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How to Share YouTube Video on WhatsApp

Axel Nash

Written By Axel Nash |

This article is a detailed guide to show how to share the YouTube video on WhatsApp, on WhatsApp Status, and share the video without a link. Discussed are the most straightforward methods available, and you won’t even have to download extra software to help you achieve this. These are also the most precise ways to share YouTube videos on WhatsApp status, whether on Android or iOS. A few things to note is the video-sharing limit on WhatsApp, which is 16MB. Also, note that you cannot share a status on WhatsApp Web or WhatsApp for PC. Other than that, below are the steps on how to share YouTube Videos on WhatsApp.

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Part 1: how to share YouTube video on WhatsApp

Simple as sending a WhatsApp text message, here is how to share a YouTube video on WhatsApp.

Step 1: Find the YouTube Video

Whether on Android or iOS, open YouTube to search for the video you would like to share.

YouTube Video Search.

Step 2: Use the Share Option

Still, irrespective of the device, click on the “Share” button or feature under the video you wish to share.

After clicking on the share option, the next step will be to select the destination to which to share the link. Here is where you will have to choose WhatsApp and proceed as below.

YouTube Video Share.

Step 3: Select the Recipient

Once you have selected WhatsApp, the app launches and displays your contact list or recent activity of those you have been in contact with lately. You can locate the recipient, whether a single connection or group, and once selected, hit the “Send” button.

YouTube Video Send Video.

Alternatively, to share a downloaded YouTube video:

  • • On Phone
  • • Open an individual or a group chat.
  • • Tap on the “Attach +” option

For Android: You can locate the video from your phone’s gallery or use the “Add+” feature to add multiple videos at once.

For iOS: You can use videos from a local back-up, like from your PC, or drag and drop the video directly into the text field.

Finally, with the YouTube videos to be shared added, tap on “Send” to transfer to your selected recipients.

Note: Usually, on how to share a YouTube video on WhatsApp directly as a message, the first method discussed above will help you send the video as a link. There is a video player on WhatsApp, and they can choose to play the video on WhatsApp or hit the link to view it from YouTube. This method is a good option since you won’t have to download the video then share it. It helps you save data that would be useful to download and upload or send to your recipients.

Note: When using the WhatsApp Web or WhatsApp for PC, you cannot share or post a Status. You only have the option to send a YouTube Video as a direct message. The steps are similar to the alternative method of sharing YouTube Videos on WhatsApp given in Part 1 above.

Part 2: how to share YouTube video on WhatsApp status

While some are adherent to posting WhatsApp status, whether a premiering song, movie trailer, hilarious, or engaging YouTube Videos, to help you get ahead of the curve and learn how to share YouTube videos on WhatsApp status, too, here is how to do it. It is the easiest method to do it and only takes an instant.

Step 1: Find the YouTube Video Link

You can either open YouTube, find the video you wish to post and copy its URL on your device. You can either do this by similarly clicking on the “Share” button, and the link comes up. On a browser, you can copy the link as shown below. Thirdly you can also find the link whether it was shared to you as a message or is on someone else post and copy it.

YouTube Video Search.

Step 2: Share the Link

If you used the first option, by clicking on the “Share” button, you could select the WhatsApp app.

YouTube Video Share.

WhatsApp shows a list of contacts or groups to share to, ignore, and click on the first option, “My Status.” From here, you have the opportunity to add captions or any other simple effects that won’t change the link.

Post Status

If you used the other options from Step One, that is, copying the link, proceed as follows. With the link copied, go to WhatsApp Status Tab. On this panel, click on the icon that looks like a “Pencil” or “Pen.”

Add Status Via Link.

Step 3: Post a Status

If you used the first option through the “Share” button, hit the Send button after adding the desired caption. The YouTube Video Link will get posted to your status.

Otherwise, by clicking on the icon, that is the “Pencil” or “Pen,” as detailed above, you can then “Paste” the link and post to your status.

Post Link Status.

Part 3: how to share YouTube video on WhatsApp without link

This issue is usually a bother to some as it may come off as a hectic method because you will have to download the video and then paste it as a status. Here is how to share YouTube videos on WhatsApp without a link.

Since mobile devices don’t have the option to set the video length and directly post from the browser, you will first have to download the video. Using a good and recommended software, download the video and proceed as follows on mobile devices. You can also record the video using your phone’s camera.

Step 1: Download or Record the Video

Using a useful tool, download the video, or record it using your phone camera. Since the recorded video is stored in your phone’s gallery, either locate the downloaded video or recorded video from your files or phone gallery.

Search Gallery for Video.

Step 2: Open WhatsApp

With the video found and selected, click on the “Share” option on your phone and select share to WhatsApp.

Use the Share Option.

You can also open WhatsApp and on the far-right corner is the “Camera” icon, a tab from which you can post a status.

Alternatively Use Camera Icon.

You can also use the status panel, and from here, click on the “+Add” icon. You can then proceed to add the video to post as a status

Use Camera Icon on Status Tab.

Step 3: Post Status

With either of the options from Step Two, whether sharing from the phone or posting directly from WhatsApp, you will eventually land on the WhatsApp Status Editor from where you can add captions, text, or other effects. Once done, and this will be on the video, you can hit the “Send” icon.

Post Status

Note: Since WhatsApp has a limit on the video size to post as a status, you can add the video in bits or small parts. The video limit is parts of 30 seconds maximum.


Thus, how to share YouTube videos on WhatsApp is very simple, with the right steps followed. You can either share the video directly or on your status. When it comes to posting a status, there are a few ways to do so, especially if it is a video. You can either post the YouTube video link or go a step further to post the video. Detailed above are clear and exact methods on how to share YouTube videos on WhatsApp status to share the videos with family and friends. Plus, if you want to transfer your WhatsApp data, MobileTrans is the tool for you.

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