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WhatsApp Messages Not Delivering? The Complete Troubleshooting Guide

Axel Nash

Written By Axel Nash |

Why are my WhatsApp messages not delivering, but were sent to others successfully? How can I fix the WhatsApp messages not delivering problem?”

Although WhatsApp is an extremely user-friendly messaging app, there are times when users encounter some unwanted issues. For instance, WhatsApp messages sent but not delivered are a common issue faced by many. Ideally, there could be several devices, apps, or network-related triggers for WhatsApp not delivering messages error. In this post, I will explain why WhatsApp messages are not being delivered and how you can fix this.


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Part 1: WhatsApp Messages not Delivering: Troubleshooting Tips

Since WhatsApp not delivered is a critical issue, you might have to implement a handful of solutions to fix it. I recommend trying the following tricks to fix the WhatsApp messages not delivering errors.

Fix 1: Check the Network Connection

Firstly, you must ensure that your and the other user’s devices are connected to a stable internet connection. Their phone could be an issue if WhatsApp messages are sent but not delivered. Therefore, you can go to the device's WiFi or mobile data settings and ensure that it has proper network coverage.


Fix 2: Toggle On and Off the Airplane Mode

You can try this approach if you think that WhatsApp is not delivering messages due to a network-related problem. Just go to your phone’s settings or the control/notification center to find the Airplane Mode option. Turn it on, wait for a while, and toggle off this feature to reset the network on your phone.


Fix 3: Restart your Device

Doing a restart would automatically reset the power cycle of your Android or iOS device, fixing most of the minor issues. Therefore, if WhatsApp messages are not delivered, press the Power button on your phone.

In some iPhone models, you need to press the Volume Up/Down and Side keys instead. Swipe the Power slider option, wait for a while for your phone to be switched off, and press the key again to turn it on.


Fix 4: Reset Network Settings on your phone

As I have listed above, the WhatsApp message sent but not delivered can be caused due to a network problem. If WhatsApp is still not delivering messages, then you can choose to reset its network settings.

For instance, on iOS devices, you can go to its Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. Tap on this option and wait for a while as your device will be restarted with its default network settings.


Fix 5: Clear WhatsApp Data (or Reinstall it)

Apart from network issues, WhatsApp messages sent but not delivered can also happen due to an app-related problem. For this, you can either reinstall the app or clear its data. You can choose to uninstall WhatsApp on your device, restart it, and go to the App/Play Store to install it again.


Alternatively, on Android devices, you can go to its Settings > Apps > WhatsApp and choose the option clear the app data and cache services.

At this stage, we'd suggest you back up your WhatsApp messages first, or you might lose all of them. Considering the limited storage space of cloud storage, you can back up your WhatsApp chats to your desktop instead. Download MobileTrans now to get your important WhatsApp data securely backed up for free.

Fix 6: Check your Block List

It might sound surprising, but you could have added the contact to the block list on WhatsApp and forgotten to remove it later on. Therefore, before making any drastic measure to fix Whatsapp not delivering messages, launch the app, and go to Settings> Accounts > Privacy. You can check the list of blocked contacts and remove any user from here.


Fix 7: Complete WhatsApp verification

If you have just started using WhatsApp and have not completed the verification of your account, you can also encounter this issue. For this, you can launch WhatsApp or reinstall it on your device. Now, enter a working phone number for your device and enter the one-time generated code to complete the verification process.


Part 2: How to fix the WhatsApp Broadcast Messages not Delivered Issue?

Apart from that, sometimes WhatsApp broadcast messages are not delivered to certain contacts. If the WhatsApp messages are not delivered to one contact from the broadcast list, then follow these suggestions.

Fix 1: Your Number should be added to their Contacts

Users face this common issue when their WhatsApp broadcast messages are not delivered. Ideally, the user you are sending the message should have your contact saved on their device. You can ask them to do it as it is pretty easy. They need to go to their WhatsApp Contacts option and choose to add a new contact from here.


Fix 2: Check the added number and block list

Similarly, if the WhatsApp messages are not delivered to one contact, then ask them to check their contact list. If the other person has blocked you on WhatsApp accidentally, then they won’t receive your messages.

Also, they can check the number that they have added or you can verify the contact on your phone. If you have saved the contact wrongly or added another number, then it can lead to this glitch.

Part 3: Backup your WhatsApp Messages to your Computer

By now, you would be able to troubleshoot an issue like WhatsApp messages sent but not delivered. Apart from that, if you don’t want to lose your WhatsApp data, then use MobileTrans – WhatsApp Transfer. The application can easily backup, restore, and transfer WhatsApp data on any Android/iOS device.

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That’s it, folks! After reading this guide, you can also fix the WhatsApp messages not delivering issue. I have listed solutions to fix the WhatsApp messages not being delivered to one contact too. Also, if you don’t want to lose your WhatsApp data again, then maintain its backup with a reliable tool like MobileTrans – WhatsApp Transfer in a jiffy.

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