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How to See Deleted Messages on WhatsApp

Axel Nash

Written By Axel Nash |

No doubt the 'Delete' feature on WhatsApp has been really helpful to lots of users, especially when we send the wrong message to someone. However, sometimes we accidentally delete chats that we don't want to erase from our WhatsApp, and we want to recover them, but unfortunately, WhatsApp doesn't allow that.

Well, if you're looking to see deleted messages on your WhatsApp, this article has the perfect trick to do that handily. It doesn't matter if you or the sender executed the delete. Here, we've explained different tricks that can always come in handy for any user who wants to see deleted messages on WhatsApp.

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Part 1: How to See Deleted WhatsApp Messages on Android

No matter if you delete WhatsApp messages by mistake or the received WhatsApp messages are deleted messages by sender, you can still check these messages. Yes, the tricks explained here can help you make that possible. Read on to find out more.

Method 1: How to Read Deleted Messages on WhatsApp via MobileTrans

Did you delete your chats with someone but regret it? MobileTrans is a perfect go-to WhatsApp data recovery tool that can help you retrieve such messages without requiring technical knowledge.

With MobileTrans, you can execute selective WhatsApp data recovery, and besides that, you can also transfer and backup WhatsApp data.

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How to Use MobileTrans to Read Deleted Messages on WhatsApp

Step 1: Download and install MobileTrans on your Mac or Windows computer > Connect your device to the PC and launch the installed program, then navigate to 'Backup & Restore'> Select 'Deleted WhatsApp Data restore'.

mobiletrans home page

Step 2: Next, MobileTrans will ask you to backup your device data using an on-screen stepwise guide. You must log in to WhatsApp on your Android phone, then go to 'Settings'> Chats > Chats Backup. Turn off auto-backup to Google drive and tap the Backup button. Afterward, delete the WhatsApp application from your device.

log in to whatsapp on android

Step 3: Install WhatsApp on your Android phone again, but this time, you'll do so via USB cable as displayed on your PC screen by MobileTrans.

via usb cable

Step 4: Allow the installed WhatsApp to access your phone photos, media, and files.

allow whatsapp to access

Step 5: Login into your WhatsApp account using your mobile number and verify the number. Then, on getting to the data restoration screen, click on 'Restore' to restore WhatsApp data via backup and tap on 'Next' to proceed.

click on restore

Step 6: MobileTrans detect all WhatsApp messages, including the deleted ones, during the restoration process. You can easily access them on your computer by exporting them as PDF or HTML, or you can restore them to your phone instead.

mobiletrans detect all whatsapp messages

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Method 2: How to Check Deleted Messages on WhatsApp via Local Backup

WhatsApp always automatically backups all your data, including messages, to your local drive every day by 2 am. So, if you perhaps you've just deleted a relevant chat with someone, don't panic because you can quickly check deleted messages on WhatsApp via local backup.

The steps illustrated below will help you execute the operation;

Step 1: Lunch your Android phone File Manager app > type 'WhatsApp' in the search box > Tap on the 'WhatsApp'file that shows up.

Step 2: Locate 'Database' and tap on it. There, you'll find all your WhatsApp backup files that are stored locally.

locate database

Step 3: Select ‘msgstore.db.crypt12’ file and hold it down to edit the name. Rename it as ‘msgstore_backup.db.crypt12’.

rename msgstore db crypt12 file

Step 4: Now, locate the most recent WhatsApp backup and name it as 'msgstore.db.crypt12'.

locate the most recent whatsapp

Step 5: Open the Google Drive app on your phone and navigate to the Menu section by clicking the three vertical lines at the top right corner of the page.

click the three vertical lines

Step 6: Tap on 'Backup'> find your WhatsApp backup and delete it.

tap on backup

Step 7: Uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp. Then log in to your WhatsApp account using your mobile number and verify it.

Step 8: Once you get to the data restoration page, tap on 'Restore', > select 'Restore from local backup'. Then, upload the 'msgstore.db. crypt12' file and tap the 'Restore' button to restore your WhatsApp messages.

tap on restore

Now you can access the messages you've deleted on your WhatsApp.

