to-Phone Transfer Feature

To start the music transfer, launch MobileTrans on your computer. Select the "Phone Transfer" tab from the main interface and hit on the "Phone to Phone" tool. Next, connect both your Android devices to your computer.

phone to phone

Step 2: Assign Correct Positions to Your Devices

The devices need to be in the correct positions for music transfer to work correctly. Your old Android device should be assigned to "Source" and your new Android device to "Destination." The "Flip" button can be used to interchange the positions of devices.


Step 3: Complete the Music Transfer from Android to Android

When devices are placed, select the "Music" option from the options available for transferring data. You can begin the transfer by pressing "Start." Once the process is finished, enjoy the music on the new Android device.

pressing start


  • The transfer process is fast and will be completed in a few minutes.
  • It can transfer all the music files without damaging them during the process.


  • You need a computer to use MobileTrans for a music transfer between two phones.

Part 2: How To Transfer Music From One Phone to Another via Windows Explorer

If you don't want to use the third-party tool, you can transfer music directly between two Android devices using your Windows computer. Follow these steps to transfer music using Windows Explorer:

Step 1: Connect your old Android device to your computer and allow Windows to access the phone by selecting "File transfer / Android Auto." Once access is given, transfer all your music files/folders to a folder on your system.

use file explorer

Step 2: Now, you can connect the new Android devices to your computer and allow Windows to access it. Afterward, transfer the folder with music files from the old devices to the new Android device. Wait for the music transfer process to get completed.


  • It doesn't require any third-party app for music transfer and is free to use.
  • You can select the songs you want to transfer and then transfer them as a whole.


  • The process is a bit complicated and takes time to complete.

Part 3: How To Transfer Music From Android to Android Without a Computer

If you are wondering how to transfer music from Android to Android without a computer, below are the three most common methods.

Method 1: How To Transfer Music From Android to Android via Nearby Share

Nearby Share is an option available in Android to share files between Android devices. It is similar to Apple's Airdrop and can be used by following the steps given below to transfer music from Android to Android:

Step 1: On both Android devices, go to "Settings" and select "Google." Now choose "Devices and Sharing," tap on "Nearby Share," and enable it. Ensure that you have set the device visibility to "Everyone" and select "Without Internet" to avoid data charges.

select the nearby share option

Step 2: Afterward, select the music file you want to transfer and choose "Nearby Share" from the sharing options. Now select your new device to transfer the file and accept the file on the new Android device.

choose the nearby share option


  • It is the easiest way to transfer music files wirelessly compared to other options.
  • There is no need for any other Android app to transfer music files.


  • The devices should be close to each other for transferring music files.
  • If the music files are large, transferring them can take some time.

Method 2: How To Transfer Music From Android to Android Using Bluetooth

Bluetooth can also be used to transfer music files, and if you want to know how to transfer music from Android to Android using Bluetooth, follow these steps:

Step 1: Enable Bluetooth on your old and new Android device through "Settings" or the "Quick Menu." Ensure that device visibility is set for everyone.

enable the bluetooth option

Step 2: Now choose the music file you want to transfer and tap on the "Share" icon to select the "Bluetooth" option. Choose your new Android phone and send the file among the available devices.

proceed with bluetooth


  • The method is free to use and can transfer music to any phone.
  • You can transfer music files without needing a strong internet connection.


  • It is an extremely slow process and requires devices to be near each other.

Method 3: How To Transfer Songs From Android to Android via Cloud Services

You can also use Google Drive to transfer music files when transferring music from one Android device to another. If you have a strong internet connection, you can use these steps to transfer music from Android to Android using Google Drive:

Step 1: Open the Google Drive app on your device and select the "Upload" option by pressing the "+" icon. Here select and upload the music files you want to transfer.

upload your music file

Step 2: Open Google Drive and download the uploaded music files on the new device. You will need either the same Google ID or provide access permission to download the files on the new Android device.


  • Devices don't need to be near each other for the music transfer process to work.
  • The uploaded music files can also work as your backup and can be accessed from any device.


  • The limit for uploading the free files is only 15GB and requires a powerful internet to work smoothly.

Final Thoughts

Favorite songs hold sentimental value for people, and they want to transfer them to any new device they switch to. Trying to create a new music library is a very hectic task. Using Wondershare MobileTrans to transfer your prized music collection is the best choice. Aside from music, it can safely and quickly transfer all your phone data to a new device.

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