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How To Send Long Video On WhatsApp?

Axel Nash

Written By Axel Nash |

Whatsapp is a great platform for communication and sharing. However, there are things we are not aware of about this app. One of them is that, sending larger videos on messenger. Since WhatsApp has a size limit of 16 MB to send videos, most people only share videos in smaller sizes. This range is fine when you want to send regular media-related videos. However, sometimes you may need to send important files larger than 16 MB. There are some solutions on how to share larger videos on WhatsApp. In this article today, we are discussing some best solutions and alternatives to share the bigger files on WhatsApp messenger.

Part 1: Send Long videos WhatsApp video as a Document on Android

Alike the option used by iPhone, the large videos can be shared as documents on WhatsApp for android. All you have to do is go to the internal storage and sort the files and you want to share on WhatsApp.

There are few steps to follow to send large videos as documents:

Step 1: Go to WhatsApp and open the conversation you want to send a video. Press on the attachment icon and choose document instead of gallery.

whatsapp document

Step 2: Open the document icon and choose the video file from the list that appears or browse from other folders


Step 3: Opt for the video you wanted to share and click on send

Choose the file

Step 4: The video and images will only show as documents and can be visible only after downloading

sending file

Since there is a limit of 100 MB for sending WhatsApp documents, the file should not exceed this limit.

Part 2: Use Files app for iPhone to Send Large Videos on WhatsApp

iPhone users can send larger videos on WhatsApp with the help of the Files app. This app is useful to people who are not interested in compromising on the quality of video and who are not ready to use compressor apps.

Follow these steps to share videos:

Step 1: Let's begin by opening the Photo app.

Step 2: Pick the video you want to share and long press to select

Step 3: Press on ‘Save to Files’ from the options in the panel below to save your video

saves to files

Step 4: This will lead you to a new tab to choose the iCloud drive, pressing on it will give you more options. Then after saving this file to downloads, shut this tab


This step will copy the files in the Photos app folder to a particular location inside iCloud.

Step 5: Now go to WhatsApp and choose the contact with whom you want to share the file

Step 6: Click on the attachment icon and from the multiple options you got, choose documents, and share the video from the Files application


Step 7: Tap on send after you chose the video from the files

Step 8: Since the video is sent as a document, it should not exceed the limit of up to 100MB on WhatsApp

Part 3: Use Google Drive to Send Big Video on WhatsApp

Google drive is one better option for sending large videos in WhatsApp Android phones have a Google Drive app so sharing files is easy. You can also install this app for iPhone. If you like to know how to share big videos through WhatsApp using Google Drive, download the app on your smartphone.

By making an account in google drive, you can share videos up to 100 MB in size simply for anyone around the world. Upload the video file you want to share in the drive and send the link on WhatsApp. Since most people use google drive for data backups on their phones, you can easily share videos and files that are already in the drive. There is no need to download the files into the device and it will save the storage

Follow these steps to share big video files on WhatsApp via Google Drive:

Step 1: Upload the desired file to Google Drive

Step 2: Click on the share option in the top right corner

Step 3: Tap on the “Get shareable link” on the top right of the “Share with others” option

Step 4: Select the accessibility restriction using the arrow next to “Anyone with the link.

Step 5: The file link will be copied to your clipboard. Paste the link into your WhatsApp chat to share your file

shareable link

Part 4: Use We Transfer to Send 100MB video on WhatsApp

WeTransfer is a great and simple tool to help you share a link to your files with anyone around the world. It is very easy to use and you can share large files of any file format. While the free version allows you to upload files up to 2GB, the paid version allows you to share file sizes up to 20GB.

Steps to transfer through WeTransfer

Step 1: Go to the Click on Add Files. Upload the respective files you want to share

add file

Step 2: After adding files, tap on the “Get a link”. You will get the required link

get a link


Step 3: Copy the link and paste it on your WhatsApp chat to share

click and paste

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