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Signal vs. WhatsApp: Which is Better?

Axel Nash

Written By Axel Nash |

Both Signal and WhatsApp are well-recognized messaging applications around the world. One is owned by Signal Foundation, while Meta owns the other. Both Signal and WhatsApp are easy to use and offer services for free. But which one of them is truly the best?

If you have been looking forward to the answer, you have landed in the right place. So in this Signal vs. WhatsApp post, we will compare both apps and see which app is superior.

By the end of this article, you will have a clear idea of which app would be right for you!

signal vs whatsapp

Overview of WhatsApp and Signal

Let us quickly overview both of these chatting applications.

Signal Overview:

If you have never heard of Signal before, Signal is one of the most popular free-messaging apps in the world. Signal Foundation develops it and makes Signal has excellent privacy and security.

The Signal is built on OSS. Therefore, the app is available on every general platform, like macOS, iOS, Windows, and Android.

WhatsApp Overview:

WhatsApp is a cross-platform program that allows for exchanging communications across several mobility platforms. It also has a business version.

It is an excellent application and keeps chats encrypted from both sides. However, since Meta owns it, formerly Facebook, several privacy concerns exist. It is free to use, has no ads, and has extra features in WhatsApp Business.

Availability WhatsApp Signal
Year of Launch 2009 2014
Company Meta (formerly Facebook) Signal Foundation
User Base 2.26 billion 40 million active users
Supported Platforms Windows, Android, iOS, macOS Windows, Android, iOS, macOS
Phone Number Required Yes Yes
User-Friendly Interface Yes Yes
Price No charges required No charges required
Google Play Score 4.1 4.4
Apple App Store Score 4.6 4.6

Signal Vs. Whatsapp: Is Signal Better Than Whatsapp?

Now that you have an overview, let us dig deeper and find out if Signal is better than WhatsApp.

Messaging WhatsApp Signal
Text, Voice, and Video Message Yes Yes
Voice and Video Calls Yes Yes
File Sharing 2GB both images and videos Images of 8 MB, GIFs of 25 MB, and Videos of 100 MB
Share Stickers or Emojis Yes Yes
Edit and Delete Seen Messages Yes yes
Self-Destructing Messages Yes Yes
Group Chat Yes Yes
React to Messages Yes Yes
Note to Self No Yes


Signal has a simple and clean interface, giving you enough information about your contacts and chit-chat. It allows users to communicate better through text, voice calls, and even video calls, along with sharing stickers and other emojis to have more fun.


Regarding file-sharing capabilities, the app can send an image of up to 8 MB, a GIF of 25 MB, and large videos of 100 MB. Also, it allows sending self-destructing messages (which vanishes after viewing once). You can also add some notes to yourself, react to others' messages, and delete seen messages.


Launched in 2009, WhatsApp is the greatest messaging app of all time. It is pretty easy to use and has loads of features. It lets you text, voice call, video call, share your location and contacts, share media files, and share emojis and stickers.

Talking of its file-sharing abilities, WhatsApp has updated its capabilities. The size limit for documents, images, and videos was set to 100 MB, but now it has become 2GB. Also, for video calls, you can add eight people and 32 people on a voice call.

file sharing abilities

In addition, the group chat limit has increased to 512 members from 256 members. After the update, people can now react to messages.

Winner: WhatsApp, because WhatsApp has better file-sharing abilities, more people can be added to video calls and voice calls, etc.

Signal Vs. Whatsapp: Is Signal Safer Than Whatsapp?

Both applications have end-to-end encryption, but there is much more to know; let us see which app is safer.

Security WhatsApp Signal
Data Collected IP address, your name and mobile phone number, location history, your contacts, and their phone numbers, and device type Phone number
End-to-End Encryption Yes Yes
Two-Step Verification Yes Yes
Metadata Encryption No Yes
Safety Numbers No Yes
Sealed Sender No Yes
Blur Faces No Yes


With prioritizing your data protection, Signal has better security than WhatsApp. So, if you are concerned with your privacy, this application is designed for you.

Furthermore, Signal has no ties with any tech company, not even indirectly.

Signal probably has every security feature you need to protect your privacy. Unlike WhatsApp, it only collects your phone number. Apart from that, Signal comes with safety numbers. Each user has a specific safety number that you can use to validate their identity.

The sealed sender feature works pretty well in hiding the sender's identity from the ISP. Also, the new blur face feature is included in applying another layer of privacy.



WhatsApp is a great app with an end-to-end encryption security feature as well. But, since Meta now owns WhatsApp, there might be some privacy concerns. Besides that, WhatsApp collects many data, including your location, phone number, name, contacts, and device type.


Winner: Clearly, Signal is the winner, as it is way more secure than WhatsApp.

Signal App Vs. Whatsapp App: Which One Should You Choose?

Which app do you wish to go for? Or do you still need to figure it out? No worries, we got you covered. We have got something that can help you make the call.

Why choose WhatsApp:

  • Larger use base.
  • If you always share large files.

Why choose Signal:

  • Up-to-date security features.
  • Open-source.
  • If you do not trust Facebook.

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backup whatsapp data

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Final Verdict

Now that you have read this Signal vs. WhatsApp article, which app do you think is the best choice for you? No wonder both apps are incredible. But, if you prefer security over other features, you can go with Signal.

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