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How to add contacts to WhatsApp: Tutorial Guide

Axel Nash

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The WhatsApp instant messenger application is a widely-used communication app around the globe. It excels in connecting people despite distances. It enhances the personal and professional relationships. In a fraction of a second, you can share text messages, files, multimedia data with your friends and family members.

In this article, you will learn how to add a contact to WhatsApp. Add the desired contact numbers on the WhatsApp platform quickly using this informative tutorial. Few clicks are sufficient to carry out the necessary tasks on this user-friendly interface application. Use the below guide to get some glimpses on this topic. Surf the below content to discover inserting contacts on the WhatsApp environment.


Part 1: How to add a contact to WhatsApp on Android?

In this section, you will study how to add a contact to WhatsApp on Android phones. Closely watch out for every step discussed below to acquire the best outcomes.

Step 1: Unlock your Android gadget and open the WhatsApp tool. In the conversation screen, you will find the ‘Contacts’ icon displayed at the right bottom corner of the screen. Tap the ‘Contacts’ icon and choose the ‘New Contact’ option on the next screen.


Step 2: On the following page, you must enter the necessary data like Name, Mobile, Phone, and finally tap the tick icon available at the top right side of the window. This action will save the newly added contacts on the contact list in WhatsApp.


You had successfully added a new contact on the WhatsApp space easily. Use the above steps to insert contacts data on this incredible chat application without any issues.

Part 2: How to add a contact to WhatsApp on iOS?

Here, you will be learning how to add a contact to WhatsApp on iOS devices. The steps are simple, and you can quickly add the contacts data. Use the below hassle-free process for the successful insertion of the desired contacts on the WhatsApp environment.

Step 1: Go to the ‘Settings’ icon and choose ‘WhatsApp’ from the list. Enable the ‘Contacts’ option to allow WhatsApp to access the contacts. Now, open the WhatsApp program and hit the ‘Chats’ option displayed at the bottom of the screen. In case, if you witness the conversation page, press the back button to get the chat option screen.


Step 2: Hit the box with a pencil icon available at the top right side of the window. Next, select the ‘New Contact’ option. Then, enter the fields displayed like Name, Mobile, Phone. After filling up the text fields, press the ‘Save’ option at the top right side of the screen. Finally, hit the Done button to complete the add contact process on iPhone.


Now, you had understood how to add a contact to WhatsApp on the iPhone environment.

Part 3: How to add unsaved contacts to WhatsApp chat?

If you find any unsaved contacts on WhatsApp chat, use the below steps to save the contacts in the contact list.

Step 1: Open your device and launch the WhatsApp icon. Go to the ‘Chat’ page and tap the message from the unsaved contact.


Step 2: Tap the More icon available at the top of the screen and press the ‘Create New Contact’ option to save the contact on WhatsApp. Enter the necessary details like name, mobile, phone and at last, save the contacts.


Part 4: Invite contacts to WhatsApp on Android

In this section, you will learn how to invite contacts to WhatsApp on an Android device. Carefully surf the below steps to discover the optimum method to achieve the desired tasks in the WhatsApp environment.

Step 1: Launch the WhatsApp tool on your device and go to the Contacts page by tapping the ‘Contacts’ icon at the bottom right of the screen. Then, press the three vertical dots at the top right and select the ‘Invite a friend option from the expanded items.


Step 2: A pop-up window appears, and you can select ‘Message’ from the list. In the next screen, select the non-WhatsApp user from the contact list and press the ‘Send’ button. Successfully delivers the invite link message to the non-WhatsApp user in your contact list.


Now, you had invited your friends to use the WhatsApp tool to connect anytime and anywhere. You can use the above steps to request your friend to join the WhatsApp space on the Android device.

Part 5: Invite contacts to WhatsApp on iPhone

Here, you will get some insights on how do you invite non-WhatsApp users in your contacts on your iPhone. Use the below stepwise procedure to connect with your friends on the WhatsApp platform.

Step 1: Unlock your iPhone and launch the WhatsApp tool. If you find the conversation page, then hit the back button and select the "Settings" option. Select the ‘Tell a Friend’ item on the screen.