Method 3: How to View Deleted Messages on WhatsApp via Google Drive Backup

If you back up your WhatsApp data to google drive before the message deletion, you can still see these deleted Whatsapp messages by restoring them from google drive.

Follow the below steps to view deleted messages on WhatsApp via Google drive backup.

Step 1: Uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp on your Android device.

Step 2: Launch WhatsApp and enter your WhatsApp number, then verify it.

Step 3: Follow the on-screen instruction, then once you get to the data restoration screen, select Google Drive as the preferred option to restore your WhatsApp chats, media, and files. Then tap on 'Restore'.

select google drive

Step 4: Your WhatsApp backup on Google Drive will be restored in a few minutes. Click on Next to enter WhatsApp and access the restored data to see deleted WhatsApp messages.

to seee deleted whatsapp messages

Part 2: How to Find Deleted Messages on WhatsApp on iPhone

Unlike Android, there are no third-party apps you can use to read already deleted WhatsApp Messages. So the only way to know deleted messages in WhatsApp would be by recovering from iCloud Backups.

WhatsApp automatically creates a backup of your data, including daily chats, media, and files. So, if you've enabled the iCloud backup function on your iPhone, you can easily restore the most recent backup and find deleted WhatsApp messages there.

Step 1: You need to uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp on your phone. But before you do that, launch the WhatsApp application on your iPhone > tap on the 'Settings' icon at the bottom section> select chats, and tap on Chat backup. If there is a recent iCloud backup, you can proceed to uninstalling and reinstalling the WhatsApp application on your iPhone.

tap on settings icon

Step 2: Start the installed WhatsApp and verify your mobile number - the mobile number should be the same as the one that was used to create your WhatsApp backup.

Step 3: After successfully verifying your mobile number, select 'Restore chat history' and choose iCloud backup as the preferred option to retrieve deleted WhatsApp messages via iCloud backup.

select restore chat history

Part 3: FAQs

1. How to see deleted WhatsApp messages without any app?

You can see deleted WhatsApp messages without any app if you're using Android 11. Yes, this is because the Android OS 11 comes with a built-in notification history that keeps a log of all WhatsApp messages including the deleted ones. You can easily use the feature to recover deleted WhatsApp messages for free. See the steps to do so below;

Step 1: Launch the Settings app on your Android phone and navigate to "Apps & Notifications". Then select "Notifications".

select notifications

Step 2: Click on 'Notification History', then tap on the toggle next to 'Use Notification History.

Step 3: Onward, all your future modifications, including WhatsApp messages, will appear on the page.

2. How to read deleted messages on WhatsApp Web?

You can read deleted messages on WhatsApp web using the 'WA Web Plus for WhatsApp' chrome extension. Follow the steps illustrated below to see how.

Step 1: Open Chrome Web Store on Google Chrome, then go to the 'Extension' section and search for 'Wa Web Plus for WhatsApp'.

Step 2: Once you find the extension, click on Add to Chrome from the right side of your screen to install it on your browser.

find the extension

Step 3: Now, go to 'Extension' in your Chrome browser and locate 'WA Web Plus for WhatsApp'. Then click on it and navigate to the settings of the page.

Step 4: Under the Privacy and Customization section, tick the check box next to 'Restore deleted message'. You can also allow other preferred settings.

allow other preferred settings

Step 5: Now, once a person sends you a message and deletes it while you are chatting with his/her via WhatsApp web, you'll be able to view the deleted message.

view deleted message

3. Best app to read deleted WhatsApp messages?

The best app to read deleted WhatsApp messages is MobileTrans. Yes, MobileTrans supports more sophisticated features that make it easy for everyone, including tech illiterates, to read deleted messages. Plus, users can easily use the tool to export deleted messages as HTML or PDF.


There you have it. This article has explained the A-Z on reading deleted WhatsApp messages on Android or iOS devices. Irrespective of the option you're looking to use, we advise you choose the one that works perfectly with your device. We've also shown the simple steps to see deleted messages on WhatsApp web using a reliable Chrome extension tool.

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