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Best Greeting Messages for WhatsApp Business

Axel Nash

Written By Axel Nash |

WhatsApp has revolutionized the way people communicate today and has emerged as the go-to messaging app, with more than 2 billion consumers around the world. It’s simple, swift, and a convenient way for friends and family to chat, create groups, share media files, everything while staying secure and encrypted.

To facilitate its growing userbase, WhatsApp came up with WhatsApp Business to enable corporations to benefit from the platform’s success. In today’s omnichannel communication world businesses need to interact increasingly with their consumers and develop long-term relationships. You can utilize the WhatsApp greeting messages option to automatically send greeting messages for WhatsApp Business customers to get them engaged and augment your customer service availability.

Part 1: What is a greeting message for WhatsApp Business?

The WhatsApp Business API is designed primarily intended to provide an efficient customer service solution. The customer can initiate the communication and approaches the organization for support through this channel. If the organization wants to reach out to the customer, it can only be done by using the WhatsApp Business template messages, also known as Highly Structured Messages (HSM). These greeting message for WhatsApp Business templates is not the only way to approach customers. In case an organization has been unable to respond to a customer’s question within the 24-hour timeline, they will still be able to answer with one of the template greeting messages.

WhatsApp doesn’t allow businesses to message customers and spam WhatsApp users randomly. Certain conditions are applied that prevent companies from using the platform for spamming the consumers. Templates need to be registered and verified from WhatsApp before your business can use the templates; therefore, templates can’t be used for commercial purposes.

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Part 2: Why greeting message is necessary?

There’s a growing trend to use business messaging for ‘conversational commerce’, that enables support and sales teams to answer customer support and product questions with rich, contextual messages, etc. eventually facilitating a new transaction or keeping a current customer happy. Messaging apps like WhatsApp can potentially expand your reach, improve deliverability, increase conversions, strengthen security, and many other business KPIs while their capabilities enable your business to make a significant impact on customer satisfaction. A Dimensions Data study showed that nine out of ten consumers prefer using messaging to communicate with businesses and to effectively utilize this massive opportunity WhatsApp greeting messages can provide the necessary impetus your business needs to grow ever stronger.

Part 3: Best greeting message for WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp has categorized the greeting messages for WhatsApp Business. With all the restrictive conditions and rules from WhatsApp jotting the best greeting message for WhatsApp Business is a difficult task, but we’ve tried our best to give you a number of inspiring examples.

1. Autoreply

Using this template, you can brief the customer, for example, about accessibility during a holiday period. This type of message is usually activated outside of business hours.

Example: Appreciate you reaching out! On working days, we usually respond within 24 hours if you have any other query feel free to reach out.

2. Issue resolution

This template can facilitate the business in customer experience or service malfunction situations.

Example: We are experiencing a technical malfunction in our {{2}}. We are doing our best to resolve the issue with the utmost importance and will keep you updated with the situation.

3. Personal finance

A financial institute can use this kind of template to inform its customer of their financial situation.

Example: Dear {{1}}, You have recently made a transaction of amount {{2}}. Your remaining account balance is {{3}}. Keep banking with us.

4. Account updates

A customer is using an online service and supposes his account was updated to offer the latest services by your company.

Example: Dear {{1}}, Your {{2}} account software was updated with the latest version to offer the up-to-date services our platform is offering.

5. Alert updates

This is more of a general greeting message category. Can be used, for example, to provide updates on an ordered product.

Example: Hi {{1}}, you recently ordered this {{2}} product from our website. We are happy to inform you that your product is on its way to your doorstep.

6. Appointment updates

If a customer has made a doctor’s appointment or technical consultation, an appointment update can let the customer know of the confirmation or an update regarding their appointment.

Example: Dear {{1}}, your appointment with {{2}} is scheduled to take place at {{3}} hour and day. We look forward to seeing you and feel free to reach out for any queries.  

Part 4: Backup your WhatsApp business chat history

WhatsApp Business can be the backbone of your omnichannel marketing communication strategy. It can serve you in reaching out to millions of potential customers and offer exceptional customer service and support. As the WhatsApp Business becomes essential and needed for your business’s proper service, you’ll want to secure all your communication data and history efficiently and securely. Wondershare MobileTrans – WhatsApp Transfer comes right into play here, as it is the best toolset available to transfer, backup, and restore your WhatsApp chats to virtually any device you want.

MobileTrans WhatsApp Transfer gives your business full control over your WhatsApp Business. It can be used to transfer all your WhatsApp data between Android and iPhone or back up to a computer system proficiently keeping your data secure and backed up.

This powerful tool is helping millions of people save a lot of their time and efforts in trying to backup WhatsApp messages, videos, photos, and attachments and resolve a related issue, serving as a perfect piece of software and not reliant on the buggy and internet-based WhatsApp backup options. The MobileTrans seamlessly backups and transfers virtually any type of data proficiently among any device.

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Back up your WhatsApp business chat history fast!

  • • Transfer, backup, and restore WhatsApp data seamlessly among iOS and Android devices.
  • • Provide a wide range of data file type support and can transfer messages, group messages, photos, videos, documents, and more.
  • • Transferring WhatsApp data using the proficient MobileTrans tool is more convenient than using WhatsApp backup because it can take hours and often result in one or the other error due to internet issues or an internal bug.
  • • The tool has been downloaded over 50 million times and supports over 6000 devices. It has an active 700 thousand premium customers.
4,085,556 people have downloaded it

The step-by-step guide to backup WhatsApp messages swiftly follows the steps below.

1. Download and install it on your computer system, either a Windows PC or a Mac, and open it and choose the “WhatsApp Transfer” option.

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2. Connect an Android or iPhone device to your computer. Once connected, it will be automatically detected and displayed on the screen by the tool.

3. Tap the “Backup app data” option on the software window. The software will load all the messages before proceeding with the backup.

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4. Select the file types you want to backup and tap the "Start" button.

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5. After a few seconds, your WhatsApp chat history will be backed up to your computer.

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Today businesses depend entirely on the level of communication and customer support. The company that utilizes conversational commerce as a tool to grow and compete will have the edge over others. Finding the best greeting message for WhatsApp Business can be a bit tricky as it involves manually determining the category your service runs in and creating an attractive and engaging greeting message. We also discussed an efficient solution for backing up your WhatsApp Business chats and other data with MobileTrans.

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