Step 2: From the pop-up screen, choose the ‘Message’ option. In the next screen, choose the non-WhatsApp users from your contact list. Then, tap the "Send 1 invite" button at the bottom right. If you select more contacts from the list, you will find a button with the label "Send (number) invites" option. Press this button to create an invite link in the form of a message. Finally, press the up arrow icon to send the invite to the selected contacts from your phone list.


You had successfully invited the non-WhatsApp users on the iPhone. Use the above method to invite your friends into the WhatsApp environment.

Tip: How to transfer / backup your WhatsApp contacts

If you want to transfer data or backup the WhatsApp contacts, then use Wondershare’s Mobile Trans program as the ultimate tool. It is simple software with a user-friendly interface. You can work optimally with WhatsApp data. This program offers an excellent environment to carry out quick WhatsApp data transfer between gadgets.

Features of Mobile Trans application

  • Faster WhatsApp data transfer is feasible with this tool.
  • It is compatible with cross-platform precisely.
  • Two versions are available to meet the expectations of the Windows and Mac users.
  • Backup, Restore, and Transfer WhatsApp data quickly without any data loss.
  • It supports all file formats during the transfer process.


You can expect quick WhatsApp data transfer between gadgets despite file sizes. You need not require any technical skills to handle this environment, but basic knowledge of computers is sufficient to utilize the full potential of this program.

Steps to use Mobile Trans in WhatsApp data transfer and backup procedure.

WhatsApp data Transfer

Step 1: Download the application

Visit the Wondershare Mobile Trans official page and download the correct version of this tool. Based on your system needs, you can choose Windows or Mac. Install it and launch the program by double-tapping the tool icon.

Step 2: Connect the gadgets

Next, use a reliable USB cable and connect the devices. For lossless data transfer, ensure the connection is firm throughout the transfer procedure.

Step 3: Choose WhatsApp module

On the home screen, select "WhatsApp Transfer" under the tab "Phone to Phone".

transfer messages whatsapp

Step 4: Stimulate the transfer process

Check the source and destination gadget’s positions and if you find any controversy, tap the "Flip" option to interchange its places. Confirm the displayed WhatsApp data and press the "Start" button to trigger the transfer process.

transfer messages whatsapp android to ios

Step 5: Transfer complete

Finally, you must wait for a few minutes until the entire WhatsApp data transfer completes successfully. You will witness a final message soon after the process ends.

transfer messages whatsapp android to ios

Now, disconnect the gadgets from your PC and check the transferred WhatsApp data on the destination gadget. The WhatsApp data is available on the desired device quickly using this incredible program.

Backup WhatsApp data

It is the best practice to backup WhatsApp data regularly with your PC for future use. If you have any data on the WhatsApp environment, then do not forget to create a backup to overcome data loss issues. In this section, you will learn how to use the sophisticated program Mobile Trans to backup WhatsApp data with your PC.

Stepwise procedure to Backup WhatsApp data using Mobile Trans application.

Step 1: Install Mobile Trans too

Go to the official webpage of Mobile Trans and download the perfect version of the tool. You can opt for Windows or Mac based on your system OS. Install the application and launch the program by a double-tap action on the tool icon.

Step 2: Choose Backup WhatsApp messages

On the home screen, select "WhatsApp" under the tab "Backup&Restore".

backup whatsapp home

Step 3: Connect your phone

With the help of a reliable cable, you can connect your phone to the PC. Make a firm connection and ensure the gadget is well-attached to the system throughout the backup process to avoid unnecessary data loss. The Mobile Trans app senses the WhatsApp data, and you must press the "Start" button to trigger the backup procedure.

backup whatsapp faq

Step 4: Backup completes successfully.

Wait for a few minutes until the backup procedure ends successfully. You will be able to view a confirmation message after the backup process.

backup whatsapp faq

Now, disconnect the gadget from your PC and check the WhatsApp backup data in your system. Your crucial WhatsApp data and files are available for future reference without any issues.


Thus, you are in the last lines of the discussion on how to add contacts to WhatsApp. You had discovered various methods to add contacts data to the WhatsApp platform effortlessly. Use the above-discussed steps to insert the contacts data without any flaws. If you want to work with the WhatsApp data, then download the Mobile Trans app to satisfy your needs. You can backup, transfer, and restore WhatsApp data quickly between gadgets. Choose Mobile Trans to handle the mobile data optimally. Connect with this article to discover the enlightening facts about data transfer.

